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Project Overview and Introduction
One of the most essential skills in today's workplaces is the ability to successfully collaborate with others.  The advance of the Internet from a basically static entity to a read/write environment has drastically shaped the way people "work together" on tasks.  For this lesson, you will work in a small group to explore a technological invention which has strongly impacted American society or way of life.  You may choose from a list of topics or suggest one of your own.  Through research, you will learn about its history, operation, evolution, and future implications. The following questions should be answered.

           *When, how, and who discovered it? What is its history?

           *How does the technology work?  How does it differ from what existed previously?

            *How has it shaped or altered society and day to day life? (The negatives and the positives.)

           *How has the product evolved itself since it was invented?

            *What are the future possibilities?  What other things might be inspired by its invention?

Wiki Topics:


Cloud Computing

Blue Tooth







3D Printers
 3D Medical Printer
Streaming Video

The primary tool you will use for your research will be the Internet, but feel free to enhance your exploration by visiting the library or drawing from other sources you might have available to you. Most of your collaboration will be done online through the use of Google collaboration tools (docs, chat, sites). Your end product should be an informational wiki based on research which addresses all the aspects touched on above. In addition to text, your wiki must include images and at least one relevant embedded video or song file. The end result should be succinct, yet comprehensive, interesting, visually appealing, informative, and professional. This is a higher level project with room for a lot for freedom and creativity. Be responsible and have fun!

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