Diva H3 Logo
The Divas- Edmonton’s Harriette’s- still in naming process- so far known as the Pink Zinc.
This is an all women’s hashing group (no men allowed!) that meets every Friday the 13th or whenever we damn well feel like it! Our purpose is to run trails that include stops along the way to drink champagne and eat bon-bons. The Hares provide the champagne and chocolate on trail and may collect a small coverage fee at the end of the trail. The pack members are encouraged to bring their favorite beverage and any kind of food to share at the gathering afterwards. Runners and walkers are equally welcome as the whole aim of our group is to be sociable, enjoying a chat with whoever comes along.
Our favorite quote: Men are like fine wine- they all start out as grapes and it’s our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they mature into something we can have dinner with.

When: Friday January 13, 2017 at 70m

Hares: Chapped Lips and Phone Sax

Start Location: The Northern Exposure abode, 9940 - 88 St NW

On-On: Same

Notes: Run presided over by Grand Mattress French Tickler ... so pay attention to these notes!

Ladies and trans-genders welcome! 

Bring $5 to help with the cost of bubbly and chocolate. 

BYOB and a snack to share and socialize at the Diva Dive.

Diva Dress Code: the more glitter the better, but you can wear any old thing you want, really.



Below are some snapshots of the gals at the very first Diva Run - July 13th, 2012.


Nothing but girl talk around the bustling check-in counter...."Screw the beer...pass the Pink Zinfandel Girlfriend!"
As seen left to right:  Ovaries Depository, Problem "whatever" Daughter, Madame Dress-up, Fascinator Trick and Mother-Vajayjay-in-hand.
Lock-up your husbands and sons...the Diva's run tonight!
"Lets bounce Bitches!"