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HELP Please! It is sounding a lot like a "bug" is going around. Can families please donate a box of kleenex for the room please? I have run out of my supply and I don't want the students using paper towels for their noses (not soft enough). Thank you

February 10, 2017

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Password: Husky2017!

  • Daily homework can be found below.
  • Sapalicio Scholastic online book order code: "GQRH9" 
  • To access your science book online go to the link under the Science section. 

English Language 

  ELA phrase of the day- information?

Reading homeworK 
  • FRIDAY- reading log
  • THURSDAY- Read the last article on America being dead last in maternity leave (need for writing activity)
  • WEDNESDAY- read both articles on paternity leave, annotate, and find side of author (think about foundation that both articles may be coming from)
  • TUESDAY- Reading Log
  • MONDAY- find the journalists position on the topic of the article as well as words or phrases that support your evaluation. 
  • FRIDAY- 
  • 1. answer the 3 questions
  • 2. write an informational thesis (check google classroom for some good ones, but remember this is not an argumentative thesis) on the differences between middle school and elementary school. 
  • THURSDAY- create a venn diagram of paternity leave and maternity leave (5 in each section).
  • WEDNESDAY- none
  • TUESDAY- finish article "Banished Girl" write 1 essay paragraph on the back proving the position of the journalist. 
  • MONDAY- none

Science Homework
Science Unit: Chemistry
Science term(s) of the day: solid liquid gas molecular motion
  • FRIDAY- complete 4.1 worksheet
  • THURSDAY- get your test signed, try and make other objects around your house attract to you.
  • WEDNESDAY- bring in a plastic bag
  • TUESDAY- solid liquid gas Alphabet soup
  • MONDAY- study for SLG test tomorrow

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