Going Green PBL

Session Title:
'Going Green' with Project Based Learning (PBL)

Session Level: All audiences welcome

Target Audience: All Levels
Items to be included: Architecture, Green Construction, Revit

Session Description (short):

How to teach Green/LEED Construction & Architectural Design where the students will actually do the work, not you.

Session Time: 3:30-4:30PM
Location: San Felipe

What do you want/need to learn today? *Please go ahead & tell me what you need!  I will modify the presentation to your needs.
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Going Green PBL - CTAT 2014

Let's watch a video that explains what PBL is.

YouTube Video

First lets explain what Project Based Learning (PBL) is & some generic tools you can use for ANY subject


How do I use Project Based Learning (PBL) to teach my students about Green Construction?

Architectural Design I (AD-I)