How To Use TimeToast

TimeToast is an online time line creator. By creating a time line of important Earthquakes or Volcanoes, we will learn how to use timetoast. The time line you will create will look like the following for the space race.

Setting Up An Account

The first thing we will need to do is create an account. In the upper right hand corner click on the sign up! button. You will need your ednet email address ( You should use the same username as your email address for your username. You should create a password you will remember. You will need to check your email to confirm your account.

Creating a Time Line

Now that you are logged in with an account we can create a time line by clicking the "your timelines" link in the top right hand corner. We then click on

to create a timeline.

You should add a title "A Historical look at Earthquakes" or "A Historical look at Volcanoes". You should choose the Science and Technology category and press ok. If you would like you can choose a image for the title if you want.

You are now ready to create your timeline. If you need any help be sure to ask Mr. Samson.

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