Use the Class Calendar link on left to see due dates and posting numbers of materials.

Posting ###= documents, information, directions, blank assignments, templates

Instead of asking me what you missed, tell me what you missed.  Visit this website, print and view what is posted for the day you missed, do the work, read or study the materials.  Do what is reasonable or possible to catch up BEFORE you return.  Attempt the work with an index card handy, write things you need clarification on, and ask upon your return (or give me the index card if I am busy).

If a QUIZ or TEST is scheduled for the day you return you are responsible for being prepared and you will take the exam with the rest of the class.  If you missed a Quiz or Test on the day/s you were out it is YOUR responsibility to check the calendar, know that you missed a quiz or test, and be prepared and expecting the make up on the first day back.

The Class Calendar will have Posting entries in this format:  "Posting ###".  That means you need to view or print those numbers on the "To View or Print" page (link on left) to do the assignment / work for that date.

Postings 001-019 are general:  forms and templates used repeatedly

Posting 020 and up are assignments we did in class, materials, and information. As we go through the semester generally the numbers will go up.  The numbers may skip around a bit so be sure to consult the calendar to be accurate.

800s are warm ups

When on the Class Calendar page you can type the 3 digit number into the search box above to access it from there.  You have to search one 3 digit posting number at a time.

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