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Hello! We were married 12/30/06 and bought our first house in December 07.
My husband and I enjoy decorating the house, enjoying our own space, traveling and Mo. Mo is our dog and she is pretty much the best thing ever. Don't try to compete, because Mo will win every time.
Here are some pics. Enjoy.


Mo's Closeup - She had her hair styled before the photo shoot
Mo is a 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier.
She enjoys her carrot man squeaky toy, food and the bunnies that frequent our backyard.
4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, 1702 sf
 30 (ie my life) fixed rate at 6.0%. We are thinking about refinacing.
Our First Home - We closed in 12 days (this includes the weekend)!

Part of our entry way
Behr - Cocoa Butter
Console holds everything, including dust

Formal living room
pictures of the other couch and fireplace will come later, maybe.
I just noticed our art piece is crooked. haha. I am not going to apologize either.

Dining area

Dining table is made of renewable resources.
So as I gorge myself with dinner, at least I can feel good about what I am eating on.

Mo is here for your visual enjoyment.

TV room
Sherwin Williams - Svelte Sage
More dust collectors. It is okay, since Kevin thinks I am allergic to dust.

Can you spot the carrot man?


Mo loves Target

Installed a fan! It saved us from the triple digit weather. No we do not have AC. 


I am a tree hugger. It is from a tree farm.


Kitchen - duh

 It looks kinda boring, but it's where I make magic happen. Then it disappears in my stomach in .3 seconds.  

O.M.G. They have pans in the sink. Yes, we clean our pans.

Note: Master Bedroom, 1st floor and master bathroom, 2nd floor landing and2nd guest room/"future" man space not pictured. The "man space" is now the craft room. My husband is too sweet. Pictures to come.


I've decided to add a picture of the master. But I'm not posting it on Rate my Space.Why? Because it will be lower than 1.


Before                                After

We didn't do much to change it, other than move it under the window. It is still an ugly room that needs lots of scrilla.


Desk coming soon...but the tv trays will do for now.
Custom bookshelves courtesy of my Father in law. Hey, I did sand and stain. But then pretty much just sat in the living room and watched tv while the master mind was at work in the garage. You know...they are made out of mahogany. "I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany."

The other part of the office. We finally painted. Any by "we", I mean Kevin. It is Cup of Cocoa by Behr. More pictures may come in the near future.

Guest bedroom does not smell like rich mahogany.

We removed our PB countrytownville duvet and opted for a simple knit. Who knows when we will buy another duvet.


Stairwell (Rodda..some tan color) 

Frames from Pottery Barn

Work Slave: my husband

 More frames to come, when we have more friends and can take their pictures.



Back Yard

Our wasteland of weeds. 

We probably had every type of weed known to the Pacific Northwest.  

I kid you not.




Cherry trees and our Early Girl tomato plant

Recent Travels:



Sayulita, Mexico

Guanajuato, Mexico


St John USVI

Puerto Rico