Reza Sattari
Postdoctoral Researcher

405 Arps Hall
1945 North High Street
Columbus, OH, 43210
Phone: 614-695-2838

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Economics at the Ohio State University. My research interests include Economics of Education and Labor  Economics. I am also affiliated with the Center for Education Research and Policy

Job Market Paper:

Public Research Funding and Scientific Productivity; with Bruce Weinberg. (Portions of this paper are planned to be sent to general science journals and their policy prohibits posting the manuscript online prior to publication. To receive a copy of the manuscript please email

Abstract: Despite large public investments, evidence on the marginal product of investments in research is limited. We use data on 137,499 investigators over 31 years supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where a principal investigator’s (PI’s) funding typically depends on 27 institutes and centers, which generally specialize in specific diseases or body systems. We interact attachment to institutes and centers (measured in a researcher’s initial year) with politically-determined funding trends for each institute and center to obtain plausibly exogenous variation in funding. We allow for lagged effects of funding, study nonlinearities, and use rich measures of research quality. Finally, using rich administrative data from the UMETRICS project, we investigate how PIs spend research funding, which begin to shed light on the nature of the scientific production function.

Working Papers:

Full day Kindergarten and the Development of Non-Cognitive Skillswith Jane Friesen and Brian Krauth; under review

The Role of Financial Incentives in the Decline of Population Growth Rate, with Shora Ebrahimi.

Work in Progress:

The Effect of Multigrade Classrooms on Student Achievement, with Jane Friesen and Brian Kraut

“The Effect of Early Life Care and Education on Student Development and Maternal Labor Supply

Book Chapters:

Chapters 5 and 7 of Measuring the Economic Value of Research: The Case of Food SafetyEdited by K. G. Husbands Fealing, S. R. Johnson, J. King, and J. I. Lane. Cambridge University Press, December 2017.

Ch 5: “The Structure of Research Funding ”, with Julia Lane and Chia-Hsuan Yang. 

Ch 7: “New Insights into Food Safety Research Teams”, with Julia Lane and Jason Owen Smith.