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Website Evaluation WebQuest

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Have you ever had to do a research project?  How do you know if your sources are true and valid?  It is important that you read intelligently because anyone can put up a website that is false or misleading.  Some websites may seem to have information that you can use but when you compare the information with other sources, you find that there might be errors.  What questions should you ask to determine if a site is real or fake? reliable or a hoax?  This WebQuest is to help you evaluate your sources and determine if the website you choose has credibility. 


In this WebQuest, you will learn how to evaluate a Website to see if the information is valid or if the information is a hoax.  Using a Web Page Evaluation Checklist, you will decide if the webpage is trustworthy.  After visiting each website, you will decide if the information can be used for research or if the site is fake.  On each site, you must state whether you believe it is real or fake and why. 


Use the following link to view a pdf link of questions to use to evaluate your Websites to see if the Websites are valid:

Web Page Evaluation Checklist

For full credit, you should visit at least four of the following websites and complete the web page evaluation checklist for each of the sites.

Use your checklist to evaluate the sites to decide whether they are valid or a hoax:

Haggis Hunt

Moonbeam Enterprises

Dog Island

California Gold Rush

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Giant Squid

Dihydrogen Monoxide Website

All About Christopher Columbus

With the information you gathered on each Website, write a paragraph in MS Word explaining whether the 4 Websites are valid, and why you believe they are valid or not.

Turn in your
checklist in the basket and your MS Word paragraph in Edmodo.  Make sure you have your name on both papers.