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April 20, 2018

YEARBOOK: online 

  • Daily homework can be found below.
  • Sapalicio Scholastic online book order code: "GQRH9" 
  • To access your science book online go to the link under the Science section. 

English Language Arts

  ELA phrase of the day- 
Ideal Community

Reading Homework 
  • FRIDAY- SBAC Next week, get some rest this weekend and eat breakfast Monday morning. ELA CAT test Monday, ELA PT Tuesday. 
  • THURSDAY- vocab packet and vocab test tomorrow
  • WEDNESDAY- spelling & key word worksheet
  • TUESDAY- vocab sentences for each vocab word (10 sentences total- will be used during vocab test)
  • MONDAY-Vocab study guide, spelling unit 25 p. , Key word document
  • Vocab study guidehttps://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-Y4qc1ge8XVd0ZwQkViZEZDYUxSeGxtUHFfQTlDbEJsNW9n
  • THURSDAY- explain which of your 3 hints from the story "Charlie" is the strongest.
  • WEDNESDAY- what came out of the door? Lady or Tiger- Prove it! 2 pieces of evidence.
  • TUESDAY- none
  • MONDAY- WWSD? what would I choose? based on what you know about this class and what I have said and done. Analyze my decision and use 1 piece of evidence to support your decision. ALSO- Tell me WHY you chose what you did for OMELAS based on who you are or your experiences in and with life. 

Science Homework
Science Unit:
Science term(s) of the day: Newton's Law
Roller Coaster Time
  • FRIDAY- quiz corrections (select the words that are context clues for Newton's laws. 
  • THURSDAY - 1 final image that has some ideas from each member must include paragraph explanation.
  • WEDNESDAY- none
  • TUESDAY- $4 reflection for today's notes.
  • MONDAY- a paragraph on your theme and your design

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