Science 9

This year will be an exciting, interesting and challenging year. 
The goal of the course is to both prepare students for senior science courses, and to provide an arena in which 
students are able to explore in more depth the Science 9 curriculum.

Updated:Sept 1, 2015 3:09 pm

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Online Interactive Quizzes and Textbook 

This year, an online version of the textbook is available. Some students may prefer to leave their textbooks at school and use the online version. Online practice quizzes, animations, and other supplementary material is also available on the site. 


Try quizzes in SWB and online for all chapters (ck answers with me), Review notes, assigned chapter questions and Tcharts, Study with a partner and verbally ask each other questions. See pages 564-565 in BC Science Probe 9 for other suggestions!
Physics Links
BC hydro sample bill
BC Hydro Appliance & Lighting Calculator
What is Energy? - a clear explanation of energy types. Part of the Energy Story site.
Watt's a Joule? - an entertaining introduction to the concept of energy, but discusses power as well.
What's a Watt? - a very slick calculator to help you better relate to an amount of electric energy.
Power: Putting Charges to Work
BC Hydro Electric Dams
Electric Meter Reading - clear instructions on how to read a typical meter.
How to Read Your Meter - B.C. Hydro tells you how.
How to Read an Electric Meter - it doesn't get any clearer than this!
The Eleventh Hour Trailer
Generating Electrical Energy There are many ways to generate electricity. The following links describe just a few methods:
Canadian Nuclear FAQ - technical questions and answers regarding Canada's Nuclear Industry.
How Solar Energy Works - a very detailed description of how the Sun's energy can be harnessed.
Biomass Energy - garbage can be used to generate electricity.
Geothermal Energy - harnessing the heat of the Earth.
Hydro Power - a simple page describing the basics of hydro power.
Wind With Miller - an amazing and fun journey into wind power - have fun with Miller!
Ocean Energy - the ocean can be used to generate electricity too.
Fossil Fuel Power Plant - detailed descriptions of how coal, oil and natural gas are used to generate electricity.