General guidelines for Escape Room Lessons (Digital or Physical)
  • Create a fun scenario to use as a theme for your clues

  • Vary the difficulty to help marry success and determination

  • Prepare a guiding document where students can take notes, track clues, and stay focused!

Room components
 Jigsaw Planet is a great way to hide a clue in a puzzle!
 Mystery Piano is a fun way to add complexity to your adventure!!


Step by step guide describing how to build an escape room.

    Your Escape Room could be a hybrid digital/ classroom escape room!  Here are some interesting tools you might use to create your clues:
 This website allows you to create content that you can embed on your website.  You could then have students discover a secret code by answering certain multiple choice questions...(example: answers were a,c,d,c,e , so that could be a code for one of the locks) .  There are tons of cool items to create!! 
Symbaloo is a super cool way to keep all of your favorite pages organized and close at hand.  This link will take you to a Symbaloo page with all sorts of escape room related websites!

 Templates for Exit Tickets:
Example 1 Locks / Example1 Clues
Example 2