About Mr. Quinton

As a graduate of Sunny Hills Elementary, Pine Lake Middle and Skyline HS, I am about as homegrown as they come.

In fact, I was among the graduating class of Skyline's only alumni from the past century ('99). Amazingly, I practically wrote the football and track and field record books myself, and then others promptly rewrote it. During high school I was involved in sports (football, track and field), clubs (Key Club, Boy Scouts) and student government (Class Treasurer).

I graduated from Brigham Young University ('06) with a BS in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Psychology (due to some indecision). While living in Utah, a love for off-roading grew as I built up my Jeep (sadly, now laid to rest) and developed a passion for wildlife preservation and conservation (from a different perspective than most). I also received my EMT-Basic certification, but didn't see any significant action (thankfully). I also had the opportunity to intern as a summer assistant for pancreatic cancer research at the University of Washington.

After college I bounced between a few jobs as a commercial painter and handyman before landing as a Surgery Assistant at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue. While an amazing experience, I decided to finally pursue my true passion of teaching. I took a job driving a school bus for the Issaquah School District for 4 years (and may have driven some of you) while I prepared and put myself through a Master of Arts in Teaching program through Seattle Pacific University ('12). I completed my student teaching internship at, you guessed it, Skyline.

I've been married to my wife Becky since August 2006, who also teaches in the district (1st grade, Cascade Ridge). My youngest sibling, Jack, recently graduated form Skyline ('11). Some of my other hobbies include: traveling, surfing, making ice cream, hiking, gaming and reading.