General Classroom Rules

Mrs. Brewer’s General Class Rules


1.       Come to class ready to learn.

2.  Arrive on time with all of your materials .

3.     Follow directions immediately and stay in assigned area.

4.     Respect yourself, others, and property.

5.     Participate in class.

6.     Clean up after yourself.


Consequences to rule infractions to be determined by the teacher.


  • Homework Policy

You will have homework every night in Math unless you get it done in class. Assignments are to be complete when you come to class the following day. If an assignment is late or incomplete you will have one day to complete it and the maximum grade will be 70%. Assignments over one day late will receive 0%. Students are still required to complete the assignment as the content that is taught is very important to the next set of skills.

  • Makeup Work:

When a student returns to school after an unplanned absence, work is due the day after they return to school as per the Student Handbook pg 1. At the teacher’s discretion the due date may be extended. When the absence is planned, work needs to be completed before the student is gone.


  • Grading Criteria and Procedures

Grades are based on percentages. The letter grade assigned will be based on the MMS grading scale: 100-94 A, 93-87 B, 86-77 C, 76-70 D, 69 -0 F.

  • Course 1, Course 2, Course 3

1. Daily assignments – 30%

2. Tests – 70%


  • Cheating:

MMS has a very strict cheating policy, make sure you review that section with your child. Make note that the first offense includes loss of one letter grade. ie: (from a B to a C). If it happens a second time the student will not pass the class for that semester.


  • Use “appropriate language”. This shows respect for yourself and others. Infraction of this rule, after school time and PTR.


  • I will dismiss you, not the bell. Stay in your seats until I give you permission to leave. We will not be hanging out by the door waiting for the bell to ring.
  • Raise your hand to speak, we will listen to each other and take turns.
  • Do not ask to leave the room for bathroom, locker, drinks etc. These items are to be taken care of during breaks between classes. NO pop or candy in class.
  • Discipline Infractions and Tardiness

       Detention will be assigned

  • Voice Levels

0-     No sound (red level)

1-       Whisper (partner voice)

2-     Small group voice

3-     Classroom wide voice

4-     Outside voice


Most mornings I am at school around 7:15am, if your child would like extra help they may come to my classroom when the school opens. I am also available most afternoons following the school day until 4:00. If you need to get a hold of me, feel free to call, my number is 654 -1162. (home), School 654-2002.

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