Welcome to Room 4!

Monthly Reading Focus

Sight words will be sent home after individual assessments so you know which words to work on. 

Monthly Calendar and Newsletter

Please keep these all month to refer to for special events and information

Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Breakfast - $1.40
Lunch - $2.90
Milk - $.50 (chocolate milk every Monday and Friday)

Scholastic Book Orders

If you would like to order books online, you can just click HERE

Our class code to order is GL7P3


If you have missed any of the E-Newsletters, you can find them here:

After School Care Information

Here are the name and contact numbers for Willagillespie After School Care Programs

  • Play Dates 541-345-0505 (4j Bus pick-up)
  • Fidgets to Widgets 541-246-8299 (4j Bus pick-up)
  • Sweet Pea Day Care 541-342-8290
  • Kid City 541-682-5312 (Private bus pick-up)
  • Creative Care 541-683-7291 (on campus before and after school)
  • Kiddzone 541-687-6958

Coming Up This Month

School starts September 6! We will be doing a staggered start, so please keep an eye out for a letter stating when your child's first day of school is, either Sept. 6 or 7. We will have everyone join together on Friday the 8. 

Volunteer Background Check

If you or anyone in your family is planning on helping in the classroom or on field trips, a background check MUST be filled out. These are good for 2 years so if you filled one out with an older child, please make sure to fill one out again. These take a few weeks. Once it is approved, you will be able to sign in at the office computer as a volunteer. 

Important Information

Please make sure that you have filled out and sent back all Student Information Sheets. 
PLEASE make sure to connect with me about transportation for your child the first day and the rest of the year. If it ever changes, please let me know with a note! Anyone that picks up your child MUST be on their emergency contact. If there is someone who is not allowed to pick up your child, please let the office and me know (having a picture of that person(s) is also very helpful or being able to meet them). 
Also if you child is going home with another student, a note must be sent with them to school. I cannot let them go with another parent even if they have a text from you, I must have a hand written and signed note. If something changes during the day, please send me an e-mail or a message through ClassDojo so that I have the note to print off for the office. This would be helpful to have in the morning before lunch.