Mr. Kamyar Pourhamidi
8th Grade Physical Science
Correia Middle School Rm 303
Tutoring: Monday 2:10-3pm
Chess Club: Tuesday 2:10-3pm

Mr. Jeff Flosky
8th Grade Physical Science
Correia Middle School Rm 307
Tutoring: Tuesday 2:10-3pm


This year we will explore the physical sciences, focusing on the following topics.

  • Scientific Method
  • Motion & Forces
  • Density & Buoyancy
  • Astronomy
  • Chemistry
We'll also cover mini-units on:
  • Life Skills
  • Design

These units of study are aligned with the California Content Standards for 8th grade science, with the addition of the district-mandated Life Skills unit including sexual education.

Our classroom is equipped with a set of laptops which we use as a primary means for creating and displaying work.  Students work on a laptop most days using Google tools to create and display work.  By creating their own websites, students will be active writers of content on the web.

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Congratulations Correia Students
Again, Correia science students came through with another excellent score!  This year 90% of Correia students received a passing score of 4 or 5.

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