Teacher Information

Contact Information
E-mail: mary.ronemous@dvusd.org (preferred contact method)

Voicemail: 623-376-5242

Room Number: 403

Class Schedule: 
8:15-8:15-8:57: Announcements/Attendance . P1 (P1 students)
Period 2:  Planning Period - (9:00 --9:43)
Period3:  Language Arts 8 (9:48-10:52)
Break:     10:52
Period 3: Language Arts  (10:25-11:25)
Period 4: Language Arts (11:25-12:30)
Lunch:   12:30-1:00
Period 5: Language Arts (1:00-2:15)
Period 6: Adv. Language Arts (2:15-3:00)
Professional Preparation:
B.A. German and Latin (National University of Ireland, Galway)
Higher Diploma in Education (NUI Galway)
B.A. Subsidiary Degree Geography (NUI Galway)
Seconday Certification (Grades 7-12)
Masters in Education with a Concentration in Technology (ASU West)

AZ State Certifications Held:
7-12 Certification
Middle School Language Arts
Social Studies
Computer Science Endorsement
SEI Endorsement
Full Gifted Endorsement

Professional Experience: 
11 years teaching, Deer Valley School District