About Me

I grew up on Long Island in the land of hundred-mile suburbia, spending my youth jumping into mosh pits and playing hackey sack in supermarket parking lots.  It was an upbringing very much out of a John Hughes movie.  I wasn't an especially good student in school, but always did well in my English and History classes.  My first choice was to become a chef and was even offered a scholarship to go to culinary school, but I decided right before I graduated from high school to become a history teacher.

I started out at Nassau Community College for one school year, got good grades, and transferred to SUNY Oswego.  After one year there, I wanted the challenge of a more rigorous program and transferred to SUNY Geneseo, graduating with a BA in History and a certificate in Secondary Education.  I will graduate with my MA in History this January and (finally) be able to read a book for pleasure - it's been a while.

I went into teaching because I think every person has a talent that can be tapped into if they want to realize it.  Sometimes it takes a teacher to help them realize that talent or do something with it.  Having been both a poor student and a strong one at different times in my academic life, I feel I can relate to students on all levels and abilities.  I teach History because I think it's a great subject to develop important skills: reading comprehension, writing, speaking, critical analysis, and learning about a bunch of crazy people in crazy times.  I set a new goal each school year of an area to target with my students.  This year, that goal is to heavily emphasize the use of technology both in and out of the classroom; homework assignments will be done online and students will do several various research projects that use technology as a key tool.  That's what this website it all about!

Nowadays, you can find me in Astoria a good amount of the time, taking advantage of the great food and people in the neighborhood.  If the weather is nice, I'm probably on my bike.  I see either a current or former student in the neighborhood almost every single day.  Say hello if you see me!  I'm also a passionate Mets fan, a big movie buff, a museum lover, and I'm big on outdoor hiking and camping.

I'm very accessible to my students and their parents.  If you email me, I will probably get back to you within a day or so, since I have a new, fancy phone that receives emails throughout the day.  Let's have some fun and learn at the same time!