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The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins by Barbara Kerley

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Websites: Find the answers to your questions here!

Databases: Need Additional Information?  Check here!

Key Words and Search Strategies:  OK, I found the databases.  Now what?

Audio, Video, and Images: Want to hear how to pronounce the dinosaur's name correctly?  Interested in taking a tour of a museum's dinosaur exhibit?  Need a picture for your project?  Then this is the place to be!

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It is finally time to read The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins by Barbara Kerley.  (Scott Foresman: Grade Five, Unit 3 – also available as an individual book)  Mr. Hawkins creates life-sized models of dinosaurs for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to enjoy.  He even creates a model of an “Iguanodon” where 20 guests enjoyed a dinner meeting…inside the dinosaur! 


As you read the story, write down any questions that you have.  These questions can be about the people, places, dinosaurs, or anything else that you are curious about. 


Next, fill out a KWHLchart.doc about your choice in topic.  Brainstorm some additional questions that will help guide and narrow down your search. 


Once you are ready, explore the many resources available in this pathfinder or search for additional information via the databases or online library catalogs.  Use this information to fill in your L-column, recording what you have learned.


Finally, choose an extension project to complete for your group share time.  Choose something that will be fun AND demonstrates your knew knowledge!


Purpose and Intended Use for Pathfinder:


This pathfinder is here to help guide you in your research process.  This is not a complete list of resources, but it is a great place to start!  Peruse through your choices, taking time to read the descriptions to help decide what might help you find the answers you are looking for. 


You don’t have to read the story to use this pathfinder!  Are you just curious about what happened to dinosaurs?  Want to find out what the tallest, longest, and heaviest dinosaur was?  This pathfinder can help you with that!



 Need for Electronic Materials:


Why not just use books from the library?  Well, unfortunately our library has a limited amount of books on dinosaurs, Queen Victoria, and Victorian London.  It is still a great idea to see what books our school and public libraries have available, but why not see what kind of resources are accessible online?!?  You can visit a museum to view their dinosaur exhibit while sitting right here at your computer!  You can even listen to the correct pronunciation of those difficult dinosaur names or find out what the real name of a brontosaurus is in just a matter of minutes!  Just give it a try!



Selection Process and Criteria:


These websites and materials were chosen for upper elementary to middle school students.  Some sites may prove to be a bit of a reading challenge, so they are marked with a “Warning”. 


Resources were found through a variety of sources, including


Each website was evaluated for its authority, objectivity, authenticity, reliability, timeliness, relevance, and efficiency.  (See Annette Lamb’s Evaluating Internet Resources)