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Types of Poems

1.Phone Poem- use your phone number

2.Name Poem- use your name

3.Couplet - every two lines rhyme

4.Cinquain- five lines

5.Shape poem- based on a picture

6.Two Voice poem- two people could read like a play

7.Mixed up Nursery Rhyme- nursery rhyme that is changed

8. What am I?

9.  Free Style

10. Quick As

11.  The Most…

12. Bio Poem

13. Color Poem

14. 5 W Question poem

**Most of these poems have examples 

Poems may have but don't have to have:

Rhyme (Same ending Sound)

Alliteration (Same Starting Sound ex: She sells sea shells)

Onomatopoeia (sound words ex: hiss)

Repetition (phrases, lines, or words repeat)

Rhythm: Are fun to say and have a beat


Poem Examples

Phone Poems
4 They are really green
6 They are not to awfully mean
9 So you see that you should be really nice

9 to these small creatures that are cuter than mice.
9 They jump and play all through the beautiful day.
5 So find a frog today.


Running to the
In goes the ball
No! Missed

Mixed up Nursery Rhymes
Robin and Jeremy

Mary had a little lamb
whose fleece was white as snow
and everywhere that Mary Went
the lamb was sure to go!

Jeremy drank a chocolate shake
as fast as he was able
But it dribbled down his chin
and made a mess on the table

Steven wanted a glass of milk
so he went and found a cow
But when he tried to fill the cup
He couldn't figure out how!


By Robin

Three frogs sat on a log,
Their log was stuck in a bog.

Along came a fly,
and they all said, "Oh my!"

The fly flew away,
for the rest of the day.

Then the frogs were bored,
One of them snored.

Space Monkeys
  Robin and Jeremy Brunner

Space monkeys attacked last night,
They wanted to start a fight.

They broke down my door,
And tracked mud on my floor.

One sat on my cat,
One ate my dad's hat.

I said they couldn't stay,
So then they went away.

My mom came back,
And saw the attack.

She was so astounded,
For a month I was grounded.

She thought I had lied,
I went to my room and cried.

But the truth she learned,
When the monkeys returned.

Line 1: Title
Line 2: Two words describing the title
Line 3: Three action words about the title
Line 4: Four feeling words about the title
Line 5: A synonym for t he title

Gracious Beautiful
singing, gracefully flying
happy and extremely cheerful

Icy, snowy
skating, sledding, sking
cold, wet, fun, exciting
Inference Poems

What am I poems?

What Am I?
I am green
I am not so mean
I am jumper
I am a hopper
I am an amphibian
I enjoy eating flies
What am I.

What am I
They like to run and eat carrots.

They take you on rides.

 He can be brown and black and stands in a corral

 and it lives on a farm.

What am I?


What is Orange?

Orange is carved pumpkins, carrots, and squash, and the setting sun, and leaves in the fall

Orange is yelling, screaming and asking for candy

Orange smells like cinnamon and pumpkin cookies

Orange feels alive and full of energy.

Orange tastes like crisp, hard carrots and yummy pumpkin bread with chocolate chips.

Orange is tricker-or- treating, orange is the weather turning colder,  orange is Thanksgiving.

Orange reminds me of the going to the bridge and looking at the beautiful fall colors and being sad that Summer is finally over. 

Orange is looking forward to Thanksgiving and then to Christmas.


Orange is for October and Halloween  with the pumpkin sitting on your door.

Orange is Fall



An Bio poem can be used to teach students to focus on the characteristics of a person or an animal, anything or anyone really. It requires the student to put themselves in the the subject's shoes.

Line 1: First Name
Line 2: Four descriptive traits
Line 3: Sibling of...
Line 4: Lover of
Line 5: Who fears...
Line 6: Who needs...
Line 7: Who gives...
Line 8: Who would like to see...
Line 9: Resident of...
Line 10: Last Name


Happy, Helpful, limping, cheerful

Sibling of Emily, Thomas, and Jennifer

Lover of Chocolate and books

Who fears snakes and heights

Who needs hugs and kisses from her kids

Who gives rides to schools

Who would like to see Hawaii

Resident of Utah


How to Write a 5W Poem

A 5W poem

Line 1: Who
Line 2: What
Line 3: Where
Line 4: When
Line 5: Why

uses her rollerblades
to skate to the park
after school
because she wanted to play with friends.