Northampton and Florence Immigration Project:    A student inquiry into  immigration in Northampton and Florence by Mr. Gordon's United States History class at the Florence Learning Center.    

Essential Question:  Why did people come to Northampton and Florence between 1850 and 2000?

  Old Main Street


The goal of this project is to help students in Northampton and Florence, MA understand that there is a strong link between national, local, and family histories.  By including their own family narratives within the picture of immigration history, students are able to make stronger connections that are a part of all of our histories. 

In the process, they will create a time-line of national, local, and family events related to the issue of immigration and migration.  In addition, they will interview family members to create a narrative of their personal immigration histories.   

Each student will focus on a specific immigrant group and on their motives for coming to and remaining within Northampton or the immediate area .  Students will create virtual immigration closets, which house artifacts  of their own histories as well as the projected artifacts of the other immigrant group studied.     

 Finally, students will  analyze local and state primary documents on the subject of immigration.