Zeswitz Instrument Rentals

What to do if you rent from Zeswitz Music and your instrument is in need of repair:

Do not wait until the day of your lesson!


1.       Contact Mr. Pongras as soon as possible at rpongras@soudertonsd.org with a detailed description of the problem.  You may not need to get a new instrument.

2.       Small repairs (loose screws, stuck mouthpiece, minor adjustments) can be completed at school.  Never attempt a repair at home! 

3.       Mr. Pongras will determine if an instrument cannot be fixed at school.  Contact Zeswitz Music at mweber@zeswitzmusicpa.com or (610) 582-8021.  Provide them a detailed explanation of the problem.

4.       Leave the instrument in need of repair in Mr. Pongras’ classroom with a note attached to it.

5.       The instrument in need of repair will be exchanged for a loaner instrument the following Tuesday.

6.       Turn around on repaired instruments is usually one week.  Exchange the loaner instrument for the repaired instrument the following Tuesday.