Grading Policy

Grading in my class is based on the Standards Based Grading Guidelines set by the district. Please see the attached rubrics and the Standards Based Grading FAQ's tab to the left if you have any questions.
Students are given two grades, an academic grade and a behavior grade. These are both computed seperately.
Academic grades are based of the Grade Level Expectations from the Colorado State Standards. Students are given grades based on how proficient they are on each grade level expectation.
Academic grades are given on only tests and quizzes. These usually occur every Friday. Students always have the opportunity to retake a test or quiz if they don't like their score; however, they must set up a time with me before they come into retake it. This allows the students multiple changes to raise their grade.
Learning Behavior grades are based on four different categories: Collaboration, Work Ethic, Civic Responsibility, and Personal Responsibility.
Descriptors for Grading:
* 4/A= Exceeds Grade Level Expectations/Standards
* 3/B= Meets Grade Level Expectations/Standards
* 2/C= Is progressing towards Grade Level Expectations/Standards
* 1/DF = Does not meet standards- insufficient evidence
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