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    Unit 5-Memory/Cognition:  Study Resources

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    Unit 3:  Developmental Psychology
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    -Cognitive Development
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    -Conception to Birth
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    -Brain and Behavior
    -Hemispheric Specialization
    -Neural Messages
    -Dueling Brains (optional)
    The following worksheets contains some of the essential points of the lessons.  Enjoy!!

    Unit 1:  Introduction to Psychology:  History, Systems and Research Methods


    Assignment: Primary Sources in Psychology (Due: 9-9-14 or next class period)

    Read and complete the attached packet of primary sources at the bottom of the page.  File name: "History of Psychology Primary Source......."


    Assignment: APA Code of Ethics (Due:  9/17/13                )

    Look through/scan the APA code of ethics. Identify and comment on 3 specific principles from three different sections that were particularly interesting to you. We will discuss these in class.


    Unit 1 Practice Multiple Choice Questions:

    Use the following links for some practice questions.  (Note:  There may be some questions that you have not covered in the readings or in class----skip as necessary)

    History/Systems of Psychology:


    Research Methods:



    Milgram Study Follow-up Research study


    Sample Quest Question:

    A researcher, interested in the effects of unemployment on alcohol abuse, mailed questionnaires to the homes of workers recently laid off from a gold mine. Each participant was sent 10 questionnaires, one each month for 10 consecutive months. Participants were asked to anonymously fill out the questionnaires and return them. The questionnaires contained items pertaining to the amount of alcohol consumed daily before and after the layoffs occurred. Half of the subjects completed and returned all 10 questionnaires. For those individuals who returned all questionnaires, there was a positive correlation between alcohol consumption and length of unemployment, r=.87 . That is, more alcohol was consumed as the period of unemployment progressed. In his report the researcher stated that "the conditions of unemployment produce a tendency for people to increase their alcoholic intake." Do you accept the researcher's conclusions? Why or why not? Explain.














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