Unit 7: Design

The Assignment
Create something amazing.  Choose from the list:
  1. Khan Academy Computer Programming - create art and animation
  2. Plastic bags into rope, into something amazing
  3. Mechanical Dissection - take apart a complicated object
  4. Science demo video production
  5. Write a science fiction or research paper, with images
  6. Build a launcher and hit a target
  7. Turn water bottles into something awesome
  8. Photo-document your class's projects
  9. Your choice, with teacher approval
Document your work with a Google Presentation, inserted to the Unit 7 page of your website.  Your presentation should include the following:
  • Title slide - name, period, pretty
  • Project Description - fully explain what you plan to do
  • Goal - describe how you would like to be graded
  • Pictures - from throughout the project, and at the end, with captions
  • Conclusion - reflect with a paragraph

Design Pics


Khan Academy Programming

Khan: Games and Stuff

Mechanical Dissection