Each year Mrs. Blakemore offers a lucky group of Elsinore Middle School GEMS students the opportunity to visit the Catalina Island Marine Institute for an amazing 5 days of learning and fun.  This year the trip is scheduled for March 11th through March 15th 2019, and Mrs. B has such a great time sharing this wonderful camp experience with her students!  This is not a required activity, but interested students should submit a deposit of $80 to hold a spot for the camp.  The deposits will be taken just before we leave for winter break with the balance of the camp tuition ($395) due in mid February.  

Activities at CIMI will include:

     The camp's location is approximately 3 miles north of Avalon, and is for CIMI campers only.  Catalina tourists are not able to visit the camp property.

Important CIMI forms
 CIMI Parent brochure (English) CIMI Parent brochure (Spanish)
 CIMI EMS Permission Slip
  CIMI Frequently Asked Questions
 FINAL CIMI Letter 2018
 Catalina Island History
 CIMI PE Activity Log 
 CIMI Student Health Form (English) CIMI Student Health Form (Spanish)
  CIMI Packing list (English)
 CIMI Packing List (Spanish)
 CIMI info & non-refundable deposit slip
 CIMI Grade Check
 LEUSD Authorization to carry Asthma Inhaler

 Med. Authorization for prescribed or over the counter medications at school/field trips
 This form is officially called "Physician’s and Parent’s Written Authorization for Asthma Management". This form allows the student to carry their inhaler with them, and use this medication independently. Physician and Parent confirm that the student has demonstrated knowledge of the correct dosage and administration and is sufficiently responsible and competent to carry out physician’s directions independently.IF the student already has this form on file in the health office it is not necessary to do this twice. Please confirm with our nurse that this form is correct and up to date. This form is officially called "AUTHORIZATION FOR PRESCRIBED AND OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION AT SCHOOLS". This authorization needs to be completed for EACH and EVERY medication that your student takes daily, OR might possibly need during our week at camp (Tylenol? Benadryl? Bonine?). Once your physician has signed the form, the medication and the form need to be checked by our district nurse. Please plan ahead, and give yourself and our nurse plenty of time for this process.