Unit 5: Astronomy

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The structure and composition of the universe can be learned from studying stars and galaxies and their evolution.
  • Galaxies are clusters of billions of stars and may have different shapes.
  • The Sun is one of many stars in the Milky Way galaxy
    • stars may differ in size, temperature and color.
  • Use astronomical units and light years as measures of distances between the Sun, stars and Earth.
  • Stars are the source of light for all bright objects in outer space
    • the Moon and planets shine by reflected sunlight, not by their own light.
  • The appearance, general composition, relative position and size, and motion of objects in the solar system, including planets, planetary satellites, comets and asteroids.

Lab Documents

Astronomy Research
Planet Presentation


Project: Astronomy Comic

Samples from past years.  View full screen by double clicking.

PicasaWeb Slideshow

Internet Links

My Solar System - challenge: build a unique 4 body solar system
Gravity and Orbits - play with mass and gravity to influence orbits

Video Notes 5.1 Spaceship Earth 

5.1 Spaceship Earth

Video Notes 5.2 Our Solar System 

5.2 Our Solar System

Video Notes 5.3 Small Bodies 

5.3 Small Bodies

Video Notes 5.4 Beyond the Solar System 

5.4 Beyond the Solar System

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