These introductory courses in Biology, Environmental Science, and Health are designed to expose students to various aspects of life as they pertain to the California State Standards/ Next Generation Science Standards.  Content covered in these courses vary according to student interests and state requirements.  Students will explore science/health topics through the use of hands-on activities, interactive media, labs, collaboration with peers and project-based learning techniques.   

2017-2018 Announcements: 

August 28:  Firs Official Day of School
Sept. 4:  NO SCHOOL- Labor Day
Sept. 5: First Day of Onsite Study Groups
Sept. 18:  Picture Day
Sept. 25: TLC Welcome Back Event

Course Reminders:
  • Remember to complete chapter assessments and tests on Moodle (see sidebar for link)!  Failure to do so, will drastically decrease your course grade.
  • All assignments and due date are subject to change at the discretion of the onsite study group teacher

Required materials:
  • 3-ringed binder with dividers and lined paper
  • Textbook (for at home use)
  • Science Journal (spiral notebook or composition book)
  • Writing utensils
  • Access to internet

Grading Policy:

Unit Essays                                                   10%                   

Science Journals/Notebooks                         15%

Homework Assignments                                15%

Tests and Quizzes                                          20%

Midterm/Final Exams and Projects                20%

In Class Assignments/ Participation             20%

Addendum to the Chula Vista Resource Center

A16: School-Wide Discipline Policy

TLC instructors acknowledge the importance of maintaining a safe environment for all students.  Therefore, when students disrespect the rules, there will be consequences:

  1. Written warning

  2. Conference with parent

  3. Probation

  4. No onsite classes

  5. Suspension/expulsion from school

*The School retains the right to skip one, or all of the above steps, if the infraction violates student safety, such as possession of a weapon, threats of violence, possession of tobacco or other drugs, or comments deemed to be discriminatory or derogatory to race or personal belief. TLC instructors have the final decision on what is considered appropriate or inappropriate classroom behavior.

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