8th grade physical science is an introduction to physics, chemistry and astronomy. There is also a focus on scientific investigation and experimentation, and life skills (i.e., sex ed, nutrition). This course will include a math component through Khan Academy online. Families are encouraged to continue this work at home – its kind of fun. The use of technology in producing work is emphasized: each student will create a website to showcase classwork. 

Weekly Routine

We will follow this general schedule for the majority of the school year:



Tests/Quizzes (50%)

Weekly quizzes that reflect that week’s learning will be 10 questions; unit tests (every ~4 weeks) include 20-30 multiple-choice questions. There is a midterm at the end of the first semester and a final exam near the end of the year. Perform at your best by staying actively involved every day, completing homework and reviewing journal entries regularly.


Classwork (40%)

Students will work daily in a notebook. These notes are to be used as a primary study tool for tests. In-class work is often assigned and completed online. Students each create a Google Site to post classwork online. Student work is viewed and graded directly from the website. Groups of twos and fours are sometimes employed to complete lab assignments and projects.


Homework (10%)

Homework (one page, front and back) is assigned every week to support content and prepare for weekly quizzes. Homework will be distributed at the beginning of the period each Monday. Homework is due before the start of the weekly quiz each Thursday. If you are absent on the due date, the assignment is due on the day you return. Homework can be turned in the next day for reduced points. Students will also take preliminary notes for each upcoming week’s lesson in their journal.



Many classwork assignments are assigned, completed and submitted through the use of a computer with Internet access. Time is given in class to complete all assignments. If you need additional time, you can make arrangements to complete the assignment at home, a friend's house, before or after school or at a public library. You must have a Computer User Agreement and Google Parent Letter on file before using computers at school.



I am happy to meet with any student for extra time outside of class. I am usually in my room during lunch time, or schedule an appointment with me before school.



Active citizenship means that students work towards the betterment of the community or classroom through participation, service, positive attitude and responsibility.  Citizenship is graded on a 5-point scale, just like academics, and the school has set a minimum citizenship average to promote through 8th grade.  A rating of E (excellent) is worth 4 points, down to a U (unsatisfactory) which is worth 0 points.  Students who receive a rating of E (excellent) consistently arrive on time, come to class prepared, participate in class activities, finish homework assignments on time, work effectively with others and regularly study for tests and quizzes.



Most often a student’s success depends upon being present and active in class, on time, everyday.  While the occasional absence is inevitable, missed work must be made up.  It is the responsibility of the student to find what was missed.  All assignments can be found on the class website. The student is also encouraged to have a buddy in class from whom homework assignments or notes can be obtained if an absence occurs. If an extended absence is expected, contact the office AND teacher prior to departure. Tardies are unacceptable.  A student will be tardy if they are late do not have a pass. Tardies result in an automatic lunch detention and a lowering of citizenship grade.


Bathroom Use

If you need to go, GO.  It’s not healthy to hold it.  However, be responsible about when you excuse yourself from the classroom.  Without being disruptive, find and fill out the hall pass page in your planner, and quietly exit and return.  If you get up to go the bathroom at an inappropriate time, you will be asked to wait.  The best practice is to use the bathroom during passing periods so that you don't miss any class time.


Parent Communication

I hope to meet someone from each student’s support circle at some point this year. Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns, or if you’d like to volunteer in the classroom.


Student Handbook

Review the student handbook in your planner for other school policies like dress code, absences, a calendar, citizenship rubric