Lenovo 3000 N100 model 0689 Battery FRU P/N 92P1184 

There is possibility Battery can be fixed in case the battery had a sudden death not charging neither discharging showing some charge on power meter

lets see what goes wrong

lets go back when your battery stop responsing you might have drain the battery completly and then start charging back in today's time laptop are made to work well upto 25 degree celcius and suppose your room tempreature is 28 or above and when laptop is applied charging as internal sytem is set for quick charge which makes the battery to heat up, in this proccess the internal battery tempreture may crosses 90 degree Celsius which triggers the protection circuit gets activated and further battery is stopped from charging as well from discharging


1. remove the battery and keep in cool place say for 20 degree celcius for 10 minutes in case the protection is deactivated by the internal battery chips then battery will come back to life.

2. if the above solution dosent work that means the hardware part SCP (12A H3) has been blown up by high tempreture and this can be fixed only by replacing it

How to fix if SCP is blown


SCP is kind of fuse but with very special feature it is very sensitive with over heat, over current, over charging & over voltage for technical data sheet click here

Technical Fixing

1. Open your battery pack  2. See the PCB  3. SCP 

Check the voltage as per data sheet of SCP then replace it with the orginal one, repack the battery and charge it now the battery must be as before kindly note at first charge you may not get proper value of charge and dis charge but on 2nd or 3rd charge cycle will be normal due to for long period battery was unused.

You may think why the battery is showing the staus of charge even though battery dont charge niether discharge, chip BQ20330 This chip keeps communicating and gets the power from the laptop as well from the battery.


Info on Li-ion Battery click here

Li-Ion Battery are good but hates high temperature now days laptop are made to happen quick charge which makes the battery heat up and shortens the battery life, if you see the old laptops which are 6 or 10 years old still the battery life good because of slow charging takes around 4 hour to charge full battery.

Install the tempreature meter from here this will make you keep a eye on CPU temperature (normal internet surfing 48 degree Plus Google earth 55 Plus Media player 58 and so on....... when the CPU Fan & Fins are Serviced )

Keep your laptop in cool place, avoid keeping on uneven surface like bed or sofa its better laptop must be 6cm above the desk so that cool air can pass through below the laptop also you can veture cooling pad see one from here 

Cleaning the CPU Cooling Fan and Fins once in a year

Open the CPU Cover and follow the picture 

 2  3   4 

After Cleaning you will see drop cpu tempreature