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Welcome to our class website.  Please view this periodically for updates and information about our class.Your child will be receiving an abundant amount of information regarding class and school wide events.  Many of these notices require a parent's signature. Please sign and return all notices as soon as possible. 

I thank you in advance for your cooperation.




We are going to begin the year with the students reading books from our class library.  We will be working on independent reading rules and requirements. You might want to ask your child about the books they are reading and what they might be learning.
*Please encourage your child to read.  They will be accountable for making their own decisions about their reading time.  Please remind your child that the more they read the more they will learn.
Students are responsible for writing a response for at least two books per month. Please encourage your children to accomplish this task as soon as the book is completed.Students must be ACCOUNTABLE for their reading.  The goal is to read 40 books for the year. It is extremely important that your child reads everyday. The responses should be written or typed after a book is completed. The students are reminded of this quite frequently in class. Completed book lists are reviewed at the end of each month.
We are currently involved in our Reading and Writing Program called, Ready Gen.  This program involves reading and writing in school as well as at home. Your child may have to complete some of the assignments at home because this new program addresses many new concepts that are extremely high level.  Thank you for your cooperation in assisting me in helping your child learn all of the new Common Core Learning Standards for fifth grade.
We will begin a new Ready Gen Unit. This unit is based on the Finding Courage. Some of the books the students will be reading are:
Heart and Soul
"Operation Clean Sweep"
"Ceasar Chavez Champion of Workers

The students will be working on a Biography based on a famous person.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

We will continue to work on RACE responses and extended reading responses.
We will continue to work with the Ready books in both reading and math as well as other test prep materials to prepare the students for the state tests.



math operations

As most of you are aware, we have been working on our new math program, called "Go Math".  This program is based on all of the new Common Core State Standards for fifth grade.  Some of the components of the program are extremely difficult, and it might take your child some time to adjust to this program.  Please encourage your child to review the new mathematical concepts daily. This will help them grasp the new concepts that they learn the next day in class. Tests are given at the end of each chapter. 
 *Math homework must be completed every day. This is extremely important because many mathematical concepts are related.  If your child needs extra assistance please have them let me know.*
 At this time we will be working on Measurement, as well as a variety of common core mathematical skills.  Next week will will begin Geometry and Volume.
 Please have your child review all of the skills we are going over in class.

Attention Parents
You can now log in to Think Central so your child can review various lessons in mathematics. 
The students have been given User names and passwords in class. Please ask your child about this.

This might be a helpful way for your child to practice all mathematical concepts.
Social Studies
We will be continuing a Social Studies Unit on Geography and Exploration.