Autodesk Student

DAYS: 4-5 weeks

OBJECTIVE(S): The student will be able to.....-- -    Register/Create an account with Autodesk Student
       NOTE: Use the same email & password that you use for your Google account

-    Signup for the free CAD Learning for Inventor series
        NOTE: You must have an Autodesk account & be logged into that to access this!

-    Begin working through the modules, create a PDF of your quizzes & problems to turn into Moodle for grading

-    Daily = Log in & work through the modules   =

Open up the Autodesk Inventor - FREE

Go to Inventor 2012 Tutorials

Download the Exercise zip file to your "U" drive

There are 26 Quizzes & 31 challenges/problems to work through

Remember open Inventor BEFORE you attempt to open the challenge/problem file