Honors Chemistry Second Semester
Use the link above to see homework, handouts and powerpoints for the Second Semester. 

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mrsalpert.chem@gmail.com - for students to contact me

GAS LAWS: chemteam
Unit 4- Stoichiometry
(on this website are about 40 different reviews covering various topics)

Good link that explains the difference between heat, temperature and energy...

Good link for Quantum and electron configuration

Decent Review Page Calorimetry and Heat

Calorimeter applet

Good online Periodic Table-

How to use excel for xy scatterplot graphs. 

Chemsketch freeware/have to register first:

Orbital Viewer Program Links
The link you want  is directly after the word "download"
The other one that can give you theoretical orbitals.
iPhone/iPad app called "molecules"

Links Lewis Structure
another link for VSEPR
Exceptions to Octet Rule/Free Radicals

Gas Laws and Kinetic Molecular Theory

Titration and pH