7th graders:

The Consumer Electronics Show for 2017 recently happened in New York City.  At the show, they revealed some of the latest and greatest technologies to come out in the next year.  Read the article (the first paragraph has a lot of big words and locations, but just do the best you can.) Then, watch the video which highlights a few of the inventions.  When finished, write a paragraph explaining which one of the technologies you find most remarkable and why.  How can it be used?  What are the positives and possible negatives of such a technology?  Make sure your paragraph is at least 5 sentences, thoughtful, detailed, and proofread.


When finished, you have your usual options of Coding, Typing, or and Extra Credit Assignment.

8th graders:
Hopefully after the lesson we just completed, you have some idea of how the stock market works. Create a detailed response to the following question. Be sure to include evidence from your personal experience. As always, it should be proofread and have complete sentences.

Now that you have learned about the stock market, what advice would you give your parents about investing in it?  

Should they invest or not?  

*If so, what types of industries would you recommend or avoid?  

*If not, why, what would be a better type of investment and why?