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I teach K-12 PE classes at Sharon Springs Central School.
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Varsity Club Advisor: Varsity club puts on homecoming events and fundraisers to support our athletic teams and their needs.

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  •  I am usually at school most days afterschool. 
  • To set up an appointment, please call 284-2266 EXT. 121 or email me at tbehr@sharonsprings.org.  Thank you.

Phone: 518-284-2266x121

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  • I will accept calls from [8:00am] to  [4:00pm]  weekdays only.  If I am in a class I will return your phone call as soon as I am available.

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At the bottom of this homepage are hyperlinks; the hyperlinks give you access to specific course materials for each class listed, these materials include: a brief course overview, an archived list of all assignments and activities (in the "announcements" tab), and an archived list of class discussion questions (in the "discussions" tab).

Student Expectations for Physical Education



Each Day the students will be graded on the following:

  1. Participation and effort:  Student is responsible to actively participate to the best of his/her ability every class period.  If a student misses a class it will need to be made up.  Proper dress will be enforced.  Absences & tardiness may detract from grade

  2. Physical Skills:  Students will be evaluated during each unit on his/her individual and/or skill level in each unit.

  3. Knowledge of Activity:  Students understanding of activities being covered

  4. Sportsmanship/Attitude:  Students are expected to follow expectations listed below.  Improper language will be subtracted in points from student’s grade.

  • Each class period a student will be scored on a PE Rubric. (The four expectations listed above.)

  • Teachers may administer written quizzes and test throughout the year.


Profile (grades 9-12)

In addition to daily grades, students will be assessed by the New York State Physical Education Profile.  Rubric Scoring Levels will be Proficiency, Competency, Advanced Beginner, Beginner.


  1. Students must Actively participate in all Physical Education Classes.  Students are expected to display good sportsmanship, fair play and proper safety.  Respect and courtesy will be displayed to both faculty and peers.  Failure to follow these guidelines may result in removal from class.

  2. Proper language and respect is required at all times in the gymnasium! (ACT WITH RESPECT ALWAYS!)

  3. No activity is allowed in the gymnasium unless supervised.  No one is allowed in the gymnasium after school unless supervised by PE teacher.

  4. Students must report any schedule changes, medical excuses, report card issues to their teacher.

  5. Students are expected to keep all personal belonging locked in lockers during class and locked in ASSIGNED LOCKERS.  All students receiving a school lock must return in at the end of the school year.  The cost to replace the lock is $5.00.

  6. No Jewelry is allowed in Physical Education Class.

  7. Report all injuries to PE Teacher and the school nurse!

  1. Students having extended medical excuse will be required to complete an alternative assignment.

  2. Students must have a note from nurse or parent for daily absences- if longer than a day a medical release is expected.

  3. Students must give medical excuses to nurse and copies to their Physical Education Teacher


Parent and Student sign off of PE Syllabus



I __________________________________________ have read and understand the Physical Education Grading Policy and Rules.  I understand that I must be an actively engages student and I am graded on a daily basis on the following:  Participation and effort, physical skills, sportsmanship/attitude.  On a unit basis I will be graded on my knowledge of the activity, skill and/or unit.



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