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How do I search online??

Places to search ---  BESIDES Google
-Searches like Google but only gives results that are approved by educators.
                           Hakia -
- Focuses on quality NOT popularity, takes recomendatins from professionals, strives for relevance
-Clusters your search, GREAT way to narrow down your topic
-  Places your results in a map which helps clarify the purpose of the site
Yippy - - Provides clusters, seperates by sites... .org, .edu, .gov etc. 
                                          Virtual Learning Resource - Maintained by librarians and teachers with the best academic information for school projects
Carrot - Gives topics and a visual
SweetSearch - Only searches quality websites.
World Science - Searches Science Sources
Try the Wonder Wheel at Google, type a topic into google, click show options, click Wonder wheel on the left, additionally try clicking timeline on the left. The search results on the right change as you click through topics!
Kids Click --- Will guide you to quality sites
LII - Librarians Internet Index - All websites are reviewed by librarians
Video - Web search strategies in Plain English
Video - How to search online
Tutorial - How to use Google
Search Engine Chart - Explains several search engines and it's uses