May 14, 2018


Dear Parents:


My husband and I are thrilled we bought “Wheelbarrow of Weeders” at the auction.  Thanks to the students who were able to come and work: Mia, Sami, Eric, Emily, Elizabeth, Leslye, Gio, Matthew and Sam.  Thank you to the parents who helped as well:  Mr. Daza, Mrs. Herrera, Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Yarnot.  Thanks to Mrs. Martinez for driving.  My front yard looks awesome.  We had a great time playing in the sun after the work party.  Thank you for the donation to our school.

Jog-A-Thon – Right now our class has the second highest participation.  It would be great to have 100% participation.  Ask friends or family to help support this fundraiser!

Students are to have the draft of their research paper finished on Wednesday.  Thursday morning we will do the peer edits. Final paper will be due Wednesday, May 23.  Any early papers would be appreciated. 

Seventh graders are reading “The Westing Game”.  They have to be finished reading and answering questions for chapters 7-18 by this Friday.  Eighth graders are reading “The Book Thief”.  They need to be to page 186.


Have a wonderful week


Maureen Blum



 May 7, 2018



Dear Parents: 

I love the flowers that greeted me today…thank you.  It is an honor to teach your children. 

Today we began the MAP testing. We have tests on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday is set aside to allow more time if students need it for testing.  Please make sure your student is at school on time this week as we need to start testing in a timely manner.

The school Jog-a-thon is gearing up.  Please read the school bulletin and support this event.

We are beginning our end of year events and preparation for 2018 Graduation.  Graduation is about one month away! Mrs. Akins is coordinating the eighth grade brunch/lunch which takes place after graduation.  Seventh grade parents contribute the food for this event.  We will have a dance part from 12:30-2:30 in the Large Hall with all seventh and eighth graders present. 

Eighth graders are reading “The Book Thief” as their May “book report”.  They have a packet of questions to answer. The Seventh graders are reading “The Westing Game” and also have a packet of questions as well as a number of other papers to do to help solve the mystery.   All students will do an AR test at the end of reading these books.  Much of the reading and answering of questions is their homework this month. 

Saturday is the “Wheelbarrow of Weeders” auction donation.  We are so fortunate that the weather prediction is 72 degrees!  Please return permission slips.  I know Mrs. Yarnot can drive a few students and we will need one or two more drivers.  Please email me if you can drive.  After weeding the kids will be able to play games, fish and canoe.  We have a limited number of life jackets, so if you have a life jacket please send it with your child.  We will provide beverages and snacks.  We work from 9:30-11:30 then we play until 2!



Maureen Blum

April 13, 2018



Dear Parents:

Here are a few updates for “The Wizard of Oz”:

We are nearing the final weeks of the show.  The costs of the show are being covered through ticket sales and the selling of ads for the program. 

We are asking that each student sell at least 10 tickets to the show.  Students were given order forms on Tuesday and more forms are available. 

1.      Students will be able to sell tickets after Masses this weekend and in the carpool lines. 

2.      Students are also going to the classrooms to promote the play and to sell tickets.

3.      Please sell tickets to family and friends.

4.       Special seats are available and must be purchased by April 20.

“VIP” seats in the first or second row you can order them through Mrs. Chhin in the office.  First row seats are $25 and second row seats are $20.  The VIP seats come with special access to the concessions, and a special treat at each seat.

“Rainbow Seats” are available for $10 for children.   These seats are on the “yellow brick road” near the stage.  The children in the “Rainbow Seats” are the only children allowed near the stage for easier viewing, they get a homemade rainbow necklace, a special line for the concessions and a raffle ticket to be entered into a drawing to have lunch with two of the characters from the play the week after the show.  These are to be purchased through the school office  through Mrs. Chhin. 

All family members who want to see the show do need to buy a ticket.  The general ticket prices are $10 for adults and $5 for children.  These seats are in rows three and back.

5.       Attached is an order form for program ads. This is a great way to support the play and honor your  “star” in the show.  Please return these by the deadline.  Thank you to Niki Yarnot who is putting the program together.

6.      HELP NEEDED MONDAY APRIL 23 4:30-6:45 – We are setting up the stage and the curtains.  Please come help.

Please send in snacks for the group to have after school.  We have been fortunate to have some parents bring snacks for the whole group and this seems to work easiest for the students.  Water bottles are also welcomed.

Students are continuing to memorize their lines.  Most of the homework the next two weeks is the work on the play. 

Maureen Blum


March 26, 2018


Dear Parents of students  in grades 6-8:

As we continue to hit the core academics we are also working on “The Wizard of Oz”.

Attached is the play practice schedule.  We only have 14 more rehearsals and we need all the students at all the rehearsals so we can get the show ready.  Students need to have their lines memorized by April 11.  They have had their scripts for over a month now.  Please make sure they practice over spring break.

Our sets will be digital scenery. The seventh and eighth graders have drawn and painted the sets on 8.5x11 paper.  This will be converted to digital pictures and projected on a screen on the stage.  Thank you to Bill Jack for his amazing help on providing the equipment to make this happen.  This is helping students to really be involved in the show in all aspects.

Can you help with any of the following?
Costumes – we fortunately have a lot of costumes borrowed from Glacier Peak high school and then from a few other sources. 

 Shorts for boys size 10-16  that we can cut and use for munchkin costumes. 

 One or two Plaid shirts for middle school boy.

Green shirts for boys  size 10-16

Striped socks  for munchkins – fat horizontal stripe of one color


 At this point students must bring their own:

Girls – please have your own black tights and shoes

Boys – dark shoes will be needed and dark socks.  Uniform shorts or pants for Emerald City scene that will be paired with green shirts and accoutrements. 


Stage Set Up  PRIORITY

We need help Monday, April 23 setting up the stage.  We need at least 5 men to move the stage pieces into the hall and screw them together.  Mr. Neth has figured out how we can hang the curtains and Mrs. Akins and Mrs. Neth have the blackout curtains and other curtains needed figured out.  So MANPOWER is needed.  Please let me know you can come.  Can I have a dad take the head on setting up the stage?

Concessions: Tanya Akins, Aswani and Paulina Miranda will work on this.  Tanya will buy the food and get the cash box ready. A couple more people able to sell would be appreciated.

Ticket sales – Tanya Akins and Cassie Chhin are coordinating the ticket sales.  We will sell tickets after weekend Masses and students will be needed to do this.  We are asking that each student in the show sell at least 10 tickets.  The tickets cover the cost of the show.  We are doing the show on a small buget but we do incur costs for sound system rentals, make up, some costumes, a few of the props  as well as some printing and other production needs. Donations are appreciated. 

Program Ads – We are looking for businesses to buy ads in our program.  The money will be used to help pay for the production of the show.  Please consider buying an ad to honor your student in the show. 

Make Up and hair – we will be doing make up for each show and we could use some help.

Volunteers – if you know of high school or college students who would like volunteer hours helping with the show we would welcome them.  We have make up needs, stage set up needs, stage crew help during the show, lights and sound help.

Putting on a show takes the work of many people.  We are so deeply appreciative of all the parents who are helping.  I encourage all parents to help with the show.


Maureen Blum and Hilary Melander












Wednesday March 28


small hall

gr 6-8  Act 1


Thursday March 29


small hall

gr 6-8 Act 2


Monday April 9


small hall

gr 6-8  Act 1

use of all props -

Wednesday April 10


small hall

gr 6-8 Act 2


Thursday April 11


small hall

gr 6-8  Act 1

lines memorized - no scripts

Friday April 12


small hall

gr 6-8 Act 2

review of costumes - wear for rehearsal

Monday April 16


small hall

gr 6-8  Act 1

review of costumes - wear for rehearsal

Wednesday April 18


small hall

gr 6-8 Act 2


Thursday April 19


small hall

gr 6-8  Act 1


Friday April 20


small hall

gr 6-8 Act 2


Monday April 23

5:30 until finished

large hall

parents needed


Monday April 23


large hall

gr 6-8 ful show

dress rehearsal  

Tuesday April 24


large hall

gr 6-8 full show

ON STAGE - dress rehearsal

Wednesday April 25


large hall

gr 6-8

dress rehearsal with sound/lights

Thursday April 26


small hall

gr 6-8


Friday April 27


large hall

gr 6-8

K-5 will see 20 minute segments of the show that afternoon full dress rehearsal

Friday April 27


large hall

gr 6-8

show starts at 7

Saturday April 28

11:30 AM

large hall

gr 6-8


Saturday April 28



gr 6-8

Cast Party to celebrate a job well done

party about 4:30-6 depending on clean up



March 11, 2018


Dear Parents Gr 6-8:

I apologize for the mixed up schedule for rehearsals.   We will have most rehearsals on Thursdays and Fridays.  This week we do not have school on Friday and I will be in class off campus. 

If students can stay for rehearsal on Wednesday and Thursday this week that would be great.  Rehearsal will go until 4:30.  Please pick them up in my classroom. 

Next week we will have rehearsal on Thursday from 3-4:30.  Friday’s rehearsal will be Gr 7/8 from 3-5ish.  We will take a break and set up for the Lenten Rice Bowl supper presentation in the Large Hall.

The following week we will have rehearsals on Wednesday from 3-4:30.  I am unable to have rehearsal on Holy Thursday.  Good Friday we are off at noon and we will not rehearse.

I am in process of working on rehearsals after spring break.  However, for your planning purposes I will need all cast here after school Monday-Wednesday April 23-26.  We will have a dress rehearsal during the school day on Thursday.  On Friday April 27 we have our first performance at 7 pm and cast should be at school by 5 pm.  Our second show is Saturday, April 28 at 1:00.  The cast  needs to be at school between 11 and 11:30. 

To parents in my homeroom:

There are a few more papers I held back for the Accreditation visit.  I believe this is the end of returning papers from earlier in the year. 

Thank you,

Maureen Blum

Dear Parents:

Two letters were sent home today

    1. Speech Tournament tomorrow!  See you at 7:45- 8 am at AMHS.  Students are to bring their speeches and expository speakers are to bring their tri=-fold boards.  I will meet you at the table in the AMHS cafeteria that is designated for our school.  Students are to dress nicely. Good luck to all.

    Congrats to our speech Team. 

    2.  Valentines - students are doing Valentines for all classmates.  The class list was sent home with the letters today. 

     3.  We announced the cast list for "Wizard of Oz".  Please send in the form attached to the letter which acknowledges that your student can attend rehearsals and be at the performances on April 27 and April 28.  

  Cast Understudy
Dorothy Samantha Mia
Aunt Em/Ensemble Ariana  Elizabeth
Uncle Henry/Ensemble/Masseur Chase Matthew
Zeke/Lion Aiden  Gio
Hunk/Scarecrow Sam Wiederholt Chase
Hickory/Tin Man Jacob Neth  
Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch Emily Leslye
Toto stuffed dog or live dog if we have one  
Professor Marvel/Wizard Eric Yarnot Gabe
Glinda/Ensemble Ephraimia Sommer Fatima
Barrister Gabe  
Father 2 Giovanni  
Father 1 Matthew  
Coroner Ian  
four tots - Lullaby Madison, Ariana, Fatima, Tristan  
three tough kids Kevin, Alex, Christopher, Casey  
Ensemble are  Munchkins and Oz people : Tristan, Christopher, Leslye, Elizabeth, Ariana, Fatima, Madison, Max, Christopher, Liam, Kevin, Gabe, Ian, Giovanni, Matthew, Chase, Casey  
trees Leslye, Elizabeth, Arianna, Fatima, Madison  
Snow White Voice Leslye  
Cabby Gabe  
Polishers Leslye,  Elizabeth, Tristan  
Masseurs Fatima, Chase, Matthew  
Oz Woman Leslye  
Guard Max and Liam  
Doorman Giovanni  
Monkeys Giovanni, Alex,   

December 12, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We are taking student to the Archbishop Murphy Speech Tournament.  I need to know who will attend the tournament, what speeches they will prepare and parent help that is available for coaching prior to the tournament as well as parents to help judge on the day of the tournament.  WE WILL NEED JUDGES!!!!

When: Saturday, February 10, 2018
7:45 AM - 5:00 PM

Where: Archbishop Murphy High School

Who: Hosted by:

Three Speaker Divisions:

·         Senior 8th Grade Only

·         Junior 6th & 7th Grade Only

·         Mixed 5th & 6th Grade Only for Storybook

Students may choose to participate in the following categories: 

·       Dramatic Interpretive Readings

·       Humorous Interpretive Readings

·       Dual Interpretive Readings

·       Oratory

·       Expository

·       Storybook

In school the seventh and eighth graders have written an Expository and an Oratory (the persuasive essay from last spring).  In past speech tournaments our students have selected and prepared dramatic and humorous interpretive readings.  AMHS offers the Storybook category which is a great introduction to speech tournament for beginners. Students can enter a maximum of two events (morning and afternoon sessions). Please check the times of the event before you enter a student's name.

We will prepare for the tournament in school as well as students practicing at home. 

 Please return the attached Speech Competition Form by Friday, Dec 15 so that I know if the students will be attending the speech tournament. 


Mrs. Blum 


Speech Competition

Archbishop Murphy High School

Saturday, February 10, 2017




Student Name: _____________________________________

_____ Will attend the speech tournament


_____ will not attend speech tournament.

Please indicate

·       __________ Dramatic Interpretive Readings

·       __________Humorous Interpretive Readings

·       __________Dual Interpretive Readings

·       _________Oratory

·       _________Expository

·       _________Storybook Grade 5 and 6 only


Parent volunteers needed:

______I can coach (times to be arranged at mutually convenient time)

______ I can help judge on Saturday, February 10.



Parent Signature





Dear Speech Team Directors, Coaches, Students & Parents,


Archbishop Murphy High School is pleased to host our 2nd Middle School Speech Tournament on February 10, 2018. We are excited to host a day of extraordinary competition, fellowship, and fun. Last year's inaugural tournament was a huge success and we cannot wait to see you again! 

We will have a fast paced and busy day that will, (if all works out according to plan!), get us to the start of the Awards Ceremony by 4PM. We have been able to do this by changing the Schedule Format and Cycles, streamlining Ballot Tabulation and putting together a large number of volunteers to keep things running smoothly. 

We have some fun opportunities available for speedy registration. The first 5 teams to sign up with 20 students will receive a classroom to use throughout the tournament. The first 20 teams to sign up will receive 1 reserved parking space for their coach!  

The “Download and Handouts” link will get you to every document you need to read, review, download or print for your team.

Please note that Tournament Etiquette is contained under Rules and Events and also under the Speech Team Coaches Link.

Tournament Structure

8 Competition Categories:

·       Dramatic Interpretive Readings

·       Humorous Interpretive Readings

·       Dual Interpretive Readings

·       Oratory

·       Expository

·       Editorial Commentary

·       Impromptu

·       Storybook


·       3 Rounds of Competition per Category  - No Finals

·       Two Cycles:

Morning Cycle: Round 1, 2 & 3 - Event 1

Dramatic, or Humorous, or Dual Interp., or Storybook

Afternoon Cycle: Round 4, 5 & 6 - Event 2

Oratory, or Expository, or Ed. Com., or Impromptu

Note: All three morning rounds will be for the following speech categories: Dramatic, Humorous, Dual Interp. & Storybook.  They will run consecutively. Please see Tournament Schedule).

All three afternoon rounds will be for the following speech categories: Oratory, Expository, Ed. Com. & Impromptu.  They will run consecutively. (Please see Tournament Schedule).

A student may only choose one Category for the Morning Cycle and One Category for the Afternoon Cycle.

The above format decision is based on a number of reasons:

1.      Scheduling a competitor’s speech consecutively will allow them to focus on their speech and give them an opportunity to get stronger and better as the cycle progresses.

2.      It will allow the tournament to fully tabulate the ballots for the morning competition and have them ready for the 4PM Awards Ceremony.

3.      We hope it will drive your student to perform in two competition categories.      

Three Speaker Divisions:

·         Senior      8th Grade Only

·         Junior      6th & 7th Grade Only

·         Mixed      5th & 6th Grade Only for Storybook


·         All Finalists receive a Special Award

·         1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place in each Category and each Division will receive a trophy

·         Generous Scholarship awards for both 7th & 8th Grade Winners


·         Each school must provide ONE judge for every FIVE events entered. (i.e.: 20 events = 4 Judges or 8 half day Judges. If you have more qualified judges than required that will or can come to the tournament, please submit the names of those judges when you register for the tournament. 

·         We welcome additional qualified judges as standbys.

·         Coaches may judge but must have an adult watch over their team in their absence. 

·         More judges may be supplied if they wish to break the day into morning and afternoon, as long as there is always one judge available for every five participants.

Please go to this link for more information:





September 6, 2017

Read p. 3-7 in planner

Write one paragraph about your place to study at home

Algebra do p. 1

Peace Mediators - memorize 5 Active Listening and Inquiry Skills - quiz tomorrow



Dear Parent/Guardian:


Suddenly it is the last day of MAY!  I thought there was one more week until June arrived…. So here is the end of year schedule:


Reminder:  the final Rocket Club is this Friday, June 2!  Thank you to Mr. Yarnot for broadening the horizons of students’ minds and interest in rockets and propulsion.  The hands on projects have been fun to watch.


Attached is the permission slip for June 7 field trip for Graduation/Patrol Day.  Parents’ paid the $20 fee a couple months ago but this permission slip has not been sent home yet.  Students may bring a lunch to eat or buy lunch to eat if they bring their own money.  All students returning the permission slip by Friday will get an “A” grade for Religion assignment.  These are needed IN ADVANCE to prep carpools etc. 


We are in need of drivers for the field trip on June 7!  We leave school at 11 and return by 3.  We will go to Dick’s Drive In for the two graduates to get their free hamburger (a St Mike’s graduation tradition) and then we will go to Family Fun Center.  If you can drive and not stay that is fine.  Please let me know by Friday, June 2 if you can drive.


Graduation is Friday, June 9… only 9 days away!  Congratulations to Citlali and Alan!


A letter was sent to seventh grade parents yesterday asking for donations to the graduation brunch. Please contact Niki at to coordinate your donation. 


Schedule for Friday, June 9

9 AM:  Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation

After Ceremonies:  Brunch for Graduates and their guests.

12:30-2:45:  The 6-8th graders will be having a dance party from.  Mrs. Wiederholt is coordinating the music, we have some decorations to add to the fun atmosphere.  Students are asked to bring snacks for the party. 



We have Field Day on June 13!

Please have students bring paper bags for taking things home on Thursday, June 15!

Friday, June 16  Mass and Report Card distribution and dismissal at noon.

Whew – Then on to an awesome summer and the excitement it contains.



Maureen Blum

Dear Parent/Guardian


Wednesday is our field trip to 5th Avenue Theater to see “The Secret Garden”.  I saw the show on Friday and was thoroughly impressed.  Please note the following

*Students are to bring a snack to each at intermission – the concessions will not be open

*students are to bring lunch in a disposable bag.  The will be carrying lunch and snack.

*students have free dress if they are dressed up for the show.

*We leave school at 8:45, park and get to Theatre by 10:15.  The show lasts about 2.5 hours. 

* We will have lunch after the show.

*We may stop at Starbucks in Pioneer Square to have a snack before coming home by 3.  Please send money with your child.


We have the opportunity tour the destroyer that Sam’s Dad,Cdr Ted Wiederholt, commands.  This will be either Wednesday May 17 or Thursday, May 18. I am finding out about the time and the clearances we will have to do.  Please let me know if you can drive either or both days, and how many students you can take.  What a wonderful opportunity to see how our brave and strong protect our nation!


Happy May Day

Maureen Blum






April 24, 2017


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Welcome back to the school year!  We are starting with a Class Debate on Prohibition and Women’s Rights as part of our early 20th Century Washington State History class.  The debate is Wednesday at 1:40.  You are invited to join us in the classroom to listen to our young debaters.

As part of our Literature studies we will be seeing “The Secret Garden” at 5th Avenue next week.  Field Trip Drivers are Mrs. Guichard, Mrs. Yarnot, Mrs. Beardsley and Mrs. Akins.  Mrs. Herrera and Ms. Villalobos and Renee Guichard are joining us.  I might have one or two more tickets available.  If  you wish  to be on a wait list for the tickets please let me know.

Students are to bring a snack lunch.  They may dress up for the show in free dress as if they were in the Christmas program.  After the show we will eat our lunch in the park or the Convention Center.  If there is time we will visit the King County Library and/or the King County Courthouse.  

Please return the permission slips by this Friday, April 26. 

We have two graduate this year:  Citlali Daza and Alan Villalva.  I will be working with the graduates on their class theme, project, speech and other pieces of graduation.  Parents Club and Dr. Matthews will be working with Seventh Grade parents to put on the traditional graduation brunch following Graduation on Friday, June 9.  More information will follow on this wonderful event marking the growth and success of these young people.

Blessings to you during this beautiful Easter Season.


Maureen Blum


January 30, 2017


Dear Parents:

Happy Catholic Schools Week!  As part of the work for this week the sixth through eighth graders will be developing their leadership skills with Student Council activities. The students will be coordinating the prizes for the Spirit Dress Days.  They are writing letters to the Parish Council and School Commission for their leadership.  They are the models for the younger children and have started the week off with 100% participating in the Spirit Day free dress.  Remember, students only get free dress if they are in the Spirit Day theme.

Speech Tournament:

The following students are signed up for the AMHS Speech Tournament on February 11. The schedule is attached.  It begins at 7:45 am. 

Emily H                                   Elliott                                      Leslye

Elizabeth                                 Sam W                                    Sami

Citlali                                      Ephraimia                               Lucie

Giovanni                                 Matthew                                 Eric

Parents are to take their children to the tournament and pick them up. 


Mrs. Yarnot would like to know if you can drive for Mrs. Murphy’s Gr 6-8 field trip to the slough next Friday, February 10? We need 9 more seats.  Please contact Niki at

We have also been invited to see the previews of the Archbishop Murphy High School. This year’s production is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and the preview show is Friday, February 24th from 10:30 – 11:30.  The charge is $2 per person.  Please let me know if you can drive.  If we get enough drivers we can attend this special showing. 

We had a successful response to the “Wheelbarrow of Weeders” last year and are going to offer this again at the auction this year.  We already have a Flower World gift certificate to add to this auction item.  Please complete the attached form to let me know how your family will be part of this class auction project.  Send the form in by Friday, February 3.

Blessings and thank you for all you do to make our school successful.

Maureen Blum







Class Auction Project


Family Name: ________________________________________


My 6th- 8th graders __________________________________ (name) can weed on any of the following dates – (The specific date will be decided soon after the auction).

Saturday April 8 9-11:30 ______________

Saturday April 29 9- 11:30  ___________

Saturday May 6 9-11:30 ___________


________ I can be a parent supervisor


_______ We can donate _______________________ to add to the gardening/weeding gift basket.  (If you donate money we will purchase items for this).


October 27, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Thank you for coming to Parent/Teacher Conferences last week. It was a joy to talk to you about your most precious and wonderful young adult.  We do have a lot of fun and serious times in our classroom.

Halloween Party – a list of what each family is to bring was emailed on Monday.  Please send in the items.  Leslye, Lucie and Ariana need to bring their contributions tomorrow- Friday, so we can make their project for the party.

Monday is that party.  Students may wear costumes that do not have blood, gore or weapons…and please no clowns this year.   We will have a special dance at 1:30, Parade at 2 and party after the parade. 


Gr 6, Alan and Citlali – each has an approved dramatic or humorous speech.  These are to be part of homework practice every night.  The students are to orally read the speech at least two times. 

Gr 7 – They are writing their Persuasive Speech.  The topics are all approved.  Research started in class today and will be homework this next few days.  Then we will write, edit and do a final draft of the speech before we start practicing the delivery of the speech.

I strongly urge each student to attend one of the following speech tournaments:
Bishop Blanchet High School on Saturday, December 10 from 8-4 pm

Archbishop Murphy High School on Saturday, February 11 all day. 

I will be emailing each parent regarding sign ups for these events.



Maureen Blum


October 13, 2016



Dear Parents/Guardians of the 6th-8th Graders:

Thank you for the concern for my injury.  It appears I have a torn hamstring that will take a bit of time to heal.  Your young men and women have been a great help to me.  Thank you.

We are in to the swing of the school year and are starting October Book Reports.  All of the students have shown me the mystery book they are reading.  The book report options are listed under the “forms and documents” section on my webpage.  The reports are due on Oct 28 and will be shared in class on Monday, October 31.

Next week I will be giving the students information about Speech Tournament options.  Sixth graders are able to do a dramatic or humorous readings.  Seventh and Eighth graders are encouraged to consider expository, impromptu or oratory speech categories along with the dramatic or humorous readings. Over the next couple weeks the speeches will be selected.  All students will be required to do a speech for class grade.  Those wanting to attend the BBHS and AMHS tournaments will be encouraged to do so.

Our class Halloween party will be on Monday, October 31 at 2 pm.  The students are encouraged to wear costumes that do not have blood, weapons or in appropriate topics for our school.  My class seems to want to plan their own Halloween party.  I will give them some time to plan this in class.  So far I know they want to plan events and food and volunteer to bring food.  A signup sheet will be created, copied and sent home to parents. It would be lovely for me to have a couple parents in the room to help set up food and serve etc. Please let me know if you can help by emailing me at or sending me a note.

Saturday, October 22 some of the pre-algebra students will be attending Math Games at Seattle Prep.  Information about this is being emailed to those families.  If you do not get an email please let me know 

I look forward to seeing parents at the conferences next week.  This is a time for you to share with me as well as discuss goals for the school year for your child. 


Maureen Blum

13 de Octubre del 2016.

Estimados padres / tutores de 6 – 8 grado:


Gracias por preocuparse por mi lesión. Parece que tengo un tendón desgarrado que tomará un poco de tiempo para sanar. Sus hombres y mujeres jóvenes han sido una gran ayuda para mí. Gracias.



Estamos en el balanceo del año escolar y estamos empezando los reportes de libros de Octubre. Todos los estudiantes me han mostrado el libro de misterio que están leyendo. Las opciones del reporte del libro aparecen bajo la sección "formularios y documentos" en mi página web. Los reportes deben de terminarse para el 28 de Octubre y serán compartidos en clase el lunes 31 de Octubre.



La próxima semana estaré dando la información a los estudiantes sobre las opciones del torneo de discurso. Sexto grado pueden hacer unas lecturas dramáticas o humorísticas. Se anima a séptimo y octavo grado para considerar las categorías de discurso expositivo, improvisadas o de oratoria, junto con las lecturas dramáticas o humorísticas. Durante las próximas dos semanas serán seleccionados los discursos. Se requiere que todos los estudiantes deben hacer un discurso de grado de la clase. Aquellos que deseen asistir a los torneos BBHS y AMHS se animarán a hacerlo.



Nuestra fiesta de Halloween de la clase será el lunes 31 de Octubre a las 2:00pm. Se anima a los estudiantes a usar los disfraces que no tengan sangre, armas o temas inapropiados para nuestra escuela. Mi clase parece que quiere planear su propia fiesta de Halloween. Y les daré un poco de tiempo para planear esto en clase. Hasta ahora sé que quieren planear eventos y alimentos y voluntarios para llevar comida. Una hoja de registro se creará, copiará y se enviará a los padres. Sería maravilloso para mí tener un par de padres en la clase para ayudar a establecer y servir los alimentos, etc. Por favor, háganme saber si pueden ayudar por mí correo electrónico a o me envían una nota.



Sábado 22 de Octubre algunos de los estudiantes de pre-álgebra estarán presente en los juegos de matemáticas en Seattle Prep. Información sobre esto está siendo enviado por correo electrónico a las familias. Si no recibe un correo electrónico por favor hágamelo saber.



Estoy deseando ver a los padres en las conferencias de la próxima semana. Este es un tiempo para compartir conmigo, así como discutir las metas para el año escolar para su hijo.





Maureen Blum




 Old letters


April 28, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The students are learning about symbolism and looking for deeper meaning in their novels.  There are three groups: 

  1. “The Lord of the Flies” – which is now an exciting novel for the readers and is to be finished by Monday, May 2 so we can discuss the novel in class. 

  2. “Red Badge of Courage” – which is a struggle for some of these readers as the metaphors and symbolism is at a greater depth than other novels to date.  This must be finished by Monday, May 2 as well.

  3. “The Tale of Despereaux” is a longer book and must be finished by May 15.  The students have their worksheets labeled with due dates.

Play news:  A Play letter was sent home on Tuesday with 10 tickets for each student to sell.
Costumes:  Most costumes are here.  I am sending the costumes home today and would like them returned cleaned and ironed by Monday, May 2. 

Ticket Sales:

I need volunteers to sell tickets at Mass this weekend and the weekend of May 7/8.  This weekend the following students have volunteered:   Saturday 5 pm:  Abby, Sami and maybe Dom?

                                                                      Sunday  am Emily H, Leslye and Alan

                                                                      Sunday 10:30 maybe Josh

                                                                            Sunday 5 pm – need volunteers

Please return the form below letting me know what times you can sell tickets the week of May 7 and 8.  I am aware this is Mother’s Day weekend – I will be with my mother in Bellevue but would love students to sell then if possible.   We will also sell at carpool after school the week before the play. Your students are encouraged to bring the 10 tickets they are to sell to Mass or carpool if they run out of family and friends to buy tickets


VIP Seats – We have two sets of VIP seats for the Friday night show!  If you buy 10 tickets for $100 you get front row seats and special treatment!  If you are interested please let me know!  First come, first serve!


Program Ads – DUE TOMORROW – PLEASE BUY AN AD.  Families have not been charged a fee to participate in the show!  Please support the show with the purchase of a $15 or $25 ad congratulating your student! The form is attached with the school newsletter and was sent home on Tuesday.


Play t-shirts- We plan on have “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” t-shirts for sale for the students in this class.  The cost is being kept to a minimum thank you to Veronica and Ethan Beardsley.  We hope they will be $10, maybe a bit less. 


Practice next week is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3-5 in the Large Hall.  Stage Crew/Tickets/Make up are to come one of those days! 


Blessings, Maureen Blum





Name: ______________________________________________


Please return by Tuesday, May 3

We can sell tickets at the following Masses on May 7/8 weekend:

 _____ Saturday 5 pm: 

 _____ Sunday  8  am

_____   Sunday 10:30                                                                

______ Sunday 5 pm –



Enclosed is $6 for a Play T-shirt _________


Parent signature:  ______________________________________________________________




Dear Parents:

The fifth and Sixth graders had a great time at Environmental Education Camp last week.  Their field study Journals will be returned with their paperwork.  Please review the journal with your students.  I received compliments on many of our students.  Thank you to Mr. Egan who covered for me with the other classes while I was at camp. 

The play is coming!  This will be our emphasis the next 3 weeks.  Note that rehearsals this week and next week are from 3-5 in the Large Hall on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Look at the Charlie Brown packet I sent home two weeks ago.  Schedule, costumes and more is in that packet.  It has just come to my attention that some parents haven’t seen this information.  Homework will be cut back as students are finishing memorizing the songs and script.  All students must have the songs memorized.  Stage crew will be singing from off stage!. 

All your children are involved in the play during school on Wednesdays.  There has not been a participation or script fee.  As always a production incurs costs and this show is no different.  Our costs are between $500 to a $1,000 and include but not limited to:

  • renting the permission to use the musical and get the scripts $300,

  • tuning the piano for the show @$150,

  • $300 for a stage

  • $200 for sound and

  • miscellaneous costs that covers props and stage pieces

  • We are borrowing costumes and stage pieces as much as we can. 

If we do not bring in money from ticket sales, donations and program ads we will cut costs for the show which would include cutting out a stage and/or sound system.  Thus, the more support in ticket sales and program ads in the next week the more we will have for our show. 


Enclosed in this letter is:
1.  Program order form which is due Friday, April 29. 

2.  An envelope with ten play tickets for your family to sell.  Please include $50 for the ten tickets by Monday, May 2.  If you need tickets for Thursday night’s dress rehearsal please contact me. All checks are to be made out to St. Michael School. Please note that the ticket order form enclosed also encourages people to give financial donations to offset the cost of the show.


I have four more posters to be put out for display.  If your student has brought Posters home please get them out to promote our play.  Thank you for supporting the students’ artistic work! Thank you to Mrs. Melander, Mrs. Yarnot, Jeff, Alana and Peter (AMHS students) who are helping us direct the show.




Mrs. Maureen Blum


March 21, 2016


Dear Parent/Guardian:

When we return from Spring Break we will begin producing the FIRST St. Michael School play “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”. Thank you to Ms. Melander for teaching the music during music and library classes.  Thank you to Niki Yarnot for being our pianist.  We have at least two high school student drama coaches  from Archbishop Murphy High School and we may be able to borrow some costumes or sets. 

I have a drama background from high school and directed the Junior High plays at St. Brendan School.  Through the years I have continued to support the arts when I was a school administrator.  I am excited to give directing a chance again.  More importantly, I am excited to give the students the opportunity to experience theater. 

Some of the students wanted to act, others want to do assistant directing, lights, sound, sets, ticket sales, costumes and make up.  With all this interest we have everyone in the class involved in this show.

Cast practice will be Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 to 4 during the month of April.  May practice will be sent later.  Save the evenings of Thursday, May 12 for dress rehearsal and Friday, May 13 for the show.  All students involved in sets, costumes, lights etc will be at practices the week of May 9. 

Please check out list of Cast Members and Stage/Light and other crews on the attached sheet. There is room for more volunteers.  Let me know if you know someone who would like to help.   I also have listed what families have said they would do to help with the show!  I would love a parent volunteer coordinator.  If you are able to fulfill that role please contact me soon. 


Thank you,

Maureen Blum







Charlie Brown             Anthony Monteleone

Snoopy             Abby Majerle

Lucie                            Samantha Burton

Schroeder                    Eric Yarnot

Linus                            Cuinn Cudaback

Patty                            Stefanny Garcia

Sally                             Citlali Daza

Woodstock                  Dominic Monteleone

                                    Josh Ortega

Chorus:                        Emily Guichard, Emily Herrera – don’t need to be at all practices

Assistant Director       Edgar Martinez

Student Crews:

Stage Crew:  Emily Guichard

Lights and Sound: Alan Villalva and Gabe Stobie

Tickets/Concession: Josh Ortega, Elizabeth Martinez

Costumes/Make Up: Leslye Olvera, Emily Herrera, Lucie Michlig


Parent Volunteers:





Taylor Scovell

Richard Burton

Patsy Cudaback

Emily Majerle



Building Simple Sets

Taylor Scovell

Richard Burton



Taylor Scovell




Richard Burton

Patsy Cudaback

Emily Majerle



Lights/Sound System







Music Practice


Taylor Scovell


Make Up


March 17, 2016


Dear Parent/Guardian:


Happy St. Patrick’s Day…I hope you bought the delicious Irish Soda Bread!  Thank you to Jennifer Monteleone for coordinating, baking and selling so much!  This is a great idea.  Thank you to the Martinez and Cudaback families for their support and work. 450 loaves of bread have been sold.  The profits go to the eighth grade graduation gift to the school and the

Environmental Education Camp:  Over $65 was made from the Root Beer Float and Leprechaun pictures towards camp.  If families need any financial support please apply for financial assistance with Environmental Education by tomorrow, Friday, March 18. Please look at my website for the links to apply.  The form is very easy to complete.  If you would like to be part of another fundraiser for camp please contact Heather Guichard at:

Saturday March 19:  The following students volunteered to serve at the Spaghetti Dinner: Sami Burton, Abby Majerle, Lucie Michlig, Emily Hererra, Citlali Daza, Stefanny Garcia, Emily Guichard.  Students are to wear black and white.  Thank you for volunteering.

Please save the week of May 9-13!  All of the class has said they will participate in the play, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” whether it be acting, stage crew, sets, lights, sounds, tickets or programs!  The show will be the nights of May 12 and 13.  More to follow after spring break!

Next Friday at 9 am our class will be leading the Good Friday Tenebrae Service.  Please join us for this prayerful event.

Have a wonderful three day weekend! 




Maureen Blum

February 25, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian:

I am so impressed with the continued growth in the Science Fair projects!  It was good to see so many families at the Science Fair. Congratulations to Anthony, Citlali, Eric and Josh for winning grade level ribbons! 

This past year we received a Fulcrum Foundation Grant to work on an art project with Archbishop Murphy High School Pottery class.  The sixth through eighth graders spent last week creating pottery for the RAKU pottery firing on Tuesday, March 1.  Archbishop Murphy High School pottery class

March 2, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We had an amazing day Tuesday seeing our pinch pots fired in the Raku method.  This is a method of firing the clay pots made by the students at 1850 degrees.  When the pots are removed from the kiln the pots are dropped into fire and smoked while surrounded by wet towels.  We only lost a handful of clay pots through the firing processes.  Students’ pots will be displayed at the auction and sent home next week.  The day was spent with 14 Archbishop Murphy High School students and Mrs. Towey.  Thank you to Seattle Pottery for coming to do the firing.

Students know that they have two projects due tomorrow:  Research Report – with research cards, outline, draft, edited draft, final draft and the Tessellation drawing

The students have had class time and homework time to complete these projects.  There should not be any last minute work except printing for the students.

Each year we build our graduation traditions.  This year the eighth graders are raising money for their eighth grade party the evening of Friday, June 10.  The sixth and seventh graders will be invited to this party.  To cover expenses the Class of 2016 is selling soda bread after Masses on March 11 and 12 and on March 17.  If your sixth/seventh grader can be at one of the Masses to help sell on March 11 or 12 please return the form below.  Mrs. Monteleone is coordinating this project.  I will give her the list of students  who are able to help.

Thank you to last week’s presenters at the Lenten supper.  Our next presentation will be Friday, March 11.  Last week’s group did a fabulous job.  Thank you for your continued support for this.

raku 3.JPG  raku 1.JPG           raku 2.JPG


Maureen Blum






Please return by Tuesday, March 8

Name: ____________________________________

Can help at the following Mass

__________Saturday 5 pm Mass

__________Sunday 8 am Mass

__________Sunday 10:30 am Mass

__________Sunday 5 pm Mass


Parent Signature: _____________________________________________


2 de marzo del 2016.

Estimado Padre / Tutor:


El Martes tuvimos un día increíble viendo nuestras ollas de pellizco con en el método de Raku. Este es un método de encender las ollas de barro hechas por los estudiantes a los 1850 grados. Cuando las ollas se retiran del horno de las macetas se dejan caer en el fuego y se ahuman mientras se rodean de toallas húmedas. Sólo hemos perdido un puñado de vasijas de arcilla a través de los procesos de cocción. Las ollas de los estudiantes serán expuestas en la subasta y enviados a casa la próxima semana. El día transcurrió con 14 estudiantes de Archbishop Murphy High School  y la señora Towey. Gracias a Seattle Cerámica en venir a hacer la cocción..


Los estudiantes saben que tienen dos proyectos para mañana: Informe de Investigación - con tarjetas de investigación, esquema, proyecto, proyecto editado, proyectos de final y el dibujo teselación

Los estudiantes han tenido tiempo en la clase y de tarea a realizar estos proyectos. No debe haber ningún trabajo de última hora, excepto la impresión para los estudiantes.


Cada año construimos nuestras tradiciones de graduación. Este año los estudiantes de octavo grado están recaudando dinero para su fiesta de octavo grado de la noche del viernes, 10 de junio Los alumnos de sexto y séptimo serán invitados a esta fiesta. Para cubrir los gastos de la Clase del 2016 habrá una venta de pan y soda después de las misas el 11 de marzo, el 12 y el 17 de marzo. Si el sexto y séptimo  grado pueden estar en una de las misas para ayudar a vender el 11 de marzo o el 12 por favor devuelva el formulario a continuación. La señora Monteleone está coordinando este proyecto. Le daré la lista de los estudiantes que están disponibles de ayudar.


Gracias a los presentadores de la semana pasada en la cena de Cuaresma. Nuestra próxima presentación será el viernes, 11 de marzo. El grupo de la semana pasada hizo un trabajo fabuloso. Gracias por su continuo apoyo en esto.


Maureen Blum




Por favor, devolver el martes, 8 de marzo.

Nombre: _______________________________________________


Puede ayudar en la misa siguiente:


__________ Sábado, Misa de 5 pm

__________ Domingo Misa de 8 am

__________ Domingo Misa de 10:30 am

__________ Domingo Misa de 5 pm


Firma de los padres: _____________________________________________




students will be with us on Tuesday, March 1.  Seattle Pottery will be at school from 8 am to 2:30 or 3 pm doing the RAKU pottery firing with the pinch pots made by the students in Kindergarten through grade eight   Please stop by to see the RAKU firing of the pinch pots at anytime during the school day.

I do need some help for the RAKU
                Can anyone go to Archbishop Murphy High School to pick up the clay pots Monday morning and get them to St. Michael’s by 10:30 am?  Please email me or contact me in person.

                Can you donate chips, or cookies to the lunch for the High School students?  If so, please contact me. 

A few reminders:
Friday, February 26:  Lenten Supper Presentation at 5:30 in Large Hall.  Students who volunteered to present are:  Josh, Sami and Abby.

Friday, March 4 is our field trip to PUD in Everett for the Archbishop Murphy High School Play “Big Fish”.  Most students have paid the $3 fee.  Please send in the money if you haven’t done so yet.  I am unable to attend as I have an appointment I must go to.  Thus, Mrs. Murphy will take the students and my substitute will cover her classroom.  The students are gone from 9:40 to about noon.  They are to wear their uniforms.   Thank you to our drivers:  Denise and Steven Montoya, Patsy Cudaback, Lilianna Padilla and Veronica Beardsley.    

Auction class project:  We have a rug, blanket and photograph of the students’ hands in the shape of a heart!  Thank you  to Jeannie Burton and Veronica Beardsley for helping make this a reality.  The students saw the projects yesterday.  Thanks to Edgar Martinez for the suggestion of making a rug…this is a clever and novel auction project.   I look forward to seeing many of you at the auction.

Research Reports:  These are due by Friday, March 4.  Students have been given a yellow folder to turn in the following:  research cards, outline, first draft, edited draft and final draft and bibliography.  Most of this work has been done in class for students who used their school time wisely.  There are parts of this that might need to be finished for homework. 


Maureen Blum

Febrero 25 del 2016.


Estimado Padre / Tutor:

Estoy muy impresionada con el crecimiento continuo en los proyectos de la Feria de Ciencia! Fue bueno ver a tantas familias en la Feria de Ciencias. Felicidades a Anthony, Citlali, Eric y Josh por ganar cintas de nivel de grado!


Este último año hemos recibido una donación de la Fundación Fulcrum para trabajar en un proyecto de arte con la clase de cerámica de  Arzobispo Murphy High School. El sexto a octavo grado pasaran la semana pasada la creación de la cerámica para la cocción de la cerámica RAKU el martes 1 de marzo. Los estudiantes de la clase de cerámica de Archbishop Murphy High School estarán con nosotros el martes 1 de marzo. La Cerámica de Seattle estará en la escuela de 8 a.m. a  2:30 o 3:00pm haciendo la cocción de la cerámica Raku con las ollas de pellizco realizadas por los alumnos de Kindergarten hasta el octavo grado. Favor de pasar a ver el lanzamiento RAKU de las ollas de pellizco en cualquier momento durante el día de escuela.



Yo necesito un poco de ayuda para el RAKU
¿Alguien puede ir a Arzobispo Murphy High School para recoger las vasijas de barro el lunes por la mañana y llevarlos a San Miguel por las 10:30 de la mañana? Por favor envíeme un correo electrónico o póngase en contacto conmigo en persona.

            Pueden donar chips, o galletas para el almuerzo para los estudiantes de la escuela secundaria? Si es así, por favor, póngase en contacto conmigo.



Algunos recordatorios:


Viernes, 26 de febrero: Presentación de la cena de Cuaresma a las 5:30 en el salón grande. Los estudiantes que se ofrecieron para presentar son: Josh, Sami y Abby.



Viernes, 4 de marzo es nuestra excursión a PUD en Everett por la obra de Archbishop Murphy High School "Big Fish" ("Pescados Grandes"). La mayoría de los estudiantes han pagado la cuota de $ 3. Por favor envíe el dinero si no lo ha hecho todavía. No voy a poder asistir ya que tengo una cita y tengo que ir. Por lo tanto, la señora Murphy se llevará a los estudiantes y mi sustituto cubrirá su salón de clases. Los estudiantes se van a ir de 9:40 a alrededor del mediodía. Deben  de llevar sus uniformes. ¡Gracias a nuestros conductores: Denise y Steven Montoya.



Proyecto de subasta de la clase: Tenemos una alfombra, manta y fotografía de las manos de los estudiantes en la forma de un corazón! Gracias a Jeannie Burton y Verónica Beardsley por ayudar a hacer de esto una realidad. Los estudiantes vieron los proyectos de ayer. Gracias a Edgar Martínez por la sugerencia de hacer una alfombra ... este es un proyecto subasta inteligente y novedosa. Espero ver a muchos de ustedes en la subasta.



Informes de Investigación: Estos se reciben hasta el viernes 4 de marzo. A los estudiantes se les ha dado una carpeta de color amarillo para entregar con lo siguiente: tarjetas de investigación, el bosquejo primer borrador, proyecto editado y el proyecto final y bibliografía. La mayor parte de este trabajo se ha realizado en clase por los estudiantes que utilizan su tiempo escolar sabiamente. Hay partes de esto que podrían necesitar terminar de tarea.





Maureen Blum



February 18, 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian

We had a wonderful field trip to Archbishop Murphy High School today.  Thank you to Mrs. Towey, Art Teacher, for working with me on the FULCRUM Foundation Grant for this project.  Our students learned how to teach the rest of St. Michael School students to make pinch pots.  We are helping  K-5 students make the pots this week.  These will be fired in a process call RAKU on Tuesday, March 1.  Please feel free to stop by to see the process sometime during the school day.

Sixth-Eighth graders have been working on writing the draft for their research report.  The first draft is due Monday, February 22 .  Students have been given quite a bit of time in class to write their reports as well as Library time. 

Remember Wednesday, February 24 at 7:00 pm is the Science Fair!  Students are to have their projects to school by tomorrow, Friday, February 19.  The PowerPoints are on our OneDrive for your perusal.

The students worked hard last week on PowerPoints for the Parish Lenten suppers.  Last week’s group:  Sami, Emily H., Abby, Lucie, Citlali, Elizabeth and Edgar, did a wonderful job presenting.  We are also presenting the PowerPoints to the whole school on Wednesdays at 11:30 am in the Large Hall.

This week’s group for the Lenten supper is:  Emily G, Eric, Sami, Citlali and Stefanny.  Please be at the large hall at 5:30 p.m.  The presentation is at 6 pm and will be finished by 6:30 pm.  You are welcome to partake in the Lenten supper.

Due to two days off, the preparation of the PowerPoint for the Lenten Supper and the work on the research paper drafts there are not very many papers going home. 



Maureen Blum

18 de febrero del año 2016.
Estimado Padre / Tutor

Tuvimos hoy un maravilloso viaje de campo al arzobispo Murphy High School. Gracias a la Sra. Towey, profesora de arte, por trabajar conmigo en el punto de apoyo de la Fundación de ayuda para este proyecto. Nuestros estudiantes aprendieron y enseñaron a los estudiantes de la escuela San Miguel para hacer ollas de pellizco. Estamos ayudando a los estudiantes de K-5  hacer las ollas de esta semana. Estos se activarán en un proceso llamado RAKU el martes 1 de marzo. Por favor no dude en pasar a ver el proceso en algún momento durante el día escolar.

Sexto-octavo grado han estado trabajando en la redacción del proyecto para su informe de investigación. El primer proyecto es para entregar el lunes, 22 de febrero. A los estudiantes se les ha dado un poco de tiempo en clase para escribir sus informes, así como el tiempo de la biblioteca.

Recuerde Miércoles, 24 de febrero a las 7:00pm es la Feria de la Ciencia! Los estudiantes deben de tener sus proyectos en la escuela por la mañana, Viernes, 19 de Febrero. Los PowerPoint están en nuestro OneDrive para su lectura.

Los estudiantes trabajaron duro la semana pasada en PowerPoint para las cenas de la Parroquia de Cuaresma. El grupo de la semana pasada: Sami, Emily H., Abby, Lucie, Citlali, Elizabeth y Edgar, hicieron un trabajo maravilloso de presentación. También estamos presentando las presentaciones en PowerPoint a toda la escuela los miércoles a las 11:30 horas en la Sala Grande.

El grupo de esta semana para la cena de Cuaresma es: Emily G, Eric, Sami, Citlali y Stefanny. Favor de presentarse en la sala grande a las 5:30pm. La presentación es a las 6 pm y estará terminado a las 6:30 pm. Usted es bienvenido a participar en la cena de Cuaresma.


Debido a dos días de descanso, la preparación de la presentación de PowerPoint para la cena de Cuaresma y el trabajo de investigación de borradores no son muy numerosos los documentos que van a casa.




Maureen Blum


February 8, 2016



Dear Parent:

The sixth through eighth graders are being asked to help the parish with two community service projects.  This is a beneficial way to highlight the talents and skills of our school while working for the common good of others. The first opportunity is to present a PowerPoint being created in class to parishioners at the weekly Lenten Dinners on Friday nights.  The second is helping Polly Larkin, parishioner, hold a Spaghetti Dinner to raise funds for the Parish Capital Campaign.

Lenten Dinner for CRS Rice Bowl Presentations are from 5-6:30 on Friday nights during Lent.  Students are divided into groups this week to prepare a PowerPoint on one of the countries.  We are presenting on four nights: February 12, 19, 26 and Mar 1.  Someone from the Rice Bowl committee will be there to help students present and Dr. Matthews intends to also be present.  I will attend the ones I can but I had other commitments prior to knowing about these evenings.  Students are invited to have the ethnic meal provided that night and the presentation is from 6-6:30.  Please fill out the form below noting what date or dates your child(ren) could present. Students can present any of the country’s PowerPoints, not necessarily the one assigned for class preparation. Students get Extra Credit and Service Hours for the Friday night presentations.

The dinner for the Capital Campaign in Saturday, March 19.  Students are asked to be there from 4 pm – 8pm in the large Social Hall.   Students are to wear dark pants and white shirts.  Any student who helps gets a free dinners. At least four girl servers are needed and boys to help with the music/sound system, and dessert.  Students will get Service Hours for helping on this project. 

We are also in need of one or two more drivers for Friday, March 4 field trip.  We are going to Archbishop Murphy Play from 9:30-noon at the PUD in Everett.  Please indicate below if you are able to drive.  I have Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Cudaback driving along with Mr. and Mrs. Montoya. 

Please complete the attached form and send the completed form to school by Wednesday, February 10. 

Thank you


Maureen Blum











Student Name:  _______________________________________________________


  1.  Lenten Dinner for CRS Rice Bowl Presentation: Please mark which night(s) your child can help:

    1. Friday, February 12  ____________

    2. Friday, February 19 ____________

    3. Friday, February 26 ___________

    4. Friday, March 11     ____________

    5. My student is unable to attend any of the Rice Bowl Presentations  _______

  2. Capital Campagin Saturday, March 19


    1. My student will be at the dinner to help on Saturday, March 19  ____________

    2. My student will not be able to help at the dinner on Saturday, March 19. ______


  3. I can drive on the field trip on March 4.  _______  My car has seat belts for _______ students.   




Parent Signature:  _________________________________________________________________




February 3, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian

The students are continuing to work on their research papers.  Yesterday we started writing the drafts of the thesis statements.  Next week we will start writing the outlines for the papers.  Students are to continue researching if they need more information for some parts of their paper.  These missing areas will be discovered as we create thesis statements and outline the paper.    The papers will be due the end of February.  Please watch the webpage for due dates.

Students were to return the field trip forms for the February 18 field trip to Archbishop Murphy High School for pottery lessons.  Please get the form in by tomorrow, Friday, February 5.

We are most fortunate to be invited to the Archbishop Murphy High School play “The Big Fish”.  This field trip will be Friday, March 4 at the PUD in Everett.  The cost is $3.00 a student.  Fifth through eighth grade will be attending this play.  We leave school at 9:30 am and return about noon.  Students are to bring their lunches to school and wear their uniforms.  We will be able to go on this field trip if we get drivers.  Some of our parents have already set aside this time to set up for the auction which is Saturday, March 5.  I am hoping we can get a few drivers for the morning and hopefully some of these drivers can stay and help with auction set up after the field trip.  Please send a note or email me if you are able to drive; please let me know how many students you can drive.  Please return the attached field trip form with $3 for the field trip by February, 19. 

 The sixth through eighth graders have chosen to do valentine cards for their classmates for our Valentine Party on Thursday, February 11 (we don’t have school on Friday, February 12).  This means that if a student brings a valentine for one or more of their classmates they are to bring it for all their classmates.  The list of classmates is at the bottom of this letter.  Thank you to Emily Majerle and Shelley Jensen for coordinating the Valentine Party goodies.  They will be contacting parents to help with the class party.     

Fifth and Sixth Grade Parents:  Mrs. Guichard will be coordinating Outdoor Education for me.  More information will be out in the next few weeks.  Thanks.


Maureen Blum

Class List:
Ethan Beardsley

Samantha Burton

Emily Guichard

Emiy Herrera

Abigail Majerle-Varady

Elizabeth Martinez

Lucie Michlig

Dominic Monteleone

Joshua Ortega

Gabriel Stobie

Eric Yarnot

Stefanny Garcia-Padilla

Alan Villalva

Cuinn Cudaback

Citlali Daza

Edgar Martinez

Anthony Monteleone

Leslye Olvera




January 29, 2016


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Next week we celebrate Catholic Schools Week with our sister Catholic Schools across the United States.  The students have selected free dress themes for Monday through Thursday to build school spirit!  Thanks you posters to the community and cards have been made to show appreciation to those supporting our school.  We are blessed with so much support.

We have a field trip  on February 18.  We will go to Archbishop Murphy High School Art Department to make pinch pots.  When we return the students will be expected to teach the rest of the students at St. Michael School how to make pinch pots.  On March 1 Seattle Pottery will come to our school and fire the pots in a method called RAKU.  Please return the attached field trip form.

I am excited to confirm hat we will have a Middle School play this spring, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”.  We have students interested in at least one of the many opportunities available to do the play.  Parents have graciously volunteered to help.  More information will follow through the next few months. 

Please continue to look at my class website for parent letters and homework at


Have a blessed week.

Maureen Blum


January 14, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Welcome to our new student, Leslye Olvera!  We are excited to have a new sixth grader to add to our community!

Auction:  Auction procurement deadlines are approaching.  Our class has a couple projects:
1.  “My Monopoly” gameboard being made to reflect Snohomish City places of interest.  The students picked the locations and selected photos in teams.  This IS NOT our class project, just a donation I am making and the students are contributing their ideas to.

2.  Class rug: We would like to make a 5’x7’ customized rug, an idea from a student, for the class project.  The students will each take a picture and we will send the pictures to Mrs. Beardsley who will work with us to get the rug made through people she knows.  If you haven’t sent in your $10 for the class project, please do so now.

3.  “Wheelbarrow Weeders”  - I am donating a wheelbarrow I found at a great discount at Molbaks.  Some of the students are interested in joining me in donating to the auction two hours of yard work this spring.  I propose we offer two possible dates for the buyer to select.  I am asking that interested students have parents return the form below with parent permission and stating if the student will or will not participate.   Parents will need to drop off and commute students.   Please complete the attached form and return it by Wednesday, January 20. 

Please remember to turn in your family donations by the deadlines in the Parent Newsletter.  Every donation makes the auction a success!  This helps support the programs in our school so your children have a stronger educational experience.

Also attached

Thank you to Mrs. Ortega for picking up numerous books from Snohomish Library for the research reports.  Students will have three weeks to do research at school and at home.  All books must be returned to me as they are checked out under my name.  Students are also to use internet resources (but not Wikipedia). 


Maureen Blum


21 de Enero del 2016.
Estimado Padre / Tutor:

Todavía estoy esperando respuestas de las cartas a los padres de la semana pasada sobre la "carretilla de Desyerbadores" y la obra de teatro. En este punto vamos a poder ofrecer la "carretilla de Desyerbadores" para la subasta y más estudiantes se les anima a unirse a esta oferta.


Soy incapaz de tomar una decisión sobre la obra de teatro hasta que escuche a todas las familias. Por favor devuelva el formulario de respuesta de la subasta y el formulario de respuesta de la obra de teatro a más tardar mañana viernes, 22 de enero. Si no se nada de las familias para  el  Viernes 22 de enero, entonces no habrá obra de teatro este año.


Reporte de libro de Enero:
Gr7 / 8 está leyendo "Insignia roja del valor" para el reporte de libro en grupo. Ellos están terminando el trabajo en la escuela y de tarea para cumplir con este requisito.


Gr 6: Los estudiantes fueron capaces de elegir cualquier libro que deseaban a principios de este mes. Ellos van a crear un poster basado en un personaje de “Se busca ayudante”. El poster es para estar en final, la calidad de visualización. Los estudiantes deben enumerar en la lista 5 características de un personaje específico que cumpla con la idea de " Se busca ayudante". Los estudiantes deben incluir: Título del libro y autor.

Que tengan una semana bendecida 

Maureen Blum

January 14, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Welcome to our new student, Leslye Olvera!  We are excited to have a new sixth grader to add to our community!

Auction:  Auction procurement deadlines are approaching.  Our class has a couple projects:
1.  “My Monopoly” gameboard being made to reflect Snohomish City places of interest.  The students picked the locations and selected photos in teams.  This IS NOT our class project, just a donation I am making and the students are contributing their ideas to.

2.  Class rug: We would like to make a 5’x7’ customized rug, an idea from a student, for the class project.  The students will each take a picture and we will send the pictures to Mrs. Beardsley who will work with us to get the rug made through people she knows.  If you haven’t sent in your $10 for the class project, please do so now.

3.  “Wheelbarrow Weeders”  - I am donating a wheelbarrow I found at a great discount at Molbaks.  Some of the students are interested in joining me in donating to the auction two hours of yard work this spring.  I propose we offer two possible dates for the buyer to select.  I am asking that interested students have parents return the form below with parent permission and stating if the student will or will not participate.   Parents will need to drop off and commute students.   Please complete the attached form and return it by Wednesday, January 20. 

Please remember to turn in your family donations by the deadlines in the Parent Newsletter.  Every donation makes the auction a success!  This helps support the programs in our school so your children have a stronger educational experience.

Also attached

Thank you to Mrs. Ortega for picking up numerous books from Snohomish Library for the research reports.  Students will have three weeks to do research at school and at home.  All books must be returned to me as they are checked out under my name.  Students are also to use internet resources (but not Wikipedia). 


Maureen Blum

___________________________________________________________________________________PlPlease return by Wednesday, January 20, 2015

________________________________________  Student name

__________will participate in the “Wheelbarrow Weeders” auction donation. 

___________ will not participate in the “Wheelbarrow Weeders” auction donation.


Date options that will work for my family:  (Mark as many that work for you and I will select the two dates that most of the students can do). Time:  9-11

______Saturday  April  9, 2016                                                   _____ Saturday, April 23

______ Saturday  April 30, 2016                                                ____ Saturday,  May 21

_____   Saturday June 4

________________________________________ Parent Signature


14 de Enero del 2016.

Estimados padres de sexto a octavo grado:


Como ya he compartido en el boletín de las últimas semanas hemos programado que el Jueves, 12 de mayo y el viernes 13 de mayo vamos hacer nuestra primera obra de teatro de la Escuela Secundaria de San Miguel. Esta carta es para identificar a los estudiantes y familiares que estén interesados y den el apoyo antes de gastar dinero para alquilar un guión y obtener el CD de la práctica. Sra Melander se ha ofrecido voluntariamente para enseñar la música en la clase de música y dirigir las piezas musicales. Sra Yarnot generosamente ha acordado proporcionar el acompañamiento de piano para las actuaciones. La parroquia amablemente ha dejado el show en el Salón Grande el 12 de mayo y 13 de mayo la señora Montoya está comprobando si los estudiantes de Drama de Arzobispo Murphy de secundaria podrían estar interesados en ayudar.




En la parte posterior por favor conteste lo siguiente para que podamos obtener una evaluación de la habilidad para que nosotros podamos poner en la obra. Para poder colocar el programa en que necesitaremos para ensayar después de la escuela dos días a la semana de 3:15 - 4:15 durante al menos 8 semanas. La semana de la feria requerirá un ensayo por la tarde el lunes 09 de mayo o el martes 10 de mayo. Los estudiantes que estén de acuerdo en actuar tendrán líneas y música para memorizar. Los estudiantes que eligen por ayudar con los decorados, vestuario, maquillaje, programas, concesiones, luces y sonido tendrán que participar las últimas semanas antes del show. También voy a estar buscando un director para ayudar a los estudiantes con la práctica de bloqueo y de actuar. Los boletos serán vendidos por adelantado y en la puerta por $2.00 el boleto.




Maureen Blum 










Por favor, conteste las siguientes preguntas y devolver esto el Miércoles 20 de Enero.



1. Mi estudiante se interesó en la actuación en la obra                                             Si               No             Quizas

2. Mi estudiante está interesado en ayudar en la obra,                                             Si               No             Quizas

    pero sin ser un actor

3. Yo soy capaz de ayudar con la obra de teatro                                                      Si               No             Quizas

4. Estaríamos en condiciones de pagar una cuota de participación de                    Si               No             Quizas

    $20 / estudiante.



Por favor, tenga en cuenta con que áreas usted puede ser capaz de ayudar: (Por favor marque cualquiera con la que puede ayudar)



______ la construcción de conjuntos simples                                ________ Disfraces

______ maquillaje                                                                          ________ Publicidad

______ Venta de boletos                                                              ________ práctica de música

______ Poner Programa Juntos                                                   ________ Concesiones


______ Luces                                                                               ________ sistema de sonido

______________________________________________________ Nombre del padre



Por favor regresarlo a Maureen Blum para el Miercoles 20 de Enero del 2016.












January 7, 2016

Dear Parents:

Welcome back to school in the 2016 year!  We are off to a good start.  Homework began the first day back so students should be getting back in the swing of the school rhythm.

January Book Report:  Will be due TUESDAY, January 26.  Students were to pick any book they wanted today during library time.  A few students have already been reading a book of their choice.

Spelling Bee:  The Spelling Bee words are on the school website.  We will have our first Spelling Bee on Friday, February 5!  Have your students practice the words at home as we are doing only a little practice at school.

During November and December we have been slowly using for SOME assignments.  I will slowly use this to put some assignments for the students and for students to turn work in to me.  You can visit this at  The email address is:  The password is Haggerty6.  We are slowly growing into using the cloud for some of our work and communications.  Please be patient as I grow in using this.  Not all work will be placed here.

Social Studies Research Papers:  The sixth graders are doing research papers on a specific country in Africa and the seventh/eighth graders are doing a topic connected to the US Civil War. Fifth graders will also do a research report on early American History. The calendar of due dates will be posted on the OneDrive.  I am in process of changing some of the due dates as some conflicts arose.  Much of the research work and writing will be done at home. This week we are practicing how to paraphrase when taking notes so that plagiarism is prevented. 

Fifth and Sixth Graders:  I will be taking the fifth and sixth graders to Environmental Education Camp at CYO Camp Hamilton from April 20-22.  The cost for camp is $145 per student.  Parents’ Club has donated $1,000 towards the cost of camp.  This brings the cost of camp to $87 a student.  Please let Dr. Matthews or me know if you will have difficulty with the cost for camp.  With parent help, we can do other fundraisers to defray the cost of camp.

Middle School Play:   I believe it is important for students to experience drama.  This year we will be doing “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”.  The play will be May 12 and 13.   Music for this will be taught and directed by Mrs. Melander.  I will be the general director.  We will need help with sets, make up, costumes, acting, marketing, ticket sales and snacks.  More information will be coming in early February.

Science Fair:  Mark your calendars!  Science Fair is February 24.  Please get the Science Fair projects started if you need the full six weeks for the project.

Eighth Graders:  High School application forms are completed and between now and the end of the year eighth graders will be slowly preparing for graduation.  The first task is selecting a class motto.  We are in process with that at this time.  Stay tuned for more news.  


Maureen Blum

Parent Letters Spanish version is below the English version:

  1. Field Trip: Our ”Sound of Music” Field Trip, Thursday December 17, 2015. After leaving school about 9 am, we will visit the Gingerbread House Display at the Sheraton. This year the Gingerbread houses have a Star Wars theme which should be exciting for students to see.  Then we will go to the Carousel at Westlake Mall.  We will eat lunch at the top of Westlake Mall then head to 5th Avenue to see “Sound of Music”.  The show starts at 1:30 p.m. and is a full length show with the intermission.  The show should end between 4 and 4:30 and we will return to school close to 5:30 p.m. I am confident they will represent our school well and stay together as we walk between our destinations.   Students need to return the signed permission slip by Wednesday December 9!  We may need to have another driver.  Please let me know if you are available to drive.   

    1. On the field trip students need to bring:  lunch and beverage in a disposable container, a canned food donation for the Carousel.  They are to dress nicely. 

December 3, 2015


Dear Parents of Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Graders: 

Wow:  December has arrived and we have many things happening.  Please take time to go through this packet:

  1. Field Trip: Our ”Sound of Music” Field Trip, Thursday December 17, 2015. After leaving school about 9 am, we will visit the Gingerbread House Display at the Sheraton. This year the Gingerbread houses have a Star Wars theme which should be exciting for students to see.  Then we will go to the Carousel at Westlake Mall.  We will eat lunch at the top of Westlake Mall then head to 5th Avenue to see “Sound of Music”.  The show starts at 1:30 p.m. and is a full length show with the intermission.  The show should end between 4 and 4:30 and we will return to school close to 5:30 p.m. I am confident they will represent our school well and stay together as we walk between our destinations.   Students need to return the signed permission slip by Wednesday December 9!  We may need to have another driver.  Please let me know if you are available to drive.   

    1. On the field trip students need to bring:  lunch and beverage in a disposable container, a canned food donation for the Carousel.  They are to dress nicely. 

  2. Mass: Next week we attend Mass on Tuesday, December 8 as it is a Holy Day of Obligation for the Immaculate Conception.  Please have your child wear full uniform that day.

  3. Book Report for December:  Due Wednesday, December 16.  Students are able to pick a book of their choice. Students are required to read at least two books a month.  They are to take the Accelerated Reader test on each book. 

  4. Speech Tournament:  Attached is a list the students and their Student Identification numbers for the Speech Tournament on Saturday, December 12.  The registration fee has been sent in for each of the students.   Parents are to arrange their own child’s transportation.  They are to be at BBHS by 8:15 am.  Speech contestants are to wear nice clothes, such as what they will wear on the field trip.  The schedule is attached.  Students present their speeches three times.  So they need to be present for all three rounds.  After the third presentation students are welcome to stay or attend the assembly.

  5. Christmas Program:   The Middle School students will end the Christmas Program with the Nativity Tableau.  This Middle School is setting the St. Michael School traditions for years to come with this show. We have a dramatic end to the show we hope you enjoy.  Mrs. Melander is working on costumes and so please be look for further information next week.  Does anyone have tall battery operated candles we could borrow?

  6. Homework: Over the next two weeks students will have less core academic class time as we prepare for the Christmas program.  Please use some of the allotted homework time for students to participate in the Advent activities in today’s parent letter. 

  7. BookIt: BookIt is required in my class.  Each students reading goal was individualized and discussed with parents at conferences.  Please complete the form being sent home today and return by Monday, December 7.


Maureen Blum







Bishop Blanchet Speech tournament.

Saturday, Decembe 12, 2015

At Bishop Blanchet High School

820 Wallingford Ave N

Directions – Go south on I-5

                      Take 85th St exit in Seattle

                        Head West.  Take a left at the first light.  BBHS is on the left.  Parking directions will be posted.

Due to Mrs. Towey losing her father today our field trip to AMHS for Tuesday Nov 10 has been postponed. 


Maureen Blum

November 5, 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian:

We have started our Speech Assignments for class and the Bishop Blanchet High School Speech Tournament for Middle School Students.  The class assignment is to do a Dramatic or Humorous Interpretation. Attached are the rubrics and the requirements for the speech.  Students will practice speeches at home every night and weekends as well as in school. 

Due Dates:

Friday, November 6                        Students must submit a selection for my approval.

Tuesday, November 10                 Turn in speech done on computer in word processing along with form below.

Friday, November 13                      Introduction for speech written

Every night                                         Student is to practice the speech at home twice each night

Tuesday, November 24                 Final decision to be in Speech Tournament – no one may withdraw after this date

Week of Nov 30                                                Speeches graded at school.

Saturday December 12                  Speech Tournament at Bishop Blanchet High School


I strongly urge you to have your child participate in the Bishop Blanchet High School Speech TOURNAMENT         ON SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12.  This is an all-day event from 8 am – 4:15 pm.  Parents are to bring their student or arrange a carpool with a classmate.  I will be there for the day to help supervise students but I will also be judging.  When students are not presenting they are listening to other speeches, which is a fabulous experience. 

I do need two more judges.  The Judges must attend a training at BBHS.  Trainings are either Saturday December 4 9-11 am or Monday December 7 6-8 m.  Please let me know if you can be a judge and which training you can attend. I need to know this asap. 

Thank you

Maureen Blum




Please return to school by

My student _____________________________ will participate in the Bishop Blanchet Speech tournament on Saturday, DECEMBER  12. 

Parent Signature ______________________________________________________________________






October 7, 2015


Dear Parents/Guardians:

This week’s student papers are being saved for your Parent Teacher Conference next Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  Your conference time was sent home on Tuesday.  If you need a change or information about the conference please email or call Jenn Albrecht at the school office.  I look forward to having a chance to connect with each family.  Please bring your questions and we will work on goals for your student(s).

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of “The Sound of Music” is playing at the 5th Avenue this Christmas season.  We have reservations for the matinee on Thursday, December 17.  The regular price for the tickets is $82.75 but the student price is only $18!  The show starts at 1:30 ending at 4 pm.  We will then drive home.  This will be a late day with a return to school about 5:15 or 5:30 p.m. 

We will be giving the Iowa Test of Basic Skills between 8:40 and noon next week.  Please have your student at school on time, rested and well fed.  Studnets may chew gum during testing days so you can send this to school. 

         Only four adults can join us for the show for the same $18 ticket price.  If other adults wish to attend they will have to pay full price for the tickets.  Please let me know if you can drive for this field trip.  The priority will be to have drivers that can take four or more students.  This is an amazing opportunity to see musical theatre in one of Seattle’s finest theaters.  The tickets need to be paid for now, so please send $18/student, checks should be made to St. Michael School.

As part of our studies of South America we will be holding a class debate in two weeks.  The students have been assigned a pro or a con side.  Two class periods will be given to doing research on the assigned position.  Students must have at least 3 resources of facts of support their position.  Seventh and Eighth graders will give the opening and closing statements.  All students will be giving at least four statements during the debate.

The students are completing an Essay on Mercy.  The top three essays will be entered into a contest with the Archdiocese of Seattle.  The students have also finished editing and revising letter to Pope Francis.  These letters will be sent to the Vatican later this week. 

This year we will be participating in the BookIt program.  Mrs. Beland, our volunteer librarian, talked with the students about the program this week.  I have attached a copy of the flyer that went home earlier this year.  As a class we have chosen to have students meet individual monthly goals based on points earned in the Accelerated Reader program (AR).  At conferences I will confirm the AR points your child has chosen to meet each month.

Our next art project is paper mache masks.  The masks need to be inspired by Aztec, Mayan or Incan cultures.  If you have used newspapers you can send to school, please do so over the next week. 


Maureen Blum


07 de octubre 2015

Estimados Padres / Tutores:

Los trabajos de los estudiantes de esta semana se están guardando para su Conferencia de Padres Maestros el próximo miércoles, jueves o viernes. Su horario de la conferencia fue enviado a casa el martes. Si usted necesita un cambio o información sobre la conferencia envíe un correo electrónico o llame a Jenn Albrecht en la oficina de la escuela. Espero tener la oportunidad de conectarme con cada familia. Por favor traigan sus preguntas y vamos a trabajar en metas para su hijo(s).

Estaremos dando la Prueba de Iowa de Habilidades Básicas entre 8:40 y el mediodía de la próxima semana. Por favor tenga a su estudiante en la escuela a tiempo, descansado y bien alimentado. Los estudiantes pueden masticar chicle durante el día de prueba para que pueda enviarlo a la escuela.

Para celebrar el 50 aniversario de "El sonido de la música" se está reproduciendo en la 5ta Avenida en esta temporada de Navidad. Tenemos reservas para la matiné el jueves 17 de diciembre. El precio regular o las entradas es de $ 82.75, pero el precio a los estudiantes es de sólo $18!  El espectáculo comienza a la 1:30 terminando a las 4:00pm. Despues se lleva a su casa. Este será un día de retraso con un regreso a la escuela acerca de 5:15 o 5:30.
Sólo cuatro adultos pueden unirse a nosotros para el espectáculo por el mismo precio de $18. Si otros adultos desean asistir tendrán que pagar el precio completo por las entradas. Por favor, hágamelo saber si usted puede conducir para esta excursión. La prioridad será tener los conductores que pueden tomar cuatro o más estudiantes. Esta es una oportunidad increíble para ver el teatro musical en uno de los mejores teatros de Seattle. Los boletos deben ser pagados por el momento, así que por favor, envíe $18/estudiante, pueden hacer cheques a nombre de St. Michael School.

Como parte de nuestros estudios de América del Sur vamos a celebrar un debate en clase en dos semanas. Los estudiantes se han asignado un pro y un contra. Dos períodos de clase serán dados a hacer la investigación en la posición asignada. Los estudiantes deben tener al menos 3 recursos de hechos para apoyar su posición. Séptimo y octavo grado darán los discursos de apertura y de cierre. Todos los estudiantes se dan al menos cuatro declaraciones durante el debate.

Los estudiantes están terminando un ensayo sobre la Misericordia. Los tres mejores ensayos serán introducidos en un concurso con la Arquidiócesis de Seattle. Los estudiantes también han terminado la edición y revisión de la carta a Francisco. Estas cartas serán enviadas al Vaticano esta semana. 

Este año va a participar en el programa Bookit. Sra Beland, nuestra bibliotecaria voluntaria, habló con los estudiantes sobre el programa de esta semana. He adjuntado una copia del folleto que se fue a casa a principios de este año. Como clase que hemos elegido para que los estudiantes cumplan metas mensuales individuales en base a los puntos obtenidos en el programa de Lectura Acelerada (AR). En las conferencias voy a confirmar los puntos de AR que su hijo haya elegido para satisfacer cada mes.

Nuestro próximo proyecto de arte es máscaras de papel maché. Las máscaras necesitan ser inspirados por los aztecas, mayas o culturas incas. Si ha utilizado los periódicos los pueden enviar a la escuela, por favor, hágalo durante la próxima semana.


Maureen Blum




Dear Parent/Guardian:

This week we have been busy with reading, writing and ‘rithmetic!  But what’s new?  Sixth graders are writing a news article for one of the literature stories.  Seventh and Eighth graders have written Objective Summaries which were very good pieces of writing for the first assignment.  We are writing individual letters to Pope Francis as well.  These will be sent from school to the Vatican.

As part of our South American studies the students are secretly working on a two or three dimensional representation of an Incan, Aztec or Mayan artifact.  These are due on Friday, September 24.  We are doing presentations only on Friday.    


Our mom’s involved in the Christmas Class Auction Basket for our class have a request!  Please send in a favorite recipe for an alcoholic beverage.  With the unique backgrounds of our families I would hope we have a lot of fun recipes.  I think I will get a great recipe for Irish Coffee (see, my Irish tradition helps me with this idea).  Please send the recipes to Megan Ortega at or to me by email and I will forward them.

Students are to have their September book finished by Wednesday, September 30 so they can take the AR test.  For students who have finished their first book they are to start on a second book.  I would love to have a parent help me pick up and drop off books at Snohomish Library.  I check out the books on my school account so you don’t need to worry about using a personal library card.  Please email me at if you can help.



Maureen Blum


Estimado Padre / Tutor:

Esta semana hemos estado ocupados con la lectura, la escritura y la aritmética! Pero, ¿qué hay de nuevo? Alumnos de sexto grado están escribiendo un reportaje para una de las historias de la literatura. Los alumnos de séptimo y octavo grado han escrito Resúmenes de Objetivo que son buenas piezas de escribir para la primera asignación. Estamos escribiendo cartas individuales al Papa Francisco también. Estos serán enviados desde la escuela hasta el Vaticano.

Como parte de nuestros estudios de América del Sur los estudiantes están trabajando en secreto en una representación en dos o tres dimensiones de un artefacto Inca, Azteca o Maya. Estos son para el viernes 24 de septiembre. Estamos haciendo presentaciones sólo en viernes.


Nuestra mama involucrada en la clase de Navidad para la cesta de la Subasta para nuestra clase tiene una petición! Por favor enviar una receta favorita de una bebida alcohólica. Con los fondos únicos de nuestras familias espero que tengamos muchas recetas divertidas. Creo que voy a tener una gran receta para café Irlandés (ver, mi tradición irlandesa me ayuda con esta idea). Por favor enviar las recetas a Megan Ortega a o conmigo por correo electrónico y voy a enviarlas.

Los estudiantes deben de terminar su libro de septiembre para el Miércoles, 30 de septiembre para que puedan tomar la prueba de AR. Para los estudiantes que han terminado su primer libro se va a iniciar en un segundo libro. Me encantaría tener una ayuda de los padres para escoger y dejar libros en la Biblioteca de Snohomish. Yo reviso los libros en mi cuenta de la escuela por lo que no tiene que preocuparse acerca del uso de una tarjeta de biblioteca personal. Por favor, envíeme un email a si puede ayudar.



Maureen Blum


Dear Parent/Guardian

What a privilege I have had teaching your children this year!  They have grown physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically.  Each child has progressed in their own individual way.  I am proud of the growth of individuals and groups in the class. 

Fr. Bill Watson, from Sacred Story, came to visit us on Wednesday.  Some of the students were videotaped and will be on the Sacred Story  website showing the “Sacred Story Cross” each student decorated.  The video will be posted  sometime in the next few weeks.  To see the students please go to  Look for the Sacred Story Youth link! 

Along with the traditional report card, a file is being sent home Friday that contains beginning and end of year assessments.   The folders contain:

Math pre-test given in September and the post-test given this week.  All students show a lot of growth!  Work on keeping skills alive this summer and refreshing what skills were forgotten.  Use IXL and the enclosed blank assessments.  The students will be tested again in September. 

Reading fluency – This shows how many words per minute your child reads with accuracy,

Writing – The folder has a writing sample from the beginning of the year.  Please contrast with writing in the assignments. 

Some parents have asked for summer work ideas. 

Math: Please look in the “Summer Folder” for math worksheets that you can encourage your child to do.  I will not be correcting these but they will help the students as these are the beginning of the year assessments that will be given the first couple weeks of school.  Students can also use websites such as IXL, or

Reading:  Grade 6  You might also consider enrolling in the local library summer reading programs.  Not only are these free but they often give prizes. 

The most important assignment is to have fun and explore the magnificent world we live in! 


Maureen Blum






Estimado Padre / Tutor

¡Qué privilegio de haber tenido la enseñanza de sus hijos este año! Han crecido física, emocional, espiritual y académicamente. Cada niño ha progresado en su propia manera individual. Estoy orgullosa del crecimiento de los alumnos y grupos en la clase.

Junto con la boleta de calificaciones tradicional, un archivo está siendo enviado a casa el viernes que contiene principio y fin de las evaluaciones del año. Las carpetas contienen:

Matemáticas pre-prueba dada en septiembre y la post-prueba dada esta semana. Todos los estudiantes muestran un gran crecimiento! Trabaja en mantener vivas las  habilidades este verano y refresca las habilidades que fueron olvidadas. Utilice IXL y adjunte las evaluaciones en blanco. Los estudiantes serán evaluados de nuevo en septiembre.

Fluidez de la lectura - Esto muestra cómo muchas palabras por minuto su hijo lee con exactitud,

Escribir - La carpeta tiene una muestra de escritura desde el principio del año. Por favor, contrastar con la escritura en las asignaciones.

Algunos padres han pedido ideas de trabajo para verano.

Matemáticas: Por favor, busque en la "Carpeta de Verano" por hojas de trabajo de matemáticas que usted puede animar a su hijo a hacer. No voy a corregir estos pero ayudará a los estudiantes ya que son el inicio de las evaluaciones del año que se darán las primeras dos semanas de escuela. Los estudiantes también pueden usar sitios web como IXL, o alex.

Lectura: Grado 6 También puede considerar inscribirse en los programas locales de lectura de la biblioteca de verano. No solamete es esto gratis, pero a menudo dan premios.

La tarea más importante es divertirse y explorar el magnífico mundo en que vivimos!




Text Box: I. A life-long Learner who: • Demonstrates competency across the curriculum • Uses critical thinking and problem solving skills • Participates in and experiences the Fine Arts  • Demonstrates independent and cooperative work habits


May 21, 2015

Dear Parents:

Congratulations to the following students who received Archbishop Murphy High School Juried Art Show Award of Distinction:   Citlali Daza, Samantha Burton, Alan Villalva, Cuinn Cudaback,  Eric Yarnot,Josh Ortega, Lucie Michlig, Edgar Martinez,  and Ethan Beardsley.

I am excited to share that The Fulcrum Foundation has given us a grant to have Raku Pottery firing for the whole school next year.  We will do this project in collaboration with Archbishop Murphy High School.  My class will learn techniques at AMHS and return to St. Michael’s to teach the techniques to the younger students.  AMHS will fire the pots the first time.  Then Seattle Pottery will come to our campus to do the Raku firing.  For more information you are welcome to visit the following website:


Final Book Report of the year:  Students chose a book at library on Wednesday .  They are to finish reading the book no later than Wednesday, June 3.  They are to create their own book report in library on June 3.  This will be due on Thursday, June 4. 


Many of the students have finished memorizing the four decades of the rosary.  Fifth and Sixth graders are to continue memorizing the US Presidents.  We will be through the first twenty by tomorrow.  Students are to learn the next ten by next Friday.  


Wednesday is our computer coding field trip to Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square.  Students are to wear full, dress uniform and bring a sack lunch and beverage.  Thanks to our drivers.  We still need one more driver!


Today  the seventh and eighth graders participated in a webinar presentation on Human Trafficking – modern day slavery.  This was sponsored and presented by the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center.  Holy Rosary Catholic School in West Seattle and Nativity Prep, San Diego, California also participated with us.  It was an educational and informative way to learn!  Ask you seventh or eighth grader about the topic of modern day slavery as well as the way we learned!


Fifth and Sixth grade parents, please read the letter in the manila envelope.  Materials need to be returned next week! 


Have a blessed weekend,


Maureen Blum



May 14, 2014


Dear Parent/Guardian:

In two weeks we will go to the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square to learn how to code.  We will take our tablet computers along with us to ensure we know how to use those as a better tool. 

The  Expository Essays are nearing completion.  The timeline has been extended as students have been editing and improving their writing quite diligently.  I am pleased with the effort of the students.  I hope to have the essays finished by Monday, May 18.

We are saying a decade of the rosary every day.  The students are re-memorizing the mysteries of the rosary.  By tomorrow, Friday, they are to know the Luminous Mysteries.  This has been homework and class review this week.  Next week the students must memorize the Sorrowful Mysteries. 

Fifth/Sixth graders are to have the first ten US Presidents memorized by tomorrow.  Next week we will add 5 more Presidents to memorize.  Some students have already memorized the first 15 Presidents! 

The Seventh/Eighth graders are to have their memorized poems with expression ready tomorrow!  This project has already been extended two weeks.  Students must be prepared by tomorrow! 

Please have your child have their complete uniform on Fridays.  Many are missing ties and sweaters or sweatshirts for Mass.   Thank you for your help in this matter.



Maureen Blum


14 de mayo 2014

Estimado Padre / Tutor:

En dos semanas vamos a ir a la tienda Microsoft en Bellevue Square para aprender a codificar. Tomaremos nuestras computadoras tablet junto con nosotros para asegurarnos de que sabemos cómo utilizarlas como una mejor herramienta.

Los ensayos expositivos están a punto de concluir. La línea de tiempo se ha extendido como los estudiantes han estado editando y mejorando su escritura muy diligentemente. Estoy satisfecha con el esfuerzo de los estudiantes. Espero tener los ensayos terminados antes del lunes 18 de mayo.

Estamos diciendo una década del rosario todos los días. Los estudiantes se vuelven a memorizar los misterios del rosario. Para mañana, viernes, han de saber los Misterios Luminosos. Esta ha sido la tarea y la revisión de clase esta semana. La próxima semana los estudiantes deben memorizar los Misterios Dolorosos.

El quinto / sexto grado tienen que tener los primeros diez presidentes estadounidenses memorizados para mañana. La semana que viene vamos a añadir 5 presidentes más que memorizar. Algunos estudiantes ya han memorizado los primeros 15 presidentes!

El séptimo / octavo grado tienen que tener sus poemas memorizados con expresión listo mañana! Este proyecto ya se ha extendido dos semanas. Los estudiantes deben estar preparados para mañana!

Por favor, haga que su hijo debe tener su uniforme completo los viernes. Muchos han faltado con las corbatas y los suéteres o sudaderas para la Misa. Gracias por su ayuda en este asunto.


Maureen Blum


April 30, 2015

Dear Parents:

Tomorrow is May Day!  During the month of May the students will be praying the rosary.  Some of the students have brought a rosary to school.  If your child has not, please send one to school that can be kept in your child’s desk.  Please do not send sentimental or valuable rosaries. 

This Sunday is the art show at Archbishop Murphy High School.  Nearly all fifth through eighth graders have a piece of art entered.  Most of the art are the pinch pots or cross’ made from clay.  I encourage you to visit the art show! 


Text Box: Archbishop Murphy High School AMHS Juried Art Show Sunday, May 3 2015 1:00 – 3:00 PM Heath Hall Heath Hall                                                         


You may now know we have started the Expository Essays.  Students are now researching their topic.  They must have at least 15 research cards and a bibliography of at least three resources (Wikipedia is not permitted as a resource).  Next week we will work on the outline and the prewrite in class.

RELIGION:  All students must memorize the “Memorare” by tomorrow, Friday, May 1.  The students did an outstanding job with the Vocation Prayer and the Apostles Creed.  Thus, I am confident they can continue to excel on prayer memorization.  During the month of May I will assess (or reassess as the case may be for some students) the  four mysteries of the Rosary, starting with the Joyful mysteries. 



Maureen Blum

30 de abril del 2015.

Queridos Padres:

Mañana es el Día de Mayo! Durante el mes de Mayo, los estudiantes estarán rezando el rosario. Algunos de los estudiantes han traído un rosario a la escuela. Si su hijo no tiene, por favor enviar uno a la escuela que se pueda mantener en el escritorio de su hijo. Por favor, no envíe rosarios sentimentales o valiosos.

Este domingo es la muestra de arte en la Escuela Secundaria Arzobispo Murphy. Casi todos los grados de quinto a octavo han entrado con una pieza de arte. La mayor parte de la materia son las ollas de pellizco o cruz hechas de arcilla. Los animo a visitar la exposición de arte!


Es posible que hoy conocemos que hemos comenzado los ensayos expositivos. Los estudiantes están ahora investigando el tema. Deben tener al menos 15 cartas de investigación y una bibliografía de al menos tres recursos (Wikipedia no está permitida como un recurso). La próxima semana vamos a trabajar en el esquema y el Antes de escribir en clase.

RELIGIÓN: Todos los estudiantes deben memorizar el "Acordaos" para mañana, viernes, 1 de Mayo. Los estudiantes hicieron un trabajo excepcional con la Oración de Vocación y el Credo de los Apóstoles. Por lo tanto, estoy segura de que pueden seguir para sobresalir en la oración de memorización. Durante el mes de Mayo voy a evaluar (o reevaluar según el caso puede ser para algunos estudiantes) los cuatro misterios del Rosario, comenzando por los misterios gozosos.


Maureen Blum


  1. A life-long Learner who:

  • Uses critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Implements research, reasoning, and questioning to gain content knowledge

  1. A Faithful Catholic Christian who:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of Catholic beliefs, teachings, rituals, and  traditions

  • Knows and practices a variety of prayer forms, personal and public


April 23, 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian:                             

The Science Fair was filled with exciting projects last night!  Thank you for supporting your child in this endeavor.  The students had to use critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as research, reasoning and questioning to gain knowledge.  I enjoyed talking with each student about their project.

As promised, we will be starting our Expository papers now that the Science Fair is completed.  As with the research report, most of the work will be done in school.  Work on this paper will start next week.

Students have been given a novel to read over the next couple week.  Reading will be assigned nightly homework so that we can do the work on the novels in class. 

If your child has a rosary, could you please send it to school for the month of May.  We will be praying the rosary and your child will use his/her own rosary.




Maureen Blum


I. Un estudiante de por vida que:
· Utiliza el pensamiento crítico y habilidades para resolver problemas.
· Implementa la investigación, el razonamiento, y el cuestionamiento de adquirir conocimientos de contenido.
II. Un cristiano católico fiel que:

· Católicos que demuestran conocimiento de creencias, enseñanzas, rituales y tradiciones.
· Conoce y practica una variedad de formas de oración, personal y público.


23 de abril del 2015.

Estimado padre / tutor:

La Feria de Ciencias de anoche estaba lleno de interesantes proyectos! Gracias por apoyar a su hijo en este esfuerzo. Los estudiantes tenían que utilizar el pensamiento crítico y habilidades para resolver problemas, así como la investigación, el razonamiento y el cuestionamiento de adquirir conocimientos. Disfruté hablando con cada estudiante sobre su proyecto.

Según lo prometido, empezaremos nuestros papeles expositivos ahora que la Feria de la Ciencia se ha completado. Al igual que con el informe de la investigación, la mayor parte del trabajo se realizará en la escuela. El trabajo en este trabajo se iniciará la próxima semana.

Los estudiantes se les ha dado una novela para leer durante la semana próxima. La lectura se asignará en la tarea cada noche para que podamos hacer el trabajo en las novelas en la clase.

Si su hijo tiene un rosario, ¿podría enviarlo a la escuela durante el mes de Mayo?. Estaremos orando el Rosario y su hijo usara su propio rosario.



Maureen Blum



  1. An Effective Communicator who: Demonstrates ability to use Information Technology as a tool

  2. A life-long Learner who: Participates in and experiences the Fine Arts

  3. A Faithful Catholic Christian who: Knows and practices a variety of prayer forms, personal and public


April 16, 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian:

We are so excited in the classroom!  Our auction wish list items were dry erase markers and keyboards for the Surface tablets.  Mr. Beardsley was able to procure a class set of keyboards.  Mrs. Ortega and Mrs. Chhin were able to get the keyboards to work with each table!  These are easing the typing for the students as the keyboards are much easier to use than the felt touchpads.  THANK YOU for making life so much easier for the students at school! 

We are now also beginning to use the surface tablets as our “white boards” for math practice.  Students will be able to save the practice work at school.  Then if they are getting stuck on how to do a math problem they can refer back to the saved work.  The saved work can be put on a thumb drive to be taken home for reference.

Archbishop Murphy High School Art Department is sponsoring and Art Show for  students in grades K-8.  Seventeen of the fifth-eighth graders have entered an art piece, most of which were made at school. Most of the students entered either a pottery cross or a pottery bowl.  There will be a panel of judges including professional artists and community leaders. Judging will take place before the show exhibit on May 3rd. Schools will be notified of award winners prior to the show on May 3rd. A selection of sixty outstanding pieces of art will be on display at the Seattle Art Museum in the fall from September 4th through October 6th.  Please visit the Art Show:

Archbishop Murphy High School

AMHS Juried Art Show

May 3rd, 2015

1:00 – 3:00 PM

Heath Hall

Prayer memorization:  Gr 5-8 students are to memorize “Prayer for Vocations” for the test tomorrow. 7th and 8th graders are to memorize the Apostles Creed for test next Friday. 

April Book Reports – Since this is a short month and “Poetry Month” students have poetry to read.  They are to do a brief review of the poet’s life and a brief review of the poems.  The assignment has been given to the students and can be found  at:



Maureen Blum

1. Un comunicador efectivo que: Demuestra capacidad de utilizar tecnología de información como una herramienta
II. Un estudiante de por vida que: participa y experimenta las Bellas Artes
III. Un cristiano católico fiel que: conoce y practica una variedad de formas de oración, personal y público

Abril 16 del 2015.


Estimado Padre /  Tutor :

Estamos muy emocionados en el aula! Nuestro lista de articulos y deseo para la subasta eran marcadores de borrado en seco y teclados para las tabletas Surface. Sr. Beardsley fue capaz de conseguir un conjunto de clases de teclados. Sra. Ortega y la Señora Chhin fueron capaces de obtener los teclados para trabajar con cada mesa! Estos están facilitando la escritura de los estudiantes como los teclados son mucho más fáciles de usar que las almohadillas tactiles de fieltro. GRACIAS por hacer la vida mucho más fácil para los estudiantes en la escuela!

Ahora también estamos empezando a utilizar las tabletas de superficie como nuestras "pizarras" para practicar las matemáticas. Los estudiantes serán capaces de grabar el trabajo en la escuela. Entonces si se queda pegada sobre cómo hacer un problema de matemáticas que pueden hacer referencia al trabajo guardado. El trabajo guardado se puede poner en una unidad flash para llevarse a casa para referencia.

El Departamento de Arte del Arzobispo Murphy High School está patrocinando  la demostración de arte para los estudiantes en los grados K-8. Diecisiete de los quinto a octavo grado han entrado en una obra de arte, la mayoría de los cuales se hizo en la escuela. La mayoría de los estudiantes entraron en una cruz de cerámica o un plato de cerámica. Habrá un panel de jueces que incluye a artistas profesionales y líderes comunitarios. La selección se llevará a cabo antes de la feria de exposiciones, el 3 de mayo. Las escuelas serán notificadas de ganadores de los premios antes del espectáculo el 3 de mayo. Una selección de sesenta piezas sobresalientes del arte estará en exhibición en el Museo de Arte de Seattle en el otoño del 4 de septiembre al 6 de octubre. Por favor, visite la Exposición de Arte:

Archbishop Murphy High School

AMHS Juried Art Show

May 3rd, 2015

1:00 – 3:00 PM

Heath Hall

Memorización de la Oración: Gr 5-8 estudiantes deben memorizar "Oración por las Vocaciones" para la prueba de mañana. Grado séptimo y octavo son a memorizar el Credo de los Apóstoles para la prueba el próximo viernes.

Reportes de libros de Abril - Dado que este es un mes corto y  "Mes de la Poesía" los estudiantes tienen la poesía para leer. Han de hacer un breve repaso de la vida del poeta y una breve reseña de los poemas. La asignación se ha dado a los estudiantes y se puede encontrar en:


Maureen Blum

April 2, 2014

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As part of our Holy Week observances the fifth-eighth grade will lead the Tenebrae at 9 am on Friday, April 3.  I invite you to join us as we reflect on the story of Jesus’ death in preparation for Easter Sunday.  Two weeks ago I sent home a parent signature sheet with each student.  These were to record that your child practiced his/her speech for the Tenebrae at home each night.  The homework page on my website has reminded the students to practice and have parents sign the form each night.  These sheets are due tomorrow.

Math- Gr 5 and 6 students are to be doing at least one hour of IXL a week.  Few students  met this expectation during the month of March.  The students have time in class to do IXL and they are expected to do this at home as well. 

Thank you for understanding the student papers from the last two weeks are going home today for you to review with your child.  The students were well behaved for the substitutes while I was at the funeral.  It was so helpful to come back to seeing the hard work the students achieved. 

Please remember to attend and participate in the Easter Parade in Snohomish this Saturday.  When we return from Spring Break we will do our April book reports.  Please stay tuned! 

May you have a blessed and Happy Easter.




Maureen Blum







2 de abril 2015.

Estimado padre / tutor:

Como parte de nuestras celebraciones de Semana Santa el quinto a octavo grado dirigirá el Tenebrae a las 9:00am el viernes 3 de Abril. Le invito a que se unan a nosotros a reflexionar sobre la historia de la muerte de Jesús en la preparación para el Domingo de Pascua. Hace dos semanas me enviaron a casa una hoja de firma de los padres con cada estudiante. Eran dejar constancia de que su hijo practicó su  discurso para el Tenebrae en casa cada noche. La página de la tarea en mi sitio web ha recordado a los estudiantes la práctica y que los padres firmen el formulario cada noche. Estas hojas son para mañana.

Matemáticas- Los estudiantes del grado 5 y 6 deben hacer al menos una hora de IXL a la semana. Pocos estudiantes se reunieron en esta expectativa durante el mes de Marzo. Los estudiantes tienen tiempo en clase para hacer IXL y que se espera que hagan esto en casa también.

Gracias por la comprensión de los trabajos de los estudiantes de las últimas dos semanas, estos se van a casa hoy para que revise con su hijo. Los estudiantes estaban bien atendidos por los sustitutos, mientras yo estaba en el funeral. Fue tan provechoso regresar y ver el duro trabajo que los estudiantes lograron.

Cuando regresemos de las vacaciones de primavera haremos nuestros reportes de libros de Abril. Por favor, estar atentos!

Que tengan una bendecida y feliz Pascua.
Maureen Blum.








Text Box: I. A life-long Learner who: • Demonstrates organizational and study skills • Uses critical thinking and problem solving skills • Participates in and experiences the Fine Arts


Dear Parent/Guardian:


 The class has been busy with research reports, math, art and so much more!


The students’ research reports are being sent home today with the report cards.  Students have a grade for the writing of the report (LA = Language Arts) and a grade for the Social Studies content (SS).  They also have a grade for their bibliography, draft report.  I had already graded them for research cards and their outlines a few weeks ago.  A lot of effort went into this work and I am proud of the students’ products. If you have any questions please let me know.


March Book reports are due on Monday, March 30. Please see the attached assignment.


An overview of our field trip on Wednesday, March 25.  We are going to the Everett Boeing Plant for a tour to motivate students to consider a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).  Thank you to our drivers:  Mr. and Mrs. Morehead, Mrs. Ortega, Mrs. Yarnot, Mrs. Burnett, and Mrs. Cudaback.  STUDENTS MUST BRING A SACK LUNCH THAT DOES NOT NEED TO BE MICROWAVED.  THEY ARE TO BRING A BEVERAGE AS WELL. STUDENTS MUST WEAR UNIFORMS.



8:30 Leave St. Michael’s

@9 am arrive Boeing – park and have students go to bathroom, turn lunches into the collection box

9:30 3 hour tour

12:30 Eat Lunch

1:15ish head back to school


Security  Badges are required  for this field trip.  These will be given to us when we arrive at Boeing.  To expedite this process, required by Boeing security, please send a complete list of student and adult attendees at least one week prior to your field trip date (tomorrow 3/18). A few points of clarification, since this is not the standard commercial tour, and school groups are being given access to the Boeing factory environment, the following Boeing security requirements must be met:

•        All attendees - students, teachers, and adult chaperones need to provide photo identification to show Boeing security in order to receive security badge, which allows admittance to Boeing. (Driver's license, student ID cards, passport are all acceptable forms of ID).  We have student identification cards thanks to Mrs. Yarnot and office volunteers.  I will give these to the students Wednesday morning.  They may keep them after Wednesday.                                                                          MORE ON BACK

•      ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIONS OR SUBSTITUTIONS ARE ALLOWED ONCE THE LIST HAS BEEN SUBMITTED. For example – if a parent, or the bus driver, decided at the last minute that they want to chaperone, they will not be able to be on the tour without prior security clearance with Boeing; which is required to be processed at least one week ahead of time.


For Safety - Because a portion of the tour takes place in the skills center, where tools and machinery are in proximity, the following safety requirements are being asked of your group:

•         Closed toe shoes must be worn; no heels or sandals allowed.

•         Legs are to be covered – please wear pants, not shorts or skirts.

•         Loose jewelry and hair must be able to be tied back.

•         Safety glasses and hearing protection will be distributed for use while in the factory.

•         A signed release form must be collected and provided back to the Future of Flight facilitator. This form was sent home on Tuesday, March 17 and is required for students and chaperones to participate in this field trip. 




Maureen Blum


I. Un estudiante de por vida que:
* Demuestra habilidades de organización y estudio.
* Utiliza el pensamiento crítico y habilidades para resolver problemas.
* Participa en las experiencias de las Bellas Artes.

Estimado padre / tutor:

La clase ha estado ocupada con los informes de investigación, matemáticas, arte y mucho más!

Informes de investigación de los estudiantes están siendo enviados a casa hoy con las boletas de calificaciones. Los estudiantes tienen un grado para la redacción del informe (LA = Lenguaje de Arte) y una calificación por el contenido de estudios sociales (SS). También tienen una calificación de su bibliografía, del proyecto de informe. Yo ya había clasificado las tarjetas de investigación y sus contornos hace unas semanas. Hicieron gran cantidad de esfuerzo en este trabajo y me siento orgullosa de los productos de los estudiantes. Si usted tiene alguna pregunta por favor hágamelo saber.

Los reportes de los libros de Marzo son para el lunes, 30 de Marzo Por favor ver la cesión adjunta.

Una visión general de nuestro viaje de excursión del miércoles, 25 de Marzo. Vamos a la planta de Boeing Everett para recorrer y motivar a los estudiantes para considerar una carrera en STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), (Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería, Matemáticas). ¡Gracias a nuestros conductores: el Sr. y la Sra Morehead, la señora Ortega, la señora Yarnot, la señora Burnett, y la señora Cudaback. LOS ESTUDIANTES DEBEN TRAER SU PROPIO ALMUERZO QUE NO NECESITE SER CALENTADA. ELLOS PUEDEN TRAER UNA BEBIDA TAMBIÉN.


- 8:30am - Saliendo de San Miguel

- 9:00 a.m. llegando a Boeing - estacionamiento y los estudiantes tienen que ir al cuarto de baño, poner los almuerzos en la caja de colección.

- 9:30am.  3 horas de recorrido

- 12:30 Comen su almuerzo.

- 1:15 Probablemente volvemos a la escuela

Se requieren tarjetas de seguridad para esta excursión. Estos serán entregados a nosotros cuando lleguemos a Boeing. Para acelerar este proceso, requerido por la seguridad de Boeing, por favor envíe una lista completa de los estudiantes y adultos asistentes por lo menos una semana antes de la fecha de excursión (mañana 3/18). Algunos puntos de aclaración, ya que este no es un recorrido comercial estándar, y los grupos escolares se les está dando acceso al entorno de la fábrica de Boeing, se deben cumplir los siguientes requisitos de seguridad de Boeing:

Todos los asistentes - estudiantes, profesores y acompañantes adultos deben proporcionar una identificación con fotografía para mostrar la seguridad de Boeing con el fin de recibir un pase de seguridad, lo que permite la entrada a Boeing. (Licencia de conducir, tarjetas de identificación del estudiante, pasaporte son formas aceptables de identificación). Tenemos tarjetas de identificación estudiantil gracias a la señora Yarnot y los voluntarios de la oficina. Voy a darselos a los estudiantes el miércoles en la mañana. Ellos pueden mantenerlos después del miércoles.                                                                   

ABSOLUTAMENTE NO ADICIONES O SUSTITUCIONES SE PERMITEN UNA VEZ QUE LA LISTA SE HA PRESENTADO. Por ejemplo - si uno de los padres, o el conductor del autobús, decidieron en el último minuto que quieren acompañante, no van a poder estar en el recorrido sin control de seguridad antes de Boeing; que se requiere para procesar al menos una semana de anticipación.

Por su Seguridad - Porque una parte del recorrido tiene lugar en el centro de habilidades, donde las herramientas y la maquinaria están en la proximidad, los siguientes requisitos de seguridad se les pide a su grupo:

  Zapatos cerrados deben ser usados; sin tacones o sandalias permitidos.

Las piernas deben ser cubiertas - por favor usar pantalones, no pantalones cortos o faldas.





Life-long learners who:

·         Participates in and experiences the Fine Arts

·         Implements research, reasoning, and questioning to gain content knowledge



Dear Parent/Guardian:

Thank you for supporting our school auction with your donations and purchases.  The Guichards bought our class project:  the water fountain adorned with clay fish and frog made by the students.  We hope this fountain keeps the memories of youth alive.

Today we had a presentation by Becca Hulse, a Snohomish High School student who is taking Dental Assistant classes.  She reviewed the importance of dental health and gave the students goodie bags for taking care of their teeth. 

Next Wednesday, March 18, we have the drawing and painting class from Archbishop Murphy High School coming to our class.  They will teach the students drawing techniques!  We are most fortunate to have this relationship with Archbishop Murphy High School!

Wednesday, March 25, is our field trip to Boeing for a tour emphasizing careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  We now have enough drivers for this event!  Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Morehead, Mrs. Ortega, Mrs. Yarnot, Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Cudaback for chaperoning and carpooling. 

The students have worked very hard on their research reports.  Fifth and sixth grade students turned in their notecards, outline, rough draft, final draft and bibliography in this week.  The seventh and eighth graders have longer papers that are due tomorrow, Friday, March 13.  They have had at least five hours a week in class to work on their papers.  I am impressed with the hard, quiet and focused work of all the students in class.  We worked on the bibliographies in class this week and we also peer edited classmates reports.  Job well done! 

As part of our Lenten journey we have Lenten prayer pots that we made of clay at AMHS.  We are putting a symbol into the pot each week to reflect on our journey during Lent.  The fifth through eighth graders are also reading a Station of the Cross each morning as the school gathers in the small hall.  This is part of the Religion grade.  Students are to be at school at 8:30 am.  The students know in advance that they are reading.  Please have your students at school by 8:30 am.  Many of the students have missed their assigned reading of the Stations of the Cross due to tardiness.  Thank you for your support. 


Maureen Blum


  Aprendices de por vida que:
* Participa en las experiencias de las Bellas Artes.
* Implementa la investigación, el razonamiento y el cuestionamiento de adquirir conocimientos de contenido.

Estimado padre / tutor:

 Gracias por apoyar a nuestra subasta de la escuela con sus donaciones y compras. Los Guichards compraron nuestro proyecto de clase: la fuente de agua adornada con peces de arcilla y ranas hecha por los estudiantes. Esperamos que esta fuente guarde los recuerdos de la juventud viva.

Hoy tuvimos una presentación por Becca Hulse, un estudiante de la Escuela Secundaria de Snohomish que está tomando clases de ayudante de dentista. Ella examinó la importancia de la salud dental y dio a los estudiantes bolsas de regalos para el cuidado de sus dientes.

El próximo miércoles 18 de Marzo tenemos dibujo y la clase de pintura del Arzobispo Murphy High School que van a venir a nuestra clase. Les enseñarán a los estudiantes técnicas de dibujo! Somos muy afortunados de tener esta relación con el arzobispo Murphy High School!

Miércoles, 25 de Marzo, es nuestro viaje de excursión a Boeing para un recorrido y  enfatizando carreras en STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) (Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería y Matemáticas). Ahora tenemos suficientes conductores para este evento! Gracias al Sr. y la Sra Morehead, la señora Ortega, la señora Yarnot, señora Burton y la señora Cudaback por ser chaperones y compartir el viaje.

Los estudiantes han trabajado muy duro en sus informes de investigación. Los estudiantes de quinto y sexto grado entregaron sus fichas, esquema, borrador, borradores finales y bibliografía en esta semana. Los alumnos de séptimo y octavo tienen papeles más largos que son para mañana, viernes, 13 de Marzo han tenido al menos cinco horas a la semana en la clase para trabajar en sus papeles. Estoy impresionada con el trabajo duro, tranquilo y concentrado de todos los estudiantes en la clase. Trabajamos en las bibliografías en clase esta semana y también miramos los informes editados de los compañeros. Trabajo bien hecho!

Como parte de nuestro camino cuaresmal tenemos ollas de oración de Cuaresma que hemos hecho de la arcilla en AMHS. Estamos poniendo un símbolo en el bote cada semana para reflexionar sobre nuestro viaje durante la Cuaresma. Los grados del quinto al octavo también están leyendo una estación del Vía Crucis cada mañana, la escuela se reúne en el salón chico. Esto es parte de la calificación de Religión. Los estudiantes deben estar en la escuela a las 8:30 am. Los estudiantes saben de antemano que están leyendo. Por favor tenga a sus estudiantes en la escuela antes de las 8:30 am. Muchos de los estudiantes han perdido su lectura asignada de las Estaciones de la Cruz, debido a la tardanza. Gracias por su apoyo.

Bendiciones, Maureen Blum



I.        A life-long Learner who:

·         Demonstrates organizational and study skills

·         Uses critical thinking and problem solving skills

·         Implements research, reasoning, and questioning to gain content knowledge

·         Demonstrates independent and cooperative work habits



March 5, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Monday was Dr. Seuss’ birthday!  We read aloud to the kindergarten and first grade and we also wrote poems that will be in the PowerPoint for the school Auction this weekend!  The poems were very well done by ALL of the students!  I hope to see all the parents at the auction.

Research Reports:
To date all of the students have their research cards graded and completed.

All of the students are writing their research reports.  We have had at least an hour each day to write in class.  The students have been doing a wonderful job and are highly focused and quiet while working!  They are getting a good feel for how to write a research report.  The seventh and eighth graders have been developing skills for writing a thesis statement and writing to the thesis statement with evidence!  The report deadline has been extended for a week as this process has just taken longer as well as been interrupted by other school needs.   The research reports is an opportunity for students to be :

  • A life-long Learner who: Demonstrates organizational and study skills

  • Uses critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Implements research, reasoning, and questioning to gain content knowledge

  • Demonstrates independent and cooperative work habits

What I am asking is for you to proofread your child’s paper with them next Monday or Tuesday night.  We will also be proofreading in class.  The students will edit the papers and have them finished and turned in on Friday, March 13.

Please return field trip forms.  At this time the drivers I have are:  Jay and Paula Morehead, Patsy Cudaback.  This allows only 10 students to go on the field trip at this time.  I know we might have one more driver.  Please let me know by next week if you are able to drive.  Otherwise I will need to cancel the field trip before my credit card is charged the fee.


Blessings during this beautiful spring time. 

Mrs. Blum


Un estudiante de por vida que:
* Demuestra habilidades de organización y estudio.
* Utiliza el pensamiento crítico y habilidades para resolver problemas.
* Implementa la investigación, el razonamiento y el cuestionamiento de adquirir conocimientos de contenido.
* Demuestra ser independiente y cooperativo.

05 de Marzo del 2015

Estimados Padres / Tutores:

El lunes fue el cumpleaños del Dr. Seuss! Leemos en voz alta para el jardín de infantes y primer grado y también escribimos poemas que estarán en el PowerPoint para la subasta de la escuela este fin de semana! Los poemas fueron muy bien hechos por todos los estudiantes! Espero ver a todos los padres en la subasta.

Informes de investigación:
Hasta la fecha todos los estudiantes tienen sus tarjetas de investigación calificados y completados.

Todos los estudiantes están escribiendo sus informes de investigación. Hemos tenido al menos una hora cada día para escribir en clase. Los estudiantes han estado haciendo un trabajo maravilloso y son muy centrados y tranquilos mientras trabajan! Se trata de conseguir una buena idea de cómo escribir un informe de investigación. Los alumnos de séptimo y octavo se han desarrollado habilidades para escribir una declaración de tesis y por escrito a la declaración de la tesis con la evidencia! El plazo informe se ha extendido por una semana ya que este proceso sólo ha tomado más tiempo, así como han interrumpido por otras necesidades de la escuela. Los informes de investigación es una oportunidad para que los estudiantes sean:

Un estudiante de por vida que: Demuestra habilidades de organización y estudio

· Utiliza el pensamiento crítico y habilidades para resolver problemas

· Implementa la investigación, el razonamiento, y el cuestionamiento de adquirir conocimientos de contenido

· Demuestra hábitos de trabajo independiente y de cooperación.

Lo que pido es que usted corrija el papel de su hijo con ellos el próximo lunes por la noche o el martes. También estaremos corrigiendo en clase. Los estudiantes editarán los papeles y deben de terminar y entregar el viernes 13 de marzo.

Por favor devuelva las formas para la excursión. En este momento los conductores que tengo son: Jay y Paula Morehead, Patsy Cudaback. Esto permite a 10 estudiantes para ir a la excursión en este momento. Sé que podríamos tener un conductor más. Por favor, hágamelo saber para la próxima semana si usted es capaz de conducir. De lo contrario voy a tener que cancelar el viaje de campo antes de mi tarjeta de crédito se cargará la tarifa.

Bendiciones durante esta hermosa primavera.

Mrs. Blum.



Text Box: I. A Faithful Catholic Christian who: • Demonstrates knowledge of Catholic beliefs, teachings, rituals, and  traditions • Knows and practices a variety of prayer forms, personal and public • Participates in the liturgical celebrations of the Church

February 19, 2015


Dear Parents:

Congratulations to Renee Guichard and Michael Herrera for their acceptance at Archbishop Murphy High School.  Ambassadors from AMHS came to the class on Friday to present them with a welcome bag. 

Over the next few weeks I am returning papers from the Accreditation evidence that has been saved over the last year.  Please note that some of the papers may be copies of what was returned in the past.  A few are current papers.

We have begun our Lenten Journeys.   To prepare we made Lenten bowls of clay when we visited Archbishop Murphy High School.  This week we are glazing the bowls and the fish/frogs for our class water fountain (our auction project).  We are most fortunate

All students are to memorize the Act of Faith by next Friday.  Tomorrow is a quiz to see what students have learned to date.  I have attached a number of memorization hints. 


O my God, I firmly believe that you are one God in three divine Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I believe that your divine Son became man and died for our sins and that he will come to judge the living and the dead. I believe these and all the truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches because you have revealed them who are eternal truth and wisdom, who can neither deceive nor be deceived. In this faith I intend to live and die. Amen.

Tips for Memorizing:

1. Write it down.  write the verse you’re memorizing down on paper. But don’t just write it once; write it many times—five or ten times is a good start Physically writing the words out is an extremely useful tactile memory aid.

2. Say it out loud. Just as writing a can help in memorizing, speaking the words aloud is an excellent way to burn them into your memory. During your commute to school each day reciting your prayer out loud!

3. Incorporate the prayer into your daily prayers.

4. Put it everywhere.  Many people suggest writing your prayer out on multiple index cards or sticky notes and putting them all over the place, so that you’ll see the prayer many times throughout your day. Tape the prayer to your bathroom mirror or computer monitor. Tuck it into your purse, lunch sack, car glove compartment, school textbook, pockets… anywhere you’ll see it. One person suggested making the prayer your computer desktop background, and another goes so far as to laminate the prayer and hang it in the shower!

5. Use music to help.  Do you find it much easier to remember lyrics than spoken words? Try setting the prayer to a simple tune (perhaps repurposing a song you already know well) that you can sing to yourself. (If this sounds like a strange suggestion, consider that many famous hymns and worship songs use Bible verses as their lyrics, and were written specifically as aids for Bible verse memorization.)

6. Make it a game.  Turn the act of memorizing into a personal challenge! You might write the verse out on flashcards, leaving key words blank, and quiz yourself. Get some friends or family members to help quiz you, or even to memorize the verse along with you and encourage/challenge you.

7. Repeat, repeat, repeat!  Whatever strategy you follow in memorizing a prayer, do it repeatedly. Write it down, speak it out loud, sing it out, pray it—but whatever you do, do it over and over until it’s a natural, reflexive action. The goal isn’t to reduce it to a mindless, repeated activity, but to slowly press the verse into your memory through repetition.



Maureen Blum

I. Un cristiano católico fiel que:
* Demuestra conocimiento de las creencias católicas, enseñanzas, rituales y tradiciones.
* Conoce y practica una variedad de formas de oraciones, personal y pública.
* Participa en las celebraciones litúrgicas de la iglesia.





Febrero 19. del 2015.

Estimados padres de familia:

Felicitaciones a Renee Guichard y Michael Herrera para su aceptación en el arzobispo Murphy High School. Embajadores de AMHS llegaron a la clase el viernes para presentarlos con una bolsa de bienvenida.

Durante las próximas semanas voy a volver papeles de las pruebas de acreditación que se han guardado en el último año. Tenga en cuenta que algunos de los documentos pueden ser copias de lo que fue devuelto en el pasado. Unos pocos son los papeles actuales.

Hemos comenzado nuestras Jornadas de Cuaresma. Para preparar hicimos cuaresmales cuencos de arcilla cuando visitamos Arzobispo Murphy High School. Esta semana estamos acristalando los cuencos y los peces / ranas para nuestra fuente de agua de clase (nuestro proyecto subasta). Somos muy afortunados.

Todos los estudiantes deben memorizar el Acto de Fe para el próximo viernes. Mañana es una prueba para ver lo que los estudiantes han aprendido hasta la fecha. He adjuntado una serie de consejos de memorización.


Dios mío, creo firmemente que son un solo Dios en tres Personas divinas, Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo. Creo que su divino Hijo se hizo hombre y murió por nuestros pecados y que él vendrá a juzgar a los vivos y a los muertos. Creo que estas y todas las verdades que la Santa Iglesia Católica enseña, ya que son de la verdad y de la sabiduría eterna, que no puede engañarse ni engañarnos has revelado. En esta fe quiero vivir y morir. Amén.

Consejos para Memorización:

1. Escríbelo. escriba el versículo que estás memorizando en un papel. Pero no sólo escribir una vez; escribir muchas veces entre  cinco o diez veces es un buen comienzo a escribir Físicamente las palabras es una ayuda memoria táctil de gran utilidad.

2. Diga en voz alta. Así como escribir  puede ayudar en la memorización, hablando las palabras en voz alta es una manera excelente para quemarla en su memoria. Durante su viaje a la escuela cada día recitando su oración en voz alta!

3. Incorporar la oración en sus oraciones diarias.

4. Ponga en todas partes. Muchas personas sugieren escribir su oración a cabo en múltiples tarjetas o notas adhesivas y ponerlos por todo el lugar, por lo que verá la oración muchas veces durante el día. Pegue la oración por el espejo del baño o monitor de la computadora. Metida dentro de su cartera, bolsa de almuerzo, en la guantera del coche, libro de texto escolar, bolsillos ... en cualquier lugar donde lo vea. A una persona sugirió hacer la oración de fondo de escritorio del ordenador, y otro va tan lejos como para laminar la oración y colgarlo en la ducha!

5. El uso de la música para ayudar. ¿Le resulta mucho más fácil de recordar las letras que la palabra hablada? Intente configurar la oración con una melodía sencilla (quizás reutilizando una canción que ya conoce bien) que puedes cantar a ti mismo. (Si esto suena como una sugerencia extraña, considere que muchos himnos famosos y canciones de adoración usan versículos de la Biblia como sus letras, y fueron escritos específicamente como ayudas a la Biblia el versículo de memorización)

6. Que sea un juego. Gire el acto de memorizar en un reto personal! Usted puede ser que escriba el versículo en tarjetas, dejando palabras clave en blanco, y autoevaluarse. Consigua algunos amigos o miembros de la familia para ayudar al concurso, o incluso de memorizar el versículo junto con usted y alentar /  desafíar.

 7. Repetir, repetir, repetir! Sea cual sea la estrategia que siga en la memorización de una oración, hazlo repetidamente. Escríbelo, hablalo en voz alta, cantar a cabo, rezar, pero hagas lo que hagas, hazlo una y otra vez hasta que sea una acción natural, reflexiva. El objetivo no es reducirla a una actividad repetida sin sentido, pero al presionar lentamente el verso en su memoria a través de la repetición


Maureen Blum




January 28, 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Today is Catholic Schools Week Student Appreciation Day!  Your children are amazing young men and women.  There are many times the students work quietly while other times there is excellent discussion. I appreciate the excitement for life that each of the students share each day. 

Your child wrote a note of appreciation for you that went home yesterday.  Thank you for the support you give your child and St. Michael School.  The parent classroom volunteers, field trip drivers, and other support helps us meet the many educational opportunities we have.

The January book report PowerPoints are being completed in school this week.  Students will present them next week.

We are beginning research reports in Social Studies.  These research reports will be worked on mainly in school from next week through March 2.  To connect with the fifth/sixth grade studies of US History, each student has selected a state to research.  To connect with the studies of Western European History the seventh and eighth graders have selected a Western European country.  Students will use the internet as well as non-fiction books from Snohomish Library that I have checked out of the library. 

February’s book reports will be based on the Social Studies research reports.  Fifth and Sixth graders are to read a fiction or non-fiction book that is set in the state the student is researching.  Seventh and Eighth graders are to read a fiction or non-fiction book set in the Western European country he/she is researching.  The Snohomish Library has checked out over 30 books to me for the research project as well as some books for the book report.  More books are coming soon from the Library.  Please make sure your child returns the books that are checked out to me. 

Our Valentine’s Day party will be Friday, February 13.  Attached is a list of the class names.  Students who are bringing valentines must bring a valentine for all students.

 This weekend we are celebrating Catholic Schools Week at the 5 pm Mass on Saturday and 10:30 am Mass on Sunday.  Students are asked to wear their uniforms to Mass. 


Maureen Blum


Enero 28 del 2015.

Estimado padre / tutor:

Hoy es la semana de Escuelas Católicas, es el Día de Agradecimiento de Estudiantes! Sus hijos son increíbles hombres y mujeres jóvenes. Muchas veces los estudiantes trabajan en silencio mientras que otras veces hay una excelente discusión. Agradezco el entusiasmo por la vida que cada uno de los estudiantes comparten cada día.

Su hijo escribió una nota de agradecimiento para usted que fue a su casa ayer. Gracias por el apoyo que le da a su hijo y a la Escuela de San Miguel. Los padres voluntarios en el salón, los conductores de excursión, y otro tipo de apoyo nos ayuda a satisfacer las muchas oportunidades educativas que tenemos.

Los reportes de los libros de Enero en PowerPoints se están terminando en la escuela esta semana. Los estudiantes presentarán la próxima semana.

Estamos empezando informes de investigación en Ciencias Sociales. Estos informes de investigación se trabajarán principalmente en la escuela a partir de la próxima semana hasta marzo 2. Para conectar con el quinto y sexto grado estudian la Historia de Estados Unidos, cada alumno ha seleccionado un estado de la investigación. Para conectar con los estudios de la historia de Europa occidental los alumnos de séptimo y octavo se han seleccionado un país de Europa occidental. Los estudiantes usarán el Internet, así como libros de no ficción de la Biblioteca de Snohomish. Yo tengo que checar fuera de la biblioteca.

Reportes de libros de febrero se basarán en los informes de investigación en Ciencias Sociales. Quinto y sexto grado son para leer un libro de ficción o no ficción que se establece en el estado el estudiante está investigando. Los estudiantes de séptimo y octavo son leer una ficción o un conjunto de libros de no ficción en el país de Europa occidental que él / ella está investigando. La Biblioteca Snohomish ha comprobado más de 30 libros para para el proyecto de investigación, así como algunos libros para el reporte de libro. Más libros vienen  muy pronto de la Biblioteca. Por favor, asegúrese de que su hijo regrese los libros que se han extraído para mí.

Nuestra Fiesta del Día de San Valentín será el viernes 13 de febrero. Se adjunta una lista de los nombres de clase. Los estudiantes que están trayendo valentines deben traer un San Valentín para todos los estudiantes.

Este fin de semana estamos celebrando Semana de Escuelas Católicas en la misa de las 5:00pm del sábado y las 10:30 am Misa el domingo. Los estudiantes deben llevar sus uniformes a misa.


Maureen Blum


Text Box: A life-long Learner who: Demonstrates independent and cooperative work habits


January 22, 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian:


Our class auction project will be a three tiered tabletop water fountain to be  adorned with characters or objects made of clay.   I was fortunate to find this water fountain at a very good price.  We need to pay for the water fountain, pump, clay and glaze with the monies that parents in this class have donated to the class auction project.  If you have not sent in your $10 donation for the class auction project please do so as soon as possible. 


On Wednesday, February 4 our class will be going to Archbishop Murphy High School (AMHS)  to make pieces to our clay objects.  AMSH staff will fire the clay objects for us at no cost to us!


The AMHS bus pick will pick the class up at 9:00 am.

We should arrive at AMHS about 9:25.

We will have a clay class from 9:35-11:00.

11:00 lunch in the cafeteria to have a pizza lunch (AMHS will provide.)

At 11:30 the buses can depart to return the class to St. Michael's.

We will have sophomores, juniors, and senior hosting us at AMHS.  This is an amazing opportunity planned by Karen Towey, Teacher at AMHS.

Please return the attached permission slip by Tuesday,  January 27. 


Spelling tests begin again next week.  The words will be on Spelling City by tomorrow morning.  Seventh and Eighth graders continue to write sentences for the words.  Seventh and Eighth graders must have the countries in Europe memorized by next Wednesday for a test.  There is a free online quiz that can be used for practice at:  Fifth and sixth graders are to memorize the capitals for the Midwest States.  This test is also on Wednesday.  A  free practice site at  This letter is posted on my website so that you can click the links.




Maureen Blum



Un estudiante de por vida que:
Demuestra hábitos de trabajo independiente y de cooperación.

Enero 22 del 2015.

Estimado padre / tutor:

Nuestro proyecto de la clase de la subasta será una fuente de tres niveles de agua de mesa para ser adornado con personajes u objetos hechos de arcilla. Tuve la suerte de encontrar esta fuente de agua en un muy buen precio. Tenemos que pagar por la fuente de agua, bomba, arcilla y esmaltes con los dineros que los padres en esta clase han donado al proyecto subasta clase. Si usted no ha enviado su donación de $10 para el proyecto subasta clase por favor hágalo tan pronto como sea posible.

El Miércoles, 04 de febrero nuestra clase se va a Arzobispo Murphy High School (AMHS) para hacer piezas de nuestros objetos de barro. El personal AMSH disparará los objetos de arcilla para nosotros sin costo alguno!

La AMHS bus recogerá la clase hasta las 9:00 am.

Debemos llegar a AMHS cerca de las 9:25.

Tendremos una clase de arcilla de 9:35-11: 00.

11:00 almuerzo en la cafetería, para un almuerzo de pizza (AMHS proveerá.)

A las 11:30 los autobuses pueden salir para volver a la clase a San Miguel.

Tendremos estudiantes de segundo año, juniors, y la alta recibirnos en AMHS. Esta es una increible oportunidad planeada por Karen Towey, Profesora en AMHS.

Por favor devuelva el formulario de permiso adjunto antes del martes 27 de enero.

Pruebas de ortografía comienzan de nuevo la próxima semana. Las palabras estarán en Spelling City por la mañana. Séptimo y octavo grado continúan escribiendo frases para las palabras. Séptimo y octavo grado deben tener los países de Europa memorizados por el próximo miércoles para una prueba. Hay un cuestionario en línea gratis que se puede utilizar para la práctica en: Quinto y sexto grado son de memorizar las capitales de los Estados del Medio Oeste. Esta prueba es también el miércoles. Un sitio de entrenamientos libres en Esta carta está publicada en mi sitio web para que usted puede hacer clic en los enlaces .



Maureen Blum




 January 8, 2015

Text Box: I. A life-long Learner who: • Demonstrates independent and cooperative work habits • I. Un estudiante de por vida que:  • * Demuestra hábitos de trabajo independiente y de cooperación. •


Text Box: A life-long Learner who: Demonstrates independent and cooperative work habits


January 22, 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian:


Our class auction project will be a three tiered tabletop water fountain to be  adorned with characters or objects made of clay.   I was fortunate to find this water fountain at a very good price.  We need to pay for the water fountain, pump, clay and glaze with the monies that parents in this class have donated to the class auction project.  If you have not sent in your $10 donation for the class auction project please do so as soon as possible. 


On Wednesday, February 4 our class will be going to Archbishop Murphy High School (AMHS)  to make pieces to our clay objects.  AMSH staff will fire the clay objects for us at no cost to us!


The AMHS bus pick will pick the class up at 9:00 am.

We should arrive at AMHS about 9:25.

We will have a clay class from 9:35-11:00.

11:00 lunch in the cafeteria to have a pizza lunch (AMHS will provide.)

At 11:30 the buses can depart to return the class to St. Michael's.

We will have sophomores, juniors, and senior hosting us at AMHS.  This is an amazing opportunity planned by Karen Towey, Teacher at AMHS.

Please return the attached permission slip by Tuesday,  January 27. 


Spelling tests begin again next week.  The words will be on Spelling City by tomorrow morning.  Seventh and Eighth graders continue to write sentences for the words.  Seventh and Eighth graders must have the countries in Europe memorized by next Wednesday for a test.  There is a free online quiz that can be used for practice at:  Fifth and sixth graders are to memorize the capitals for the Midwest States.  This test is also on Wednesday.  A  free practice site at  This letter is posted on my website so that you can click the links.




Maureen Blum



Un estudiante de por vida que:
Demuestra hábitos de trabajo independiente y de cooperación.

Enero 22 del 2015.

Estimado padre / tutor:

Nuestro proyecto de la clase de la subasta será una fuente de tres niveles de agua de mesa para ser adornado con personajes u objetos hechos de arcilla. Tuve la suerte de encontrar esta fuente de agua en un muy buen precio. Tenemos que pagar por la fuente de agua, bomba, arcilla y esmaltes con los dineros que los padres en esta clase han donado al proyecto subasta clase. Si usted no ha enviado su donación de $10 para el proyecto subasta clase por favor hágalo tan pronto como sea posible.

El Miércoles, 04 de febrero nuestra clase se va a Arzobispo Murphy High School (AMHS) para hacer piezas de nuestros objetos de barro. El personal AMSH disparará los objetos de arcilla para nosotros sin costo alguno!

La AMHS bus recogerá la clase hasta las 9:00 am.

Debemos llegar a AMHS cerca de las 9:25.

Tendremos una clase de arcilla de 9:35-11: 00.

11:00 almuerzo en la cafetería, para un almuerzo de pizza (AMHS proveerá.)

A las 11:30 los autobuses pueden salir para volver a la clase a San Miguel.

Tendremos estudiantes de segundo año, juniors, y la alta recibirnos en AMHS. Esta es una increible oportunidad planeada por Karen Towey, Profesora en AMHS.

Por favor devuelva el formulario de permiso adjunto antes del martes 27 de enero.

Pruebas de ortografía comienzan de nuevo la próxima semana. Las palabras estarán en Spelling City por la mañana. Séptimo y octavo grado continúan escribiendo frases para las palabras. Séptimo y octavo grado deben tener los países de Europa memorizados por el próximo miércoles para una prueba. Hay un cuestionario en línea gratis que se puede utilizar para la práctica en: Quinto y sexto grado son de memorizar las capitales de los Estados del Medio Oeste. Esta prueba es también el miércoles. Un sitio de entrenamientos libres en Esta carta está publicada en mi sitio web para que usted puede hacer clic en los enlaces .



Maureen Blum




Dear Parent/Guardian:

Happy 2015!  The students have come back to school and have been diligent workers.  Nearly all the students have selected their fiction books for the January book reports.  These books must be finished by January 21. We had a wonderful presentation from Mr. Cudaback on the use of PowerPoints for presentations right before Christmas vacation.  So we will take some of that knowledge to work by doing a PowerPoint presentation for the book report.  The book report details can be found at  The PowerPoints are due February 2.  We will work on them at school and students may do some work at home.

Thank you to the parents who drove on our “Nutcracker” field trip!  We had a highly educational visit at the Gates Foundation prior to seeing the “Nutcracker”.  I was impressed with the students’ attentiveness and interest at both locations. 

The fifth and sixth graders must have the states and capitals for the western states memorized by next Wednesday.  The s7th and 8th graders must be able to label at least 25 countries in Africa by the end of next week.  We started work on these map projects in December so the students should be ready to bring these to conclusion.


Maureen Blum

 Estimado padre / tutor:

Feliz 2015! Los estudiantes han regresado a la escuela y han sido trabajadores diligentes. Casi todos los estudiantes han seleccionado sus libros de ficción para los reportes de libros de Enero. Estos libros deben estar terminados en Enero 21. Tuvimos una maravillosa presentación del Sr. Cudaback en el uso de PowerPoint para presentaciones justo antes de las vacaciones de Navidad. Así que vamos a tomar un poco de ese conocimiento para trabajar y hacer una presentación de PowerPoint para el reporte de libro. El informe detalla el libro se pueden encontrar en Las presentaciones en PowerPoint son para Febrero 2. Vamos a trabajar en ellos en la escuela y los estudiantes pueden hacer algún trabajo en casa.

Gracias a los padres que condujeron en nuestra excursión al "Cascanueces"! Tuvimos una visita muy educativa de la Fundación Gates, antes de ver el "Cascanueces". Me quedé impresionada con la atención y el interés de los estudiantes en ambos lugares.

El quinto y sexto grado deben tener los estados y capitales de los estados del oeste memorizados para el próximo miércoles. El septimo y octavo grado deben ser capaces de etiquetar al menos 25 países de África a finales de la próxima semana. Comenzamos a trabajar en estos proyectos de mapa en diciembre por lo que los estudiantes deben estar listos para traer la conclusión.

Bendiciones,  Maureen Blum

December 4 letter

·        School Wide Learning Expectation:
A life-long Learner who
demonstrates competency across the curriculum


December 11, 2014

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The excitement of the Advent and Christmas season is in full motion!  Your children have spent a couple months preparing for our annual Christmas program this Monday, December 15.  The students are to arrive at the classroom between 6:15 and 6:30 pm. They are to wear the Sunday Best!  This is our gift to you!

Tomorrow is our field trip to the Gates Foundation and the “Nutcracker”.  Students are to bring a sack lunch and beverage in disposable containters.  They are to wear their uniform or Sunday Best.  We leave as soon as we can in the morning and return between 3 and 3:30. 

Congratulations to our first speech tournament team! Renee Guichard, Michael Hererra, Maya Johnson, Edgar Martinez, Justin Yapjoco, Brigitte Yapjoco, Alan Vilallva, Jackson Daniels-Helfrich.  They will be competing at Bishop Blanchet High School Saturday, December 13. 

Social Studies map quizzes are continuing.  Seventh and Eighth graders are to know all the countries of Africa and fifth and sixth graders are to memorize where all the US states are on a map.  I will continue quizzing the students until they master these. 

Book Reports are due on Monday, December 15.  The students know they have two pieces to turn in:  an invitation and written report.  The students have the rubric for the assignment. 



Maureen Blum




Estimado padre / tutor:

La emoción de la temporada de Adviento y la Navidad está en pleno movimiento! Sus hijos han pasado un par de meses preparándose para nuestro programa anual de Navidad este lunes, 15 de diciembre. Los estudiantes deben llegar a la sala de clases 6:15 - 6:30. Han de vestir ropa de Domingo! Este es nuestro regalo para usted!

Mañana es nuestro viaje de estudio a la Fundación Gates y el "Cascanueces". Los estudiantes deben traer su propio almuerzo y bebida en contenedores desechables. Ellos deben usar su uniforme o Ropa de domingo. Nos iremos tan pronto como nos sea posible en la mañana y volver entre 3 y 3:30.

Felicitaciones a nuestro primer equipo de torneo de discurso! Renee Guichard, Michael Hererra, Maya Johnson, Edgar Martínez, Justin Yapjoco, Brigitte Yapjoco, Alan Villalva, Jackson Daniels-Helfrich. Ellos competirán el sábado 13 de diciembre en Obispo Blanchet High School.

Estudios Sociales continúan las pruebas de mapas.. Los estudiantes de séptimo y octavo son de conocer todos los países de África y los estudiantes de quinto y sexto están a memorizar  todos los estados de Estados Unidos que están en el mapa. Voy a seguir interrogando a los estudiantes hasta que dominen estos.

Los reportes de los libros son para el lunes 15 de diciembre. Los estudiantes saben que tienen dos piezas para entregar: una invitación y el informe escrito. Los estudiantes tienen la rúbrica para la asignación.


Maureen Blum

Dear Parent/Guardian:

First trimester report cards have been sent home today!  The report cards are one way we share with you how your child demonstrates competency across the curriculum.  You will see strengths and areas for growth.  Please review this report card with your child, sign and return it by Tuesday, December 9.

Upcoming projects for the students:
Social Studies:  Gr 5/6:  Memorize the U.S. states to write on a map.  If states are mastered, add capitals.

                             Gr 7/8:  Memorize the countries in Africa

With both groups we will practice the locations in school and take quizzes.  The last test to pass is scheduled for Thursday, December 18. 


Gr 5-8 LA -  All students seem to forget their prepositions – even those who tested well on this last year.  Thus, another round of memorizing prepositions.  The students will be quizzed on these until they pass knowing at least 40 of the prepositions.


Book Report:   Students should have their book read by December 10 for the December book report.  Time will be given in class to work on the invitations and the paper but the students will need to do work on these at home as well.  The final products are due December 15.  NO EXCUSES FOR LATE WORK. 


Next week is a HUGE WEEK!  We go on our field trip on Friday, December 12.  I am hoping we get a tour of the Gates Foundation.  If that doesn’t happen we will arrange for something else at the Seattle Center.  Students are to bring lunch in  disposable container.  They are to wear dress up clothes (that they already own!)  No jeans.  We are going to the ballet and I am expecting them to dress for the occasion with the clothes they own. 


Saturday, December 13 our 6-8th graders are participating in the Bishop Blanchet High School Speech Tournament!  This is the first time for St. Michael students.  It will be an adventure! 


Have a blessed week,


Maureen Blum


Un estudiante de por vida que demuestra competencia en todo.

Estimado padre / tutor:

Primer trimestre las boletas de calificaciones han sido enviados a casa hoy! Las boletas de calificaciones son una manera de compartir con ustedes cómo su hijo demuestra competencia en todo el currículo. Verá fortalezas y áreas de crecimiento. Por favor revise este reporte con su hijo, firme y devuélvalo antes del martes 9 de diciembre.

Próximos proyectos para los estudiantes:

Estudios Sociales: Gr 5/6: Memorice los estados de Estados Unidos para escribir en un mapa. Si se dominan los estados, añadir capitales.
Gr 7/8: Memorice los países de África.

Con ambos grupos practicaremos las ubicaciones en la escuela y tomaremos pruebas. La última prueba de pasar está programada para el jueves 18 de diciembre.

Gr 5-8 LA - Todos los estudiantes parecen olvidar sus preposiciones - incluso aquellos que probaron bien en este último año. Por lo tanto, otra ronda de preposiciones a memorizar. Los estudiantes serán interrogados sobre éstos hasta que pasen sabiendo al menos 40 de las preposiciones.

Reporte del Libro: Los estudiantes deben tener su libro leído el 10 de diciembre para el informe del libro de diciembre. Se dará tiempo en clase para trabajar en las invitaciones y el papel, pero los estudiantes tendrán que hacer el trabajo en casa también. Los productos finales son con vencimiento en diciembre 15. NO EXCUSAS PARA TRABAJO TARDE.

La próxima semana es una semana ENORME! Continuamos nuestro viaje de campo el viernes 12 de diciembre. Estoy esperando conseguir un recorrido por la Fundación Gates. Si eso no sucede vamos a organizar otra cosa en el Centro de Seattle. Los estudiantes deben traer su almuerzo en un recipiente desechable. Ellos deben llevar ropa para disfrazarse (que ellos ya poseen!) No jeans. Vamos al ballet y estoy esperando que se vistan para la ocasión con la ropa que poseen.

Sábado, 13 de diciembre nuestros grados 6-8 están participando en el Torneo de Discursos de la Secundaria Obispo Blanchet! Esta es la primera vez de los estudiantes de St. Michael. Será una aventura!

Que tengan una semana bendecida,

Maureen Blum


I.        Active Community Member who:

·         Participates in serving others

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Happy Thanksgiving – we have much for which to be grateful. This past week our children have been leaders of the school “Family” groups.  The seventh and eighth graders are learning to lead the groups in prayer and activities.  Our activity on Friday was to decorate boxes for the parish St. Vincent de Paul baskets.  The sixth, seventh and eighth graders helped take the filled boxes to the delivery cars.  This is one example of how we are helping the students be “Active Community members participating in serving others”.

Attached is a copy of the Book report form due Monday, December 15.  Students are to read a book that is either fantasy, legend, fold tale or fairy tale.  This must be at your child’s appropriate reading level….no picture books.  Many of the fifth and sixth graders have selected their books.  The invitations must be in printed form and can be created by hand or done on the computer. 

I am grateful for the gift of your children.    I thank:

Alan for his amazing story book reading

Jackson for his jokes

Eric for his amazing math insights

Maya for sharing her treasured African map from a grandfather

Citlali for her gentle, friendly spirit

Abby for her willingness to accept math challenges

Samantha for her before and afterschool help

Emily G for her constant smiles

Emily H for her hard working attitude and then her “aha’s”

Brigitte for her friendships

Justin for his artwork and amazing spelling sentences

David for his incredible growth in reading and his insights

Elizabeth for her positive nature

Edgar for his continuous care for our student store finances

Michael for coordinating and making this student store happen

Ethan for his fountain of knowledge with technology

Josh for his friendships

Gabriel C for his spritely manner

Gabriel S for his strong, quiet and positive nature

Renee G for her organizational skills and care for all

Lucie for her youthful spirit

Cuinn for his gentleness and caring for all





Maureen Blum




I. Miembros de Comunidad Activa que:
* Participa en servir a los demás

Estimado padre / tutor:

Feliz Acción de Gracias - tenemos mucho por lo cual estar agradecidos. La semana pasada nuestros hijos han sido líderes de la escuela de los grupos "Familia". Los alumnos de séptimo y octavo están aprendiendo a conducir los grupos en oración y actividades. Nuestra actividad el viernes fue para decorar cajas para la parroquia de San Vicente de Paul. El sexto, séptimo y octavo grado ayudaron a tomar las cajas llenas hasta los coches de entrega. Este es un ejemplo de cómo estamos ayudando a los estudiantes a ser "miembros activos comunitarios que participan en el servicio a los demás".

Se adjunta una copia del reporte del libro el Lunes, diciembre 15. Los estudiantes deben leer un libro que sea de fantasía, leyenda, cuento de pliegue o cuento de hadas. Esto debe estar en el nivel de lectura apropiado de su hijo ... .no libros ilustrados. Muchos de los de quinto y sexto grado han seleccionado sus libros. Las invitaciones deben estar en forma impresa y se pueden crear a mano o hecho en el ordenador

Estoy agradecida por el don de sus hijos. Doy las gracias a:

Alan por su increible lectura de su libro.

Jackson por sus chistes.
Eric por sus increíbles conocimientos de matemáticas
Maya por compartir su preciado  mapa de África de un abuelo.

Citlali por su suave, espíritu amistoso.

Abby por su disposición a aceptar los desafíos de matemáticas.

Samantha por su ayuda antes y después de la escuela.

Emily G por sus sonrisas constantes.

Emily H por su actitud de trabajo duro y luego su "aha's".

Brigitte por sus amistades.

Justin por su obra y frases de ortografía increíbles.

David por su increíble crecimiento en la lectura y sus ideas.

Elizabeth por su positivo actitud.

Edgar por su cuidado continuo de nuestras finanzas de la tienda estudiantil.

Michael por coordinar y hacer que esta tienda estudiantil suceda.

Ethan por su fuente de conocimiento con la tecnología.

Josh por sus amistades.

Gabriel C por su manera espiritual.

Gabriel S por su carácter fuerte, tranquilo y positivo.

Renee G por sus habilidades de organización y atención a todos.

Lucie por su espíritu juvenil.

Cuinn por su gentileza y el cuidado de todos.


 Maureen Blum



  November 19, 2014

Dear Parent/Guardian:

I am SO impressed with the students’ speeches.  Nearly every student was highly prepared!  Nearly every student met the expected  time limit for their speech.  Gabe Clarke started his speech by singing!  Alan dramatically told a story!  Students’ strengths from poise, to loud, clear voices, to excellence in dramatically interpreting the reading were fun to watch.  The students were an outstanding audience while they listened to their classmates perform!

Monday the students’ Historical Fiction Book Report is due.  The students had to choose between one of the following options:
                1.  Write a one page paper researching historical names, places or facts mentioned in the book.

                2.  Make a map and trace the journey of a character or characters in the story.

                3.  Construct a pictorial timeline that summarizes the story including events that are real  on top and fictional on the bottom of the timeline

                4.  Develop a 3-5 minute news show with news, sports, weather, and special features that uses information from the book. 


December’s book report is to be a fantasy, legend or myth.  Students may select any fiction book they want and can finish by December 10.  More information will follow.

Social Studies: Gr 7/8 are beginning their studies on Africa and are working on a poster of an African country which is due Monday, November 24. Gr 5/6 have done a study of the Native Americans of the West in America.  The next chapter is about “worlds meeting”, the explorations of explorers such as Marco Polo.

Math:  Students are to be working on IXL every night for at least ten minutes. 

May you have a blessed week.

Maureen Blum




Noviembre 19 del 2014.

Estimado Padre / Tutor:

Estoy muy impresionada con los discursos de los estudiantes. Casi todos los estudiantes fueron altamente preparados! Casi todos los estudiantes reunieron el plazo previsto para su discurso. Gabe Clarke comenzó su discurso cantando! Alan dijo dramáticamente una historia! Los estudiantes con fortaleza y equilibrio, con voces claras y fuertes, con la excelencia en interpretar dramaticamente la lectura de manera espectacular era divertido ver. Los estudiantes eran un público excepcional mientras escuchaban a sus compañeros de clase realizar!

El Lunes deben los estudiantes terminar el reporte de su libro de Ficción histórica. Los estudiantes tenían que escoger entre una de las siguientes opciones:

1. Escriba un ensayo de una página investigando nombres históricos, lugares o hechos mencionados en el libro.

2. Hacer un mapa y trazar el viaje de un personaje o personajes de la historia.

3. Construir una línea de tiempo ilustrada que resume la historia que incluye eventos que son reales y de ficción en la parte superior y en la parte inferior de la línea de tiempo.

4. Desarrollar un programa de noticias de 3-5 minutos con noticias, deportes, clima, y características especiales que utiliza la información del libro. 


En Diciembre el reporte del libro es de una fantasía, leyenda o mito. Los estudiantes pueden seleccionar cualquier libro de ficción que quieran y pueden terminar antes de Diciembre 10. Más información a seguir.

Estudios Sociales: Gr 7/8 están comenzando sus estudios en África y están trabajando en un poster de un país africano para el Lunes, Noviembre 24. Gr 5/6 han hecho un  estudio de los nativos americanos del Oeste en Estados Unidos. El siguiente capítulo se trata de "reunión de mundos", las exploraciones de exploradores como Marco Polo.

Matemáticas: Los estudiantes deben estar trabajando en IXL cada noche por durante diez minutos.

Que tengas una semana bendecida

Maureen Blum


Schoolwide Learning Expectation for this week and next week:

 An Effective Communicator who:  Speaks and writes clearly and skillfully.


November 13, 2014


Dear Parent/Guardian:

The time for the students to present their speeches is fast arriving.  They have had two months to practice their speeches.  The  students will be judged based on the rubrics sent home with the original letter. For the last four weeks the students were to practice their speeches Monday-Thursday and have their parents sign the practice sheet.  About half the students have been working hard at their speech.  It is time to practice and be very familiar with the speech.

This is the final year for the Pacific Northwest Ballet to perform the “Nutcracker” with Maurice Sendak sets.  I am in the process of seeing if there are still school matinee tickets available for this two hour show.  Please let me know if you would like to drive. The tickets need to be bought by November 21.  So, please pay now if you can.  I believe in the students being familiarized with outstanding theater as the teamwork in theater is a unique experience.

We welcome Mrs. Chinn as an Teacher Aide.  She will be working with the fifth through eighth graders in Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies as well as other areas as time permits. 

On Monday the students wrote letters of appreciation to Veteran’s in their family or to my son-in-laws comrades in the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.  Their letters were happily received. 

May you have a blessed week.


Maureen Blum

Please return by Tuesday, November 18

_____I am interested in the class going to the last performance of  Pacific Northwest Ballet’s “Nutcracker” at the Seattle Center.  I understand that the tickets are $15 per student (though there is a fund for students who need help). 

Possible dates: Thursday, Dec. 11th at 12:00 pm or Friday  Dec. 12th at 12:00 pm
Where: Marion Oliver McCaw Hall                        Tickets: $17/$27 for chaperones

____ I would be available to drive on the following date(s)     Dec 11       Dec 12

____ I am not interested in the class going to the “Nutcracker”. 


Expectativas de Aprendizaje de la Escuela para esta semana y la próxima semana:
Un efectivo comunicador que: Habla y escribe con claridad y con habilidad.

Noviembre 13, del 2014.

Estimado Padre / Tutor: El tiempo para los estudiantes a presentar sus discursos está llegando rápido. Han tenido dos meses para practicar sus discursos. Los estudiantes serán evaluados en base a las rúbricas enviadas a casa con la carta original. En las últimas cuatro semanas los estudiantes iban a practicar sus discursos de lunes a jueves y sus padres tienen que firmar la hoja de práctica. Aproximadamente la mitad de los estudiantes han estado trabajando duro en su discurso. Es tiempo para practicar y estar muy familiarizado con el discurso.

Este es el último año para el Ballet del Noroeste del Pacífico para llevar a cabo el "Cascanueces" con Maurice Sendak. Estoy en el proceso de ver si todavía hay boletos disponibles de matiné para la escuela para este espectáculo de dos horas. Por favor, hágame saber si usted quisiera conducir. Yo creo en los estudiantes que se familiarizaron con el teatro excepcional como el trabajo en equipo en el teatro es una experiencia única.

Damos la bienvenida a la Sra Chinn como asistente del profesor. Ella va a trabajar con los del quinto al octavo grado en lectura / artes del lenguaje y estudios sociales, así como en otras áreas como el tiempo lo permita.

El lunes los estudiantes escribieron cartas de agradecimiento a los Veteranos en su familia o para los camaradas de mi yerno en la 82 Airborne en Ft. Bragg, Carolina del Norte. Sus cartas fueron felizmente recibidas.

Tengan un fin de semana bendecido


Maureen Blum


Por favor, de regresar para el Martes, 18 de noviembre

_____Yo estoy interesado en la clase para ir a la última actuación de Ballet del Pacific Northwest.

"Cascanueces" en el Centro de Seattle. Entiendo que los boletos son de $ 15 por estudiante (aunque existe un fondo para los estudiantes que necesiten ayuda).

Fechas posibles: Jueves, 11 de Diciembre a las 12:00 horas o el Viernes 12 de Diciembre a las 12:00 pm

Dónde: En Marion Oliver McCaw Hall Entradas: $17 / $ 27 para los acompañantes

____ Yo estaría disponible para conducir en la fecha siguiente (s)   Dec. 11       Dec. 12

____ Yo no estoy interesado en la clase para ir al "Cascanueces".


Schoolwide Learning Expectation:

A life-long Learner who: Demonstrates organizational and study skills

November 5, 2014


Dear Parent/Guardian:

This week students are to focus on organizational and study skills.  At the end of most school days (I have only missed once) we take out the planners and I write the homework on the website while the students record the homework in their planners.  Please check your child’s planners every night.  Students are to have their own headphones at school.  This is a required supply item that is used daily.  At least 1/3 of the class does not own headphones or chooses to not remember to bring the headphones to school.  This is a major distraction to meditation and learning.  Please check with you children about their headphones.  Students are to have their work completed in an organized manner and in on time.  Students who do not do this are in for recess finishing their work.  Right now all the students have their Historical Novel to read for the November book report.  They many not change books at this time. 

Eighth and seventh grade parents:  If you are applying to Archbishop Murphy High School and don’t want to pay the fees there is an early application deadline of November 30.  Eighth graders will be working on their essay at school.  Seventh graders will work on a draft essay in preparation for next year. 

Due to a family funeral in Minnesota this past weekend, I am still correcting student work.  The October book report newspapers were proofread and corrected after the October 28 deadline.  The final papers are much more polished! 

The week of November 17 we will be hearing the speeches.  All students are to be practicing the speech at least once a night.  Please refer to your handouts that I sent home in September for the rubric.  The expectations are clearly written.  After today’s practice in school I note that many students are still not familiar with their reading, which means they really are not practicing the reading at home.  Please work with your child for ten minutes a night!

Have a blessed weekend.

Maureen Blum


Expectativa de aprendizaje de la escuela:

Un estudiante de toda la vida que: Demuestra habilidades de organización y estudio

05 de noviembre 2014

Estimado Padre / Tutor:

Esta semana los estudiantes deben centrarse en la capacidad de organización y de estudio. Al final de la mayoría de los días de clase (sólo he faltado una vez) sacamos los planificadores y yo escribi la tarea en el sitio web, mientras que los estudiantes registran la tarea en sus agendas. Por favor verifique los planificadores de su hijo todas las noches. Los estudiantes deben tener sus propios audifonos en la escuela. Este es un artículo necesario que se utiliza a diario. Al menos un tercio de la clase no llevan sus propios audifonos o elige no recordar llevar los audifonos a la escuela. Esta es una gran distracción a la meditación y el aprendizaje. Por favor, cheque con su hijos de sus audifonos. Los estudiantes deben haber completado su trabajo de una manera organizada y en el tiempo. Los estudiantes que no hacen esto, terminan su trabajo en el receso. En este momento todos los estudiantes tienen su Novela Histórica de leer para el informe del libro de noviembre. Ellos no cambian libros en este momento.

A los Padres de octavo y séptimo grado: Si usted está solicitando al Archbishop Murphy High School y no quieren pagar los honorarios hay una fecha límite de aplicación temprana el 30 de noviembre. Octavo grado estarán trabajando en su ensayo en la escuela. Estudiantes del séptimo grado trabajarán en un proyecto de ensayo en preparación para el próximo año.

Debido a un funeral de un familiar en Minnesota este fin de semana pasado, todavía estoy corrigiendo el trabajo de los estudiantes. Los periódicos de los reportes de los libros de octubre se corrigen y se corrigen después de la fecha límite del 28 de octubre. Los trabajos finales son mucho más pulidos!

La semana del 17 de noviembre vamos a estar escuchando los discursos. Todos los estudiantes deben practicar el discurso, al menos, una vez por la noche. Por favor, consulte los folletos que he enviado a casa en septiembre para la rúbrica. Las expectativas están claramente escritas. Después de la práctica de hoy en la escuela observo que muchos estudiantes aún no están familiarizados con su lectura, lo que significa que en realidad no están practicando la lectura en casa. Por favor trabaje con su hijo durante diez minutos cada noche!

Tengan un fin de semana bendecido

Maureen Blum



Due to technical difficulties the words are not on Spelling City yet.

Spelling Words for the week of Sept 8

Gr 5/6 Words:  Master, ahead, build, front, meant, bread, ready,busy, quit, mother, above, does, advantage, business, sweater, plastic, balance, limit, among, dozen

Gr 7/8 words go to, then go to the students tab.  We will do Grade 8 Lesson 1 test.  I know this is a repeat for some students.  

September 2, 2014


Dear Parents of Fifth through Eighth Grade:


Welcome back to school.  I am excited to have this wonderful group of young people.  We will be exploring the joys of reading, how to solve problems in math and the amazing history of our world or our United States. 

For your ease - and mine – I invite you to visit the class website each night.  You can access this at  This website will host homework, internet sites and parent letters.  Project information will also be found at this site.  Please send me an email at and I will invite you to the website. This is my major communication between school and home. 

Should you want to meet with me, please email at to request a mutually convenient time to meet.  Most days I can meet before and after school.  Please prearrange as I want to focus on your needs. 

I look forward to meeting all parents at Curriculum Night, Wednesday, September 10.   

Blessings on a wonderful new school year filled with adventures in learning.



Maureen Blum





June 5, 2014


Dear Parents:


Tomorrow Lenning Villalva graduates!  Our classes have done special things to congratulate him.  It is an exciting time to create traditions for a young school. 

Well, final book reports were given today, the middle school research papers were turned in and the fourth and fifth grade invention research projects were turned in.  We have covered nearly all of the high points of Washington State History.  The school year is coming to a close.

Next  week please have the students bring two paper or plastic bags for items to take home.  If each child could bring a rag for cleaning that would be most helpful. 

Monday is field day!  Please check the school newsletter for your child’s family color.  Students are to wear the color of their team! 

Tuesday and Wednesday we have plenty of reading, math and social studies to finish, thus students are expected to be learning!  Our class read aloud book is now “Old Yeller” and we will make every effort to finish this book as well. 

Next Thursday we will finish cleaning the room, celebrating the year and have an end of year prayer service at 11 am.  School is dismissed for summer at noon! 

I have been so blessed with this wonderful group of young people. You are amazing parents!  Thank you for sharing your children with me.


Maureen Blum
















Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dear Parents:


Our Field Trip to Seattle is this Thursday, May 29!  It will be a great day.


As of noon today I know the following adults will be with us:
Mr and Mrs Smoot, Ortega,  Mrs Yarnot,  Mrs. Guichard ,  Mr. Burton,  Mr Martinez ,  Mrs. Beardsley Mrs. Rajala and Dr. Matthews.


We will be parking at St. James Cathedral area and walking to International District then to Pioneer Square.  We will have the carpool drivers pick us up at Pioneer Square at 2:30.  Mrs. Smoot, Mrs. Guichard,  and Mr. Martinez will be with the students and me while the carpool drivers get their cars.








Our schedule:

8:40 leave school

10:00 -11    St. James Cathedral tour we are parking at the Cabrini garage – students need to bring their lunches with them.

11—walk to the Panama Hotel in the International District

11:15 – Have lunch in the coffee house at the Panama Hotel..students allowed to buy a beverage

12:30—walk to Pioneer Square – Gr 7/8 will go to Underground Tour with Dr. Matthews and the rest of the students will go to the Klondike Gold Rush Museum.  I have historical information to give parents as you walk your students through this historical section of Seattle.

Schedule at the Klondike Gold Rush Museum:              (I am not sure of the order of the events)

  • 30 min film

  • 30 min gold panning

  • 30 min tour

1:00 – Tours begin at each location.

2:00 – Underground Tour ends for Gr 7/8 and they join us at the Klondike Gold Rush Museum.

2:30 – Tour ends…

3:15 – 3:30 – we should be back at school.


Students without the field trip completed and turned in by Wednesday may not attend the field trip.  I need everything at school by 8:30 Wednesday morning so we can be ready to leave on time Thursday.




Maureen Blum




Letter in English is below.

14 de noviembre 2013


Estimados padres de familia :


Acabamos de terminar nuestras reseñas de los  libros ! Los estudiantes estuvieron  increíbles con sus trajes e hicieron un muy buen trabajo con sus presentaciones orales. Estoy muy orgullosa de ellos . Gracias por el apoyo que le  dio a su hijo (a ) .


Los estudiantes se sienten muy bien con el resultado de  las pruebas de ortografía. Es fácil ver  quien esta  usando Spelling City para estudiar ! Sigue así !


Creo que estamos pasando por la parte mas difícil en el uso del programa Accelerated Math (AM ) . Sus hijos deben ser capaces de usar esto en sus casas , así como en la escuela. Tengo objetivos seleccionados para que  los estudiantes trabajen en ellos . Si un estudiante necesita intervención entonces hay problemas específicos creados para ayudar al estudiante . Practicar IXL y matemáticas acelerada  todos los días durante 10 minutos esto ayudara  al alumno a construir sus habilidades.


Durante las próximas semanas vamos a terminar de escribir ensayos descriptivos en los grados 6-8 y PowerPoint de una tribu específica Pacific Northwest Indian . Cuarto y quinto grado están terminando la unidad en el entorno natural en el estado de Washington.


Mrs. Bartelheimer lleva  a los estudiantes a  Blackman Lake , mañana  15 de noviembre, durante su clase de ciencias .


 Acción de Gracias ya se acerca  . San Vicente de Paúl ha pedido a las familias de la escuela ayuda para  completar la comida de Acción de Gracias .  A  nuestra clase se le pidio  cooperar con   40 bolsas de ensalada y 19 manojos de apio. Por favor enviarlas a la escuela antes del viernes 22 de noviembre.


Por favor, ore por  Ocana´s. Su familia en las Filipinas fue duramente golpeada con el tifón . Estamos tratando de ayudarlos directamente. Por favor, vea la página web de la clase para saber lo que se necesita .


Por último , adiós a Kendra . Te extrañaremos...  para ti y tu familia deseamos buena suerte en el  nuevo hogar . Gracias a su familia por su apoyo a St. Michael School.


Bendiciones para ti ,


Maureen Blum

Gr 4-6 maestra de aula



November 14, 2013


Dear Parents:

We have just finished our amazing book reports!  The students were fabulous in their costumes and did a very nice job with their oral presentations.  I am so proud of them.  Thank you for the support you gave your child(ren). 

Students are feeling a lot of success on the spelling tests.  It is easy to see which students have been using Spelling City to study!  Keep it up! 

I think we are over the rough patches on using the Accelerated Math program (AM).  Your children should be able to use this at home as well as at school.  I have select objectives for students to work on.  If a student needs intervention then there are specific problems set up to help the student.  Practicing on Accelerated Math as well as IXL every day for 10 minutes will build their skills. 

Over the next couple weeks we will finish descriptive writing essays in grades 6-8 and a PowerPoint for a specific Pacific Northwest Indian tribe.  Fourth and fifth graders are finishing the unit on the natural environment in Washington State.

Mrs. Bartelheimer is taking the class to Blackman Lake tomorrow, November 15 during their Science class.

We have Thanksgiving  coming quickly.  St. Vincent de  Paul Society has asked the school families to help complete the Thanksgiving meals.  Our class is asked to bring in 40 bags of salad and 19 bunches of celery.    Please send these to school by Friday, November 22.

Please keep the Ocana’s in your prayers.  Their family in the Philippines was hit hard with the typhoon.  We are looking to help them directly.  Please watch our class webpage to find out what is needed. 

Finally, farewell to Kendra.  We will miss you and we wish you and your family good fortune as you settle in your new home.  Thank you to your family for their support of St. Michael School. 

Blessings to you,

Maureen Blum

Gr 4-6 Homeroom Teacher



Top of Form

14 de noviembre 2013


November 7, 2013


Dear Parent:

We completed masks that are inspired by the Pacific Northwest Native Americans.  These are on display outside the classroom door.  The students put a lot of careful work into this Social Studies/art project.   Students in grades 6-8 are creating PowerPoints for a specific Pacific Northwest Indian Tribe and the fourth and fifth graders are starting a new chapter about the building up and wearing away of the land in Washington.

In math students are working on multiplication and division based on their grade level.  Review of multiplication and division facts at home every night is helpful.  Please continue to have your students practice math on the Accelerated Math program at home. 

Students in grdes six through eight are writing descriptive essays.  These will be proofread a few times and rewritten at least three times to become our best pieces of writing.

“A Christmas Carol” Field Trip update:  Thank you to the following parents who are driving and/or joining us at the theatre:  Mrs. Beardsley, Mr. Helfrich, Mrs. Burton, Mrs Rajala, Mrs. Guichard, Mr. Cudaback, Mrs. Ortega,  Mr or Mrs. Le.  If I left a name off, please let me know immediately.  We have room for 3 more people to attend the show with us. The tickets are $12 each.  We will leave school about 8:45 am and park at the Pacific Place Garage.  We will the go to see the Gingerbread House display at the Sheraton Hotel and leave a small donation for the needy children there.  We will also visit the Christmas trees at the Fairmont and then go to the Teddy Bear Suite where we will leave another donation for children.  Students are to dress nice for the theatre, yet warm as we will be walking outside in the city. The wind can be a bit strong in the city.  All students are to bring their own lunches.  We won’t have access to microwaves or anything to warm their food. 

Students are encouraged to donate pennies, nickels or dimes to our coin jar in the front of the room.  These coins will be donated at the Gingerbread House display and the Teddy Bear Suite to help other children in need. 

Thank you for using the class website to check homework and stay in touch with what is happening in our classroom.



Mrs. Blum

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