James Hunter Machine Company Timeline


1806- James Hunter Sr. born June 8th in Galashiels, Scotland.

1833- James Hunter Sr. comes to the United States and lived in Oakville, New York.

1838- James Hunter Sr. comes to North Adams from New York.

1857- James E. Hunter, Hunter Sr.'s son, entered into a partnership and firm with his father.

1864- Mr.Jewitt, the old firm owner, retires. Business now goes under the name of "James Hunter & Son."

1891- The firm is now incorporated under the name of "James Hunter Machine Co."

1899- A new brick foundary building is erected.

1919- James E. Hunter dies, January 19th. His son, James D. Hunter, takes over the presidency of the company.

1947- The company celebrated its 100 year anniversary.

1967- The company moved to the South Church Street.

1982- Land was purchased near Ashland Street and a new iron foundary building was built.

1983- James Hunter Machine Company officially closes in December.

1984- The site becomes Morrison Berkshire Inc. in January.