Outbreak is a student investigation into a mysterious disease spreading throughout their hypothetical community.  Students are placed into teams of three experts attempting to solve this challenging puzzle.  Ultimately they will collectively diagnose the fifteen patients, determine how patients are connected, and create materials to inform nervous community members about the disease spreading through their little town. 
     The three experts each have specific tasks to complete, which are outlined on pages linked to the buttons below and in the Outbreak Grading Rubric found on the Class Handouts page.  The patient files for this unit can also be downloaded from the Outlook folder on the Class Handouts page.

    In addition to the individual tasks, each group is expected to present their findings to the class.  Group members will need to merge one or more of their documents into a final Powerpoint, or other presentation software, and be prepared to explain their aspect of the information to the community (our class). 
 Look carefully for this symbol https://sites.google.com/site/mrsblakemoresclassroom/_/rsrc/1441327534519/home/homework-help/wavebullet1.gif, which denotes which of the expert's tasks to be included in the Group PowerPoint which will be presented to the class.  Each team member will be expected to explain their aspect of the project thoroughly during their team's presentation.

Detailed instructions for each expert can be found by clicking the links below: