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Due to security reasons, we cannot allow pictures of the creator or his family.

The creator just started out with a brand new PC when he was 8. As of now, he is 12 years old, and has a brand new Mac. In addition, he has the iPhone SDK installed on his Mac. He plans to develop apps for his iPhone.

This kid is named Matt. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska. This "computer streak" started out when Matt was in kindergarten. He used the old Power Macintosh computers with Mac OS® 9 when he was at school. Then, in second grade, the school upgraded to the iMac® G3s. They had Mac OS® X (pronounced TEN) Puma. It was a BIG difference. The little student had to learn a new operating system! Then, something sparked inside the student's head. The student loved computers all of a sudden! That where this all happened. Now the student, Matt, loves computers (especially Macs) and knows more about them than anyone in the household of three people. Matt knows lots of keyboard shortcuts (for the Mac only. He doesn't like PCs).

Ever since the release of mrreida.googlepages.com, the developers behind this work very hard! The account feature, My Mail, Games Page, and lots more, require lots of effort in order to maintain the site. We here at mrreida.googlepages.com thank you for coming here, and wish that you enjoy this site!

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