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 The work you complete here will be worth 15% of your total course grade.

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The ways scientists and others have come to communicate their ideas has changed in recent years. It is now extremely easy for anyone to publish their ideas for the world to see on the internet. In this assignment you will create an informative website about your topic.

There are many methods that you can use to create a website. Here, I will describe how to use, Google's Page Creator. (If you know how to create your own website in a different way, that is fantastic. Feel free to use whichever method you are comfortable with.)    


1) You will need a Gmail account. (If you need to create an account, Click here

2) Login with your gmail account. (Click Here

3) Read the Introduction to the Program and click "Agree."

4) The easiest way to begin is simple trial and error but you may also use Google's Help Center for more detailed instructions.

5) You will now create an informative website about your topic.

 ~Your website should have at least 5 webpages
(Introduction, 3 Categories of Information, Conclusion or links) 
~Each Page should have links that allow a user to easily  
  move through your website
~You website should have both text and visuals (pictures, graphs, tables, charts, etc.)

6) When you finish your website email Mr. Rynders a link to the site. (