Chris' Walk in the Woods

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 The journey of 2,100 miles begins with one step

            NEW PHOTOS 9/24 - UPDATED 9/21 



Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia                                  

  8:35 am  March 12, 2006                            


"See ya Dad!"  were his last words as he took the first of an esimated 5 million steps north to Mt. Khatadin Maine.  I watched him walk through the stone arch marking the beginning of the uphill 8 mile approach trail leading to the start of the Appalachian itself on the summit of Springer Mountain,  his 31-pound pack swaying on his back...  I don't think he even knew it was there!  With a final turn and smiling wave, he disappeared into the pines and mountain laurel.


A year ago when Chris asked, not my permission but my opinion, if the trail was something he should attempt, it took me all of 10 seconds to say 'Go for It!'


Going for it he has...  and whether he completes 2000 miles or 200, the adventure is his, and the reward will be in the journey, not the destination.  


I hope to maintain this site to keep his family and friends abreast of his travels, post the photos he sends home, and excerpts from the journal he hopes to keep up.  I'll also pass along any words of support you may have... drop me an email if you wish and I'll see that he gets the message.


Finally, my thanks to our family and the many friends and coworkers who have supported and wished him well, his mom, who worries about the bears, and his brother Kevin, who put this site all together.


Hope you enjoy his journey!

                                                          Ron Takacs


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