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We aim to prepare students for responsible citizenship.

Course Goals

The goal of this course is to produce young scholar-citizens—the sort who are absolutely essential to the health of a democracy such as the United States. Despite the common pejorative use of the word, 'politics' serves us well: it describes the process we use to bring our American society together through deliberative dialogue and compromise. The instructor hopes that the study of government will kindle an interest in policy and politics that results in action taken to benefit the community.

Students in Government and Economics should refine their ability to:

1.    Serve as citizens who use critical and analytical thinking skills to fulfill civic duties;

2.    Write and speak clearly for different purposes and diverse audiences;

3.    Identify, describe, and evaluate evidence from diverse sources by detecting bias and distinguishing from reliable information sources;

4.    Collaborate effectively and assume varied roles in group endeavors to attain common goals;

5.    Think creatively to imagine alternatives and generates solutions for problems;    

6.    Plan and implement research strategies;

7.    Connect and relate knowledge in and across disciplines;

8.    Develop products or concepts for public consideration;

9.    Study and interpret existing works and develop cogent and original ideas from them.

10.   Learn about themselves as learners and assume more responsibility for their own learning.


Classroom Policies
We will discuss specific policies for grading, make-up work, et al. in the early days of school. Meantime, here are two thoughts to consider:

1) Do the right thing.

Seriously. You'll have to follow all the rules in the Parish Student Handbook and agree to uphold the spirit of the Parish Honor Code. In the end, however, building a safe classroom space where everyone can feel honored and respected basically comes back to doing the right thing: listen to each other; be courteous to each other; learn from each other; and take care of each other.

2) Come see me if you are having trouble!
I am here to help make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible. My cell number and e-mail address are listed in the sidebar at left; text or e-mail anytime! And also, this website is designed to help you be successful in our class. Please read it carefully and don’t hesitate to ask questions if there’s anything you don’t understand.