Tech Lesson

1. If you do not have a Google account, go to and follow instructions to create an account.  If you do, sign in.
3. Click "create" and then make a Google Document.  Name the document.  Type something - anything - in the text area.
4. On the top right, click "share."  Share this with a person who can only view it.  Type their email address.
5. Now make it so that either of you can edit it.
6. Create a link that you can email.  This makes sharing easier in some cases.
7. Install the Drive app on your phone.  Access your documents on your phone.  Type in a Google doc and watch it on your computer.
8. Open a new Form.  Type in the title for the document.
9. Play around with the question types you can choose.
10. Create ten questions - any questions (Keep it appropriate!) and then click "View live form."  You can then send this to over people with that link.
11. Now click "View responses."  Highlight all of them and then click "text wrap" to make it easier to view.  Play around with sorting your responses.

12. Now let's try Dropbox.  Sign in if you have one.  If you need a Dropbox account, click here:
13. Download the Dropbox app.
14. Download a file from Google Docs and save it as a word file. 
15. Now upload this file to your dropbox account.
16. Access the file from your phone.
17. Download an app called Dropsync (if you want).  It uploads new files from your phone to your dropbox space.
18. If you wish, change the settings in your phone app so your photos will upload automatically.
19. In the Dropbox browser window, create a link to share with people.  Email that link to your partner.

Any questions?  Call me over!

Class Lesson Doc