A Website for Mr. Sarkar's Comp Sci Classes at Westhill High School
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Not sure if you will enjoy computer science? Why not give it a try? Just click on the links and try it for yourself. If you want to do more visit and try a few more projects.

                                        Try a Little Programming!

Fun Projects

Code Academy Bouncing balls Write your name with bouncing balls An Hour of Code Lots of Fun Projects for New Programmers Angry Birds Twenty coding puzzles based on Angry Birds 
Made With Code Kaleidoscope  Kaleidoscope  
Made With Code Monster Dancing Make a monster that dances 
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Not challenging enough? Register (for free) at (not and try the lessons on Python or JavaScript. 
Look at What my Students are Building! 

Here is a video of an app built by one of my students that helps you figure out how to split your bill at a restaurant among your friends. If you want to see more examples of what my students have built, click here.

To read what Westhill graduates are saying about how computer science courses are helping in college click here.

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