May 17, 2010
I apologize for my lack of updates these past few weeks, and hope I can catch everyone up to speed with this week's update. 

Our big country research project is in its final stages!  Most of the kids have finished typing their reports, and are now working on their posters for the small group presentation they will do on May 24th and 25th.  The hard work is over!  The poster is always a fun thing for the kids.  They have found a number of graphics/photographs to use on their posters.  

In Reading, we are continuing our reading of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.  This is by far our most challenging class read this year, but the children have risen to the challenge, and most have participated eagerly in class discussion.  I'm hoping we'll be finished with the book next week, and will take a final test either on May 28th or June 1st.  The third post-reading activity for the quarter is due this Friday, May 22.  

If your child hasn't told you, EMS is having its first "Great Book Sale" on June 1st and 2nd.  All paperback books will be on sale for $1, and hardcovers will be $2.  The books are used, and are being donated by the EMS student body. So, if your family has any books that are middle-school age appropriate to donate, please have your child turn them into their advisory teachers (that would be me or Mr.  Rotzien) by this Friday, May 22nd.  My advisory already has about 100 books!  We're hoping to win the party for being the advisory class with the greatest number of books donated!  So, please help us out if you can!  Also, if you have any BOXTOPS hanging around your house, we will gladly take those off your hands as well.

One more thing....My dad, who lives in North Idaho, is having back surgery for a herniated disk next Monday, the 24th.  To be present for the surgery and to help him with recovery, I will be absent from school from Monday, May 24 through Tuesday, June 2.  I apologize for the extended absence.  Dad lives alone and I'm an only child, so I will be his primary caregiver during this time.  If all goes as hoped, Stacy Thrush will be the children's substitute.  She has subbed many times for me and knows our class schedule well.  She really likes the kids, and the kids tell me they like her, so I think it will be a smooth week.  If you need to reach me during this time, please email me, as I will check my email regularly.  Thank you!

What we're up to this week...

World Civ.  We are learning about the Middle Ages this week and next. 
Reading: We are continuing our class novel reading of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.  3rd post-reading activity is due May 22.
English: Turn in country reports, make posters for country presentations.