Class News

Welcome Back
5th Graders!
Room 10 News 

Suggested Class List 

* Backpack
* 1 1/2 inch binder
* Tab dividers (one set of 5 dividers)
* Pencil box or pouch labeled
Pencils (We use tons of these)
* 1 pack of binder paper (wide-ruled)
* 4  composition notebooks (1 black & 2 any color)
* Fine Tip Washable markers
* Highlighter
* Favorite pens for writer's workshop
* Colored Pencils 
* Scissors (labeled)
* Post it notes
* Large pink erasers
* Hand held pencil sharpeners allowed if holds shavings and does not make noise.  (no electric or battery sharpeners please)
* Personal staplers allowed 
* 4-6 Dry erase markers and eraser or clean sock 
* Glue sticks:  We welcome lots of extras! 
* A Ream of Computer Paper (We love extras!)
* Kleenex tissue (any brand)
* Clorox wipes (any brand) We use lots of these too! 

Please consider donating fine tip black sharpies and colored sharpies for classroom community.  No personal sharpies allowed in desks