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You will chronicle your career as an 8th grade student at Correia Middle School through your own Google Site.  You will use this site as a portfolio of your best work across subjects throughout the year.  You can achieve depth with these websites: demonstrate your creativity with interesting content, and exercise your mental flexibility through logical connections between pages in the site as well as spanning across the World Wide Web.


For science class, this will be your primary means for displaying your work (i.e. lab documents, unit projects, pictures).  You will also include pieces of work from your other classes.  Your Google Site is the culminating project of 8th grade.


After learning the skills for building your own website in the 8th grade, you will maintain the site as a collection of your work throughout high school.  The power of Google Sites as a medium for a portfolio is its versatility - you can access and build upon your site from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, at anytime:  you are in total control.  In our digital era, this Web Portfolio gives you the cutting edge as a college applicant.  Take pride in the work that represents your best academic abilities!


Remember that others will view this site, including your parents, family and friends, teachers, and potential colleges and employers.  Maintain a high level of professionalism with your site.  Correia's expectations of you as a student at school extend to the content that you publish online.

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Remember that your privacy is of utmost importance here.  You are NOT to include personal contact information like your address, phone number, or email.

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