Green Your Routine!

Hi! I'm Matt, the creator of this site. I hope you enjoy this site. Me and my team have worked hours to days to weeks on this site! Anyway, I like going green. Not like turning green, but like recycling, alternative energy, etc. So, you think, "What's the benefit of treehugging?" Well, simply turning UP your thermostat in the summer just two degrees will save as much as 30% on heating bills! In Winter, if you turn your thermostat DOWN two degrees it will also save as much as 30%! WOW! That's alot!

        Also, turn your car off when you take it in for a wash. It will save ALOT of fuel and it will reduce emissions! If you bought a BRAND NEW energy saving light bulb (CFL) you could save $30.00 out of energy costs in its lifetime! CFLs are brighter and use less energy. They also last longer.

        Try turning off your computer at night instead of leaving it on. If you can't do that, then at least put it in sleep mode. It saves energy but doesn't shut your computer down. If you're in the market for a computer, but an energy star qualified one. Spend a few extra bucks to save the environment! I recommend the Mac. The Mac is the leader in environmentally friendly technology. I have the Mac mini. I love it. If you can't afford a new Mac or a new computer,  try setting it to sleep mode once in awhile.       

         USE A BIKE! I can't make it any clearer! USE A BIKE! Bikes are a great and efficient way to navigate! The reduce pollution and they also help in physical fitness!

Well.... that's that! Please follow this advice or at least some of it! Energy is valuable! Sponsor renewable resources!