Starting the year off right!

Welcome to Marine Biology! It is very easy to receive an A in science 
if you follow these guidelines: 

Keep your notebook neat and organized... it is much easier to find assignments in a neat binder.

  Take careful notes in class. EMS encourages students to use Cornell Notes structure. Write down any important information your teacher says, and review this information later at home.

  Stay focused in class! Science is a difficult subject, and it is important that you pay attention, and avoid being distracted by your classmates. Build good study habits today, as the benefits in the future are worth it!

  Do your Homework!!! To learn more about Mrs. Blakemore's requirements for homework, click on the Homework Help on the home page.

  Check with a reliable classmate to find out about what happened in class if you happen to be absent, and see Mrs. B. to find out how you can make up any missed assignments.

  Study your notes in preparation for the tests. Pay close attention to what material will be covered.

To start the year, students in Mrs. B's classes will need:


  Pens (dark ink of any color)

  College lined notebook paper with three holes

  Three-ring binder (either to share with other subjects, or for science alone)

  Tab dividers (4 or 5) (Notes; Classwork; Handouts; Graded work; other )

  Sheet protectors (10 or so)

Optional supplies that students would find useful:

  Colored pencils (for labs and other projects)


  GEMS/IB Honors: A memory stick will be very helpful.