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 Group Project Created for Spring 2007 ESC 529

The Fish of España
Exploring a Nation Surrounded by Water...
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PROJECT SUMMARY: The Fish of España is a culture quest concerning the Southern European nation known as Spain (in the English language). The culture of Spain is in many ways connected to the fish of its waters. This quest will attempt to make those connection clear.  


Jeremy B. Rynders

Emily Oliviery

Matt Donnelly

Britney Freeman

Group Identity

A small but motley group of peers that came together in the Spring of 2007 in order to collaborate on a humble class project at Lehman College.

Subject: ESC 529 - Technology and Literacy

Grade Level: Graduate School

Number of Classsroom hours spent on the project: ~8






Students will be able to:

-navigate a multi-tiered website

-research elements of Spanish culture

-explain the ecological impact of fishing industry in spain

-explain the presence of fish in  Spanish Cuisine

-explain the characteristics of commercial fishing in Spain

-explain the biodiversity of aquatic animals native to Spain


Project Home

Ecological Impacts of Spanish Fishing

Biodiversity of Spanish Fish

Fish in Spanish Cuisine

Commercial Fishing in Spain




Students will be able to explore many elements of Spanish Culture. Specifically, the following pages will focus on the fish of Spain. This would be applicable for courses in Geography, Biological Sciences, and Environmental Sciences.

Teachers should consider this page for two principle purposes. First, the following pages could be used as a springboard for research into Spanish culture. Second, this quest as a whole could be used as a general model or exemplar of a finished Culture Quest.



 Webliography via ATT's Filamentality